HTC Droid Eris 2.1 Update Problems: Verizon is Fixing

We are asking all our readers that have recently downloaded the HTC Droid Eris 2.1 update to come forward and let us know if you have been experiencing problems.

According to Android Authority Verizon are fixing some problems resulting from the Droid Eris 2.1 Update, the OTA update caused some issues such as message notification issues and call audio glitches and of course one of the major ones was the weather widget playing up.

Verizon is now addressing this problem and we will let you know more when we know more, sometimes there are some little issues with smartphone software updates and even though the update was mainly decent a few problems have occurred it seems.

So please, if you have installed the new HTC Droid Eris 2.1 update we would like to hear from you, tell us what problems you are having and please do let us know what you think of the smartphone in general.

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358 thoughts on “HTC Droid Eris 2.1 Update Problems: Verizon is Fixing”

  1. Kevin says:

    I think the problems I'm currently having on my phone are:
    1. Doesn't vibrate when receiving text messages anymore
    2. Force closes applications a lot more.
    3. Weather widget doesn't work
    4. Calendar force closes when trying to add new event
    5. My contacts won't update with Facebook anymore
    6. *Attempting* to erase messages restarts the Android system
    7. The update took over a large amount of memory in which my phone is so slow

    1. Jesse says:

      I am also having very similar problems. I loved my phone right up until this update. I had virtually no problems to report prior to the update. Now, it's like nothing workings correctly… and I mean that literally! The PHONE portion of the phone doesn't even work right. I'm mean, are you serious?! I regret downloading the update. My "volume" quits working after a while, requiring a complete reset, which, with this phone, takes a LONGGG time! Even longer since the update, or so it seems. Everything is now slower.

      I also experience my browser (internet) will just randomly disappear and kick me back to the home screen. It NEVER did that before. Many, many other bad things…

      When this is my one and only phone and communication outlet to the outside world, I take the operational ability of my phone very seriously, as many of you do as well. Let's hope they get this fixed, yesterday!

    2. tony says:

      To fix the weather widget go into settings and clear all the cache on the weather widget that is from HTC.Then restart your phone. I did this and it fixed my issues right away otherwise everytime i tried to refresh the weather info it would crash.

    3. Victoria Via says:

      I am having the exact same problems, all 7 too. Another problem is that my camera now has this weird thermal background? I've tried changing settings but you can do the aqua which makes everything blue, gray/white scale, polarize and solarize and every other option except for just taking a "normal picture"

  2. Jeff Mathis says:

    I really liked the phone and service until I intalled 2.1 and now having problems with Facebook !!! I keep getting an error when accessing Notifications AN ERROR HAD OCCURRED WHILE FETCHING DATA NULL

  3. freakazoid says:

    number shows up, but the name doesn't
    slow and constantly non-responsive
    laggy phone pad
    email is severely lagging and updating slow
    speed dial number won't stay assigned
    overall slowness

    1. rachel says:

      I'm having exact same problem with speed dial which is the most frustrating for me. Especially since this is my first experience with a Droid phone after switching from blackberry. Also noticed I keep losing contacts from my favorites widget. Please fix!!

  4. Tami says:

    Loved my Droid Eris, until the 2.1 update. Here are the problems I've been having: In-Call Volume very loud when down all the way; unable to program speed dial; when bluetooth is on, my music app randomly turns on; facebook app stopped working-It says an error has occurred when loading anything but notifications.

    PLEASE FIX SOOOOOON!!! I would like to uninstall the app update if that's possible to go back a version!?!? I was perfectly happy with it! No problems!

    1. Vicki says:

      uninstalling the app and going back to the factory reset doesn't do JACK!!! I'm still having all the problems plus I lost all of my contacts. This update blows and the better do something quick!!

  5. SDowd says:

    My Droid Eris creeps and crawls like an under-powered pc trying to run heavy application… way too many "pregnant pauses" when I attempt to do simple things! I'm really bummed with my phone!

    1. WMaalouli says:

      Same issue, plus the OS restarts after every app use such as mail or web. This phone after the upgrade is essentially unusable and I will be seeking a phone change from Verizon or I will cancel my accounts with them. It will be a cold day in hell before I purchase another HTC phone…

  6. melanie winters says:

    Since i updated my phone randomly refuses to dial or entwrs the number very slowly. Calls do not connect properly forcing restart. Contacts now require area code making for multiple contacts. Battery life seems less.

