iPhone 4G At WWDC 2010 Confirmed To Be Leaked Prototype

If there were any remaining doubts that if Apple announce the next generation iPhone 4G/HD or whatever it is being called these days, it would be the same iPhone 4G prototype that the guys over at Gizmodo splashed all over the net, that doubt has now apparently been laid to rest.

According to an article over on Ozcar Guide by Tobi Raikkonen, the guys over at Wired have now managed to gain some knowledge that the Gizmodo leaked iPhone 4G is in fact the real deal and will be the next generation iPhone expected during WWDC 2010.

The evidence of this comes via a posting on Wired by Brian X Chen which states…”It is important to note that Apple legal confirmed in an unsealed affidavit that Gizmodo’s prototype represented the fourth-generation iPhone, so there’s no longer need to speculate about whether this really is Apple’s next smartphone: It is.”

Which basically means that we have indeed already seen the next generation iPhone although as the guys over at Gizmodo and another iPhone 4G prototype leaked by a Vietnam blog couldn’t actually demo their handsets doing anything there is still much to find out, and no doubt will be confirmed at WWDC 2010.

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