HTC Tattoo ROM Update for Orange: Hopefully better than Droid Eris

The HTC Tattoo on the Orange network has just received a new ROM update, this update goes out to all those who are on the Orange network.

This latest upgrade to the PAYG Android phone is now ready for you to download from HTC, when you visit HTC’s site and click the link it says forbidden for some reason so we guess they are having difficulties.

Difficulties is a good word for it, remember the HTC Droid Eris OS 2.1 update and all the problems that is getting, so far we have had 141 comments and still climbing about complaints.

Anyway about the HTC Tattoo ROM Update, there is not a lot of details on this new update at the moment and even EuroDroid has no information really to go on other than saying the HTC’s Twitter account explains it to be some sort of maintenance update.

So is this a minor or major update, please let us know what this new update brings to you, we want to know all from you. Please reveal all, well if you can get to the download that is.


One thought on “HTC Tattoo ROM Update for Orange: Hopefully better than Droid Eris”

  1. Olleh says:

    Just updated mine. From the Image version to – that looks like a downgrade to me… Hope they haven't taken anything good away!!

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