  7. unhappy says:

    i just upgraded it and regret my decision to upgrade. i lost all my settings, a lot of my contacts, and i miss my old widgets…. including my clock/weather widget, calendar widget, and my message widget. bad, bad upgrade ๐Ÿ™

  8. Nicole says:

    Love my Droid Eris, but not the update. The weather data doesn't come through, it's slower, and programs shut down unexpectedly.

  9. mike says:

    I did the update and since then i get kicked off the internet randomly every time i sign on, my phone answers itself in my pocket every time it rings, freezes and wont let me hang up, and it wont go to the key board unless i zoom in on web pages!!! I loved it till i did the update now im getting rid of it. It went from the most convenient tool to a headache in a blink!

    1. phillip shaub says:

      I am having the same issues. I always need to touch the internet twice in order for it to actually stay on. The first time, it loads my home page about half, then goes back to the OS home screen, then I have to do it all over again.
      And, it has always answered the phone automatically while in my pocket. I have tried everything to block this, but to no avail. please, please help fix this…

  10. paul marchesano says:

    I’ve had major notification issues. Says none when there are many. Mixes up texts from diff people. Facebook app stopped loading news feed. Error: null. This really crappy. All network activity has slowed on phone end. Favorites will not update , favorites avatar gone, favs call wrong person sometimes. Yikes!!

    1. Laura says:

      Hey Paul,

      Did you go into your contacts and check to make sure they weren't linked to someone else? This happened to mine and once I "unlinked" them all of the text messages were re-sorted back to where they should have been. Hopefully that will at least be an easy fix to one of the problems.

  11. Richard says:

    What a nightmare! Beside multiple FC issues even after a full reset, the phone fails to even make calls. HTC said their working on some of the issues but if the new Eris arives with probloms then ill be DEMANDING A different android phone altogether.

  12. Ron Christian says:

    Hello, I am unable to sync my Droid with the motorola bluetooth that verizon installed into my car since I upgraded to 2.1. Prior to the 2.1 upgrade my car bluetooth worked perfectly.

  13. Shane says:

    Yes, my wife and I are both having the exact issues stated above after downloading new software, as well as our facebook app is not working either…very frustrating to say the least.

  14. don says:

    My problems since update:

    * contacts didnt suto sync. Pic id and their ringtones hd to be reprogrammed.

    * phone keeps auto dialing people at random

    * phone keeps waking up for no reason. Can hear track ball activating

    * no sound during calls. Basically, soynd will just stop working without warning. Sound on a call; clicking, etc i have to reboot phone.

    * Apps slow; freezing; forceclosing

    *internet closes

    * cant zomn in/out sometimes on internet

  15. Josh says:

    To everyone that is having issues. Break down and do a factory reset. I was having many of the same issues above. It seems like the update leaves old data/settings from 1.5 laying around that the apps are trying to access and force closing. A factory reset will mean that you lose all your information but it will be worth it all in the long run.

    After a factory reset the only issue i seem to have is a slow keyboard in landscape mode.. but it still was not the fastest keyboard back in 1.5 either.

    1. larry71150 says:

      I like many others am having many issues with the 2.1 update.. I've gone to 2 Verizon stores. One is a company store and one is an independent store. I also called Verizon tech support and HTC support……***
      Here are the answers I have received from these 4 sources:
      1) do a update #228 for roaming update
      2) do a hard reset by going to the settings /Privacy / factory data reset
      3) do hard reset by holding the ON and OFF and Ringer down buttons all at the same time (like ALT / Control/ Delete on the computer)
      4) I was told by Verizon tech support that HTC was working on a new update to debug 2.1, but no date for the update
      5) Verizon tech support said hard reset does not fix the p[problem
      6) Verizon tech support said that if you have the problem of dialing the phone and it sounds 'dead" that it will start ringing in about 30 seconds.
      7) One Verizon store said that hard reset will work
      8) One Verizon store said to get replace phone by call Verizon
      I have not done any of the "fixes" suggested so far.
      CAN ANYONE VOUCH FOR ANY OF THE ABOVE FIXES OR HAVE A FIX THAT WORKED FOR THEM??? I do not want to have to add the apps back and add the widgets unless I know the fix will work. Thanks for your replies….

      1. renzial says:

        I've hard reset twice and neither has worked. It fixed my speed dial issue but my battery life is still draining quickly with no apps running and others open randomly without me opening them. It also says I'm searching for a signal 50% of the time which is really ridiculous. Verizon knows nothing and said they could send me a refurbished phone with the same software that may fix it. Thanks! I think I'll wait it out a bit with my new phone.

    2. Carla says:

      I thought that would help, too, but I have done it twice and still have to power cycle my phone several times a day to get the phone to even work. Also, my weather widget constantly says I am in a city 20 miles from where I live and so does my google home page. Keyboard is really laggy and so are some apps.

  16. Guest says:

    Trying to access web sites is slow, slow, slow, and constantly get "connection failed" or "no connectivity" messages. Good luck if you're trying to put in a last minute bid on eBay!

  17. candice says:

    my facebook app is not working

    when i try and delete text threads my phone freezes and takes forever.

    texting is slower now -key recognition

    i’m very unhappy with the phone.

  18. Jonathan says:

    Major problems that I'm having since update:
    1) some contacts were lost
    2) phone ringer doesn't work sometimes when volume up
    3) make calls and person on other end can't hear me
    4) make calls and I can't here other person or ringing
    5) calender notifications can not be dismissed when alarm goes off
    6) phone is slower and I have less memory available even after uninstalling most apps (and using task killer)

    Phone issues can be reset by powering off, but I seem to be doing this daily! Please help.

    1. Kathy says:

      I am having exact same problems you are!! So glad to know it isn't just me. I have also done the factory reset (twice) since getting the update, but still goes back to same problems. My screen also goes black randomly when talking on the phone and cannot get it to turn back on without ending the phone call. Battery life seems much shorter as well and I've had the overheating issue also. Oh, BTW, this is my THIRD phone. Verizon has been sending me replacements but they are "like-new" instead of "new", so same issues over and over. How disappointing because I truly love the phone. When it actually works.

  19. Don says:

    Phone is considerably slower when attempting to dial a number or text. Lags constatntly, weather issue, trying to delete texts receive error and have to force close. What a mess.

  20. Roseanna says:

    Lost all my contacts. Resynced wtih Google, but the only ones that came back were the ones I had on Google before I got my phone. Any manually added contacts are gone despite me saving everything as a Google contact.

    New notification that confirms a text message was sent, every time I send one – very annoying. Can't figure out how to disable it.

    When I try to link Facebook profiles to my contacts, I can only access a small portion of my friends list – it just stops loading after that.

    1. Jesse says:

      The text message notification (very annoying!) can be turning off by going through the settings for text messaging. Once you''ve got the messaging app opened, just hit "Menu" and then "Settings". It will be in there somewhere.

  21. Debra Burleson says:

    I am also having problems since downloading the new version, battery life is next to nothing now, can't download ringtones from Mabilo anymore, weather widget doesn't work, when I touch it it shuts my phonoe down. Don't get messages until hours later, can't dial into voicemail sometimes. Phone will shut down randomly, very disappointed. Internet is slower too

  22. Darrell says:

    Periodic sound failure , both via speaker and blue tooth. Power cycle fixes problem, but only temporarily. Sound shuts off whether using phone or not.
    Periodically, taking a pic shuts the phone off. When you press the trackball to take photo, no photo taken and phone powers off and restarts.
    I also get the Data Null error when sync'ing with Facebook
    Volume doesn't sound right, distorted speaker sound and seems louder
    I like some 2.1 features, but obviously not the glitches. The volume problems are the biggest issue. Hoping for a repair soon. I'm in the medical field and use my phone to talk with other physicians / nurses about patients and treatment plans. Having the phone go mute when I'm ordering a medication or procedure is rather problematic to say the least.

  23. bhkrsw says:

    "upgraded" to 2.1, now much more FC/restarts. Keyboard won't open on many data entry webpages. Runs noticeably slower than 1.5. webpages open completely zoomed out every time. browser will start to load and then close. glad my wife did not "upgrade". i'm gonna steal hers.

  24. Dick says:

    Overall I love my Eris, but since 2.1 I have seen two problems: The most annoying is that it will randomly not let me enter the unlock password to get into the phone. Everything acts like it is working, but it ignores anything that I enter on the keyboard. Only way to fix it is to shut it down and restart – then it works a few times and starts ignoring the entry again. I am also frustrated with the sluggish response when i dial a phone numbers.

