LG Flutter Phone Wins Design the Future Contest

Well here’s a different kind of mobile phone design that’s for sure. It’s the winner of the 3rd LG “Design the Future” competition held by LG Electronics and is called the LG “Flutter” phone.

According to a Kat Hannaford report over on Gizmodo, the LG Flutter comes by way of LG Flickr, and as far as they can make out this winning design gained the winning team $20,000.

Apparently with the LG Flutter in the closed position part of the display is visible for viewing info while in the open position by pressing the LG logo of course, the phone fans out to deliver a touch screen that “scrolls radically.”

Well being a concept phone I guess the LG Flutter will never see the light of day but it is interesting to see what designers can come up with when there’s a cash prize at stake, have to say though it’s much prettier than most LG handsets I’ve seen.

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