Another Death at Foxconn, But not Suicide this time

There is of course something wrong at iPhone maker Foxconn in Shezhen, what with all the reported suicides and such and apparently steps are being undertaken to put a halt to these tragedies, including Apple taking an interest.

However according to a Kat Hannaford report over on Gizmodo by way of Mingpao, another death has occurred at the Foxconn plant. This time the death wasn’t a suicide but apparently a 28 year old guy has died from exhaustion.

Yan Li, who married his wife just 3 months ago, was apparently suffering from shortness of breath which caused his death at their rental house after he worked a 34 hour straight shift at the plant.

Li’s wife (pictured) claims that he often had to work day and night and his spirits was low recently. 34 hours straight is a long shift and perhaps the Foxconn bosses should be looking into shortening allowed working hours, perhaps then another tragedy of this type wont happen again. Perhaps the recent mentioned wage increase may help.

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