  25. niqmoe says:

    Very very annoyed thinking about getting rid of the phone now..music sometimes doesnt work i cant hear ppl when i call them periodically ringtones dont work and sometimes my camera stops working. All the reasons why i bought this phone are acting up and i hate it..

  26. Tom says:

    The phone lags a lot, especially while dialing. Also, while I am speaking on the phone, it redials the same number, putting the first call on hold.

  27. DESHELL says:


  28. mike says:

    Terrible. I've had this phone for a week and I am very dissatisfied. I haven't had a day yet when everything worked. weather widget doesn't work anymore. first YouTube, now weather. Texting iS very very slow. delayed resonses to hitting letters.

  29. Scott says:

    I loved my Droid Eri with 1.5 and I love the 2.1 update. The battery life is a little better. Lost my contacts temporarily but they eventually came back. I think the browser is better. My only complaint is that I can't program speed dials. I expected a few bugs (which will hopefully be fixed soon) but overall I like the 2.1 update.

    1. Kathy says:

      I had problems not being able to do the speed dials and Verizon tech had me do the factory reset. It fixed that problem. You can try it if that's the only issue you have. It does delete all your contacts and Facebook info so you have to resync after doing the reset. Takes longer for them to come back, so you have to be a little patient. I have so many other problems with the update, it is very disappointing. Good luck.

  30. Tasha says:

    Once I updated my Eris my contacts were jacked even after I synced it.

    I lost some of my contacts completely. Some of my contacts got linked to other contacts.

    My message notifications were all jacked up

    All of my ringtones came off of my contacts

    My weather widget doesn’t work anymore

  31. Dave says:

    The Facebook app is working again..l this was not unique to the DROID ERIS… all facebook apps were having problems as Facebook made changes to security settings… FC issues are usually the fault of the developer of the app and not the OS… its probably smart to uninstall and reinstall an app that may be Force Closing since the update. The Widgets… easy fix is to go to Settings:Manage Applictations: and clear data on whatever widget is having issues (IE Weather).

  32. MarkinSC says:

    It is as if they concentrated on the new features and spent no time on existing problems and fixes or the impacts of the update. I lost data with my 2.1 update. I can not get my phone to stop giving me the notification sounds when I am sending emails or text messages and there is no visible way to turn off this function. Battery life just isn't good anymore even after installing task killer. It is as if I am getting deeper and deeper into problems. This is worse than a Window's update accept in this instance it impacts my ability to communicate for work.

  33. Doc says:

    I loved my phone until this update deboggle. My speed dial settings disapear when I try to enter them. When I make a call my sreen goes black and freezes up.I have no way to control the call until the other party hangs up. I get various error messages when on the web. What a pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. johnny says:

    I agree. The eris is my first smartphone. Loved it with android 1.5. With 2.1, nearly every app is glitchy, especially the phone app itself. Now speed dial ony works with facebook contacts. I hope they release an update soon, or that I can find a way to return to 1.5.

  35. KEVIN says:

    i agree with everyone statements.love the phone and the google maps, voice what 3g not my phone it was so slooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow when on the internet it SUCKS.i think verizon sholud give everyone thats has the eris a new phone like the droid or the new htc phone. THEY NEED TO FIX THE PROBLEM ASAP.THIS IS A BUNCH OF B/S AND FREAKLY I'M SICK OF VERIZON.

  36. Nikki says:

    I am also having the exact same issues. I haven't noticed the phone being slower, but I lost every single one of my contacts (roughly 500 alltogether) and my applications are force closing randomly without any type of warning.

    I want my old droid back, and my own phone numbers.
    I'm unimpressed, to say the very least.

  37. Jack says:

    My droid wont make calls at random times, especially when I seem to really need my phone. I'll pick a number, press it to call, or even manually dial the number and the phone does NOTHING. It will sometimes make those calls 10 minutes later, in my pocket.

  38. carolyn and john howard says:

    My husband and both have the Eris which we were very happy with until the update. The phone went from a multitasking machine to a turtle speed brick. Takes forever to do simple tasks sometimes. The weather widget with the clock does not work which I loved. Facebook does not update like it used to. The notification page is slow. I would also like to uninstall the update, I miss my old phone.

