Motorola Verizon Deal Will Ensure Android Phones are Heavily Promoted

Motorola are going with Android in a big way and obviously Motorola wants to ensure their future Android based smartphones get promoted in a big way by the carrier and to this end Motorola has struck a deal with Verizon Wireless.

According to an article over on the Wall Street Journal by Sara Silver, Sanjay Jha, the co-Chief Exec of Motorola has to demonstrate he can deliver a line of winning smartphones and do a u-turn on losses as he endeavours to prove Motorola’s mobile division can make it as a stand alone business.

Apparently the Big Red is planning on adding another 2 Motorola devices to their line up in July and has already spent a whopping $1400 million on marketing the Motorola Droid which helped boost Q1 sales for Motorola.

Apparently, the Droid brand is owned by Verizon and not Motorola, and Motorola’s mobile phone division is still losing roughly $22 on each handset it ships which is about the same figure as Palm just before their caved in and went up for purchase.

During an investor’s conference on Thursday, Jha stated he is confident about their goal to be profitable by the end of the year and said “We will introduce new Droid products in the Verizon Franchise,” however; Jha didn’t elaborate on which Motorola devices.


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  1. PulSamsara says:

    One size does not fit all. Stay tuned for the Motorola Matryoshka platform – Visualize this:

    A tiny 1/2″ x 1 inch fob that slips onto a necklace – it also makes and takes calls,plays music, takes pics, and connects wireless to the cloud for mobile operations such as gps, etc. Interesting – but it also slot syncs directly into a world-class smartphone for greater functionality. The smartphone also slot syncs into a tablet for dual screen functionality – the smartphone collaborates as a trackpad and a slide hardware keyboard for the tablet. Interesting – but the tablet also slot syncs into a desktop pc docking station to seamlessly sync all 4 devices. Interesting but they all also wireless sync according to user settings and preferences.

    Motorola Matryoshka


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