    Thanks for anything you can do to help in the quickest way !

  39. Will says:

    mine has sound glitches where I can't hear anything on the phone and have to restart. Facebook doesn't work, and the phone is just crawling..

  40. Amy says:

    I loved my phone until the upgrade! Now:
    -My phone is extremely slow, sometimes I use my finance's phone because I don't want to wait for mine to load the phone
    -I can't type certain words while texting such as "he" or "if".
    -I can't assign my speed dials
    -When some one calls in just the number shows up after a blank screen for 3 seconds while it is ringing
    -Force closes my message often
    -Internet is a lot slower than before "update"

  41. Hilary Parry says:

    Similar problems. Call waiting and messaging seem to overload the system at times so that I lose ability to use the phone. It thinks it is working, but I can’t tell audibly that it is dialing and I don’t hear anyone answer and they don’t hear me talking. If I’m adding an event to the calendar and someone calls, that also sends the phone into the same problem. Powering off fixes it until it happens again.

  42. Ashley says:

    I too loved my Eris until the update. Now my phone is very slow to respond especially when texting. When I text the default is automatically set to caps and it is very annoying to switch it every time! When I now view webpages the font is so tiny it is impossible to read and ridiculously huge when I try to change the setting to a larger print. Overall the main issue is that the phone is so slooooow and I get very frustrated trying to do anything!! Please fix SOON!!!

  43. Laura says:

    It linked some of my contacts with similar names to each other even though they are entirely different people. It sorted itself out right once I unlinked them
    It's very slow!!!!!
    The new texting feature thing where you were only supposed to have type near the button was cool but already stopped working
    My biggest frustration was the successful sent text notifcations. It didn't matter how many times I unchecked and rechecked that option it just wouldn't stop! It finally did on it's own for no apparent reason
    Facebook is just a mess trying to use now

  44. jmac says:

    After downloading the update on Tuesday my phone has gone haywire! First all my texts lost the names for the numbers then I lost all my contacts except for the ones in my favorites. Then all my gmail came up on my contacts and then it all disappeared. Also, the touch pad is slow and unresponsive. PLEASE post how to fix this ASAP

  45. Lauren says:

    This update is worthless. My phone runs slower than ever, force closes me out of text messages, doesnt have sound with incoming calls or texts, has major typing delays… And for what? An interactive screen that has lightning and rain, and a few more apps on the market? Half of my apps dont even run correctly now, so whats the point?!
    This phone has lost its basic functions of making phone calls and text messages. I am VERY disappointed and frustrated with this phone. If only I didnt have another year and a half on my contract, Id be switching to ATT for the iphone.

  46. Sarah says:

    Since the update, my phone will randomly force close while texting/emailing. Also, the notification sound for texts/phone calls will not sound although it still vibrates. Also, when the notification sound goes out, the in call sound goes out also. A Verizon tech reset my phone, but the issue is still there. Really HATE the update!

  47. Sean says:

    Multiple apps randomly open without me using them. It slows down performance of the phone and uses up battery power until I I have go into Task Killer and shut them down. This includes apps and widgets I have never used, like Amazon MP3 and Mail.

  48. Keith says:

    -more force closes
    -battery is worse. it dies much faster even when not in use.
    -certain applications keep turning on even though i dont use them
    -weather widget doesnt work
    -my email no longer goes into my inbox until I manually refresh it. This is very annoying as I rely on the email capabilities to work properly.

  49. Andrew says:

    Now I get A LOUD noise when i SEND and recieve txt messages. I can't find a way to turn it lower and and not have it play a sound when sending a message. Also, when sending and recieving it now showes on that pull down screen and you have to clear it out.

  50. Chris says:

    Phone grinds to a crawl and needs to be reset. Speed dial totally hosed. Nice to see VZ and HTC “field testing” code. I’ve about had it, planning a full assault on a VZ store tomorrow, maybe if I complain enough they’ll give me a deal on an Incredible.

  51. another eris user says:

    The update caused serious issues for me. Restoring the phone using the factory settings reset only solved some of the problems, and I do recommend trying this. However, by far the worst issue is the complete failure of ActiveSync to sync with exchange calendars. The update broke this completely. My phone did this flawlessly for 6 months before the update. Since the update my calendar has never synced properly again always returning an error. Verizon is aware of the issue and there is currently no fix for this at all. hard to believe this got through testing. So if you use ActiveSync with an exchange server you may want to consider passing on the upgrade.

  52. Eileen says:

    The favorites widget has tons of bugs in it. When I press on certain people, it goes right to their contact card, and when I select others it automatically sends me to the text message setup. It is making simple calls complicated, and I am very disappointed with the changes!!!

  53. Trav says:

    Finally fixed my weather app after messing around in the settings for a while and clearing the data. The biggest problem i have now is that when i send a text i immediately lock the phone but not because the phone takes so long to send the message, it doesnt go through. When i unlock my phone after a few minutes, i look at the screen and it is still sending the text. I just played with the incredible today and its just not fair how fast it is ha. 1 Ghz processor for the win.

  54. Dan K. says:

    This update is horrible. I loved the phone up until I performed the update. The largest problem for me is that every 2 or 3 days the phone now loses connection to the bluetooth in my car. I have to reprogram it each time which is very inconvenient, but my car has a feature which prevents syncing while driving. Therefore, when I'm on the highway and it decides to lose connection, I'm screwed until I get off the exit and park somewhere and spend the 5-10 minutes reprogramming. Very frustrating.

    The next biggest issue is what happens randomly when I try to make a regular call. The call connects but neither party can hear each other. Then I'm forced to hang up, power the phone off and then on again in order to make it work. Had the same problem with texts. When it decides not to work, I have to follow same process. Ridiculous, and I had no issues before the upgrade. They better fix this and soon, or Verizon better give up bring in the Iphone…

  55. Drew says:

    Mine is similar to many others. Most of the issues involve the phone function. My custom mp3 ringtone often does not ring at all, or only does so 5 to 6 seconds after the phone starts vibrating/lighting up (right before it goes to voicemail). Even if it does ring, the phone often won't let me answer, or does so only after I hit the answer button repeatedly. Caller ID is not recognizing some numbers from my contacts. Trying to dial out is just frustrating. Why does the phone now vibrate after it dials and before it connects? The browser will randomly force close. I have to regularly use ATK to close programs that have not been used in a long while, or that seem to have started up without me ever using them (and not just at power-up). No matter how nice the apps or data functions are, a phone that can't make calls is pretty useless.

  56. Tom says:

    I have had several problems since the 2.1 update. Daily I get calls with no audio. A soft reboot fixes it. The phone has also rebooted itself and sometimes it locks when it should not. Another issue is the market application locked up when processing about 5 simultaneous program updates. A reboot also fixed that.

    Before the update the phone was a little slow. Now is slow and less than useful. On the plus side I like the 2.1 improvements. Now all they need to do is make it work.

    I went to a Verizon store tonight and they told me that an update was coming.

  57. Jeff says:

    So far going very well. Exchange and Gmail sync, contacts (1300+) sync, facebook updates, weather updates, navigators, pinch to zoom.

  58. Rob says:

    I agree with almost all of the above!!! Messaging is hit and miss, Calendar, what calendar. I can't get either of the two that came with the phone to work. Slow isn't the right word, since upgrading, this phone has turned into a snail. I just moved from the Palm Pre, reluctantly, now after the update, I wish I hadn't. I hope the fix is faster than my phone has become!!!

  59. Carolyn Thompson says:

    Ugh same problems
    1. I dont receive notifications – sound or light when I receive a text.
    2. Key recognition seems much worse.
    3. Erasing text threads has always been super slow but now it is much worse and causes phone to crash more often than not.
    4. Lost my weather and clock preferences – can get combined clock and weather widget for desktop.
    5. Initially phone didnt recognize my contacts after install but within a day it did- wierd!

  60. Teri says:

    My problems are
    1. My internet kicks me out, then restarts the phone
    2. typing is slow, along with everything else
    3. Facebook
    4. Favorites – can't have the same person twice, even with dif #'s
    5. When I push the Home, Menu, Back, or Search Keyes – the Program, Phone, and Add buttons are being pushed at the same time, effectivealy annoying me.
    6. Random things that I deleted keep popping up in my Program list. Example: MP3 Store, Voice Dialer, Visual VM. And I can't uninstall them!
    7. When i select a text to view, the phone ramdomly selects another one for me.

    I USED to love this phone, but now???

  61. Brandon says:

    Phone has frozen a few times. (I have to take battery out to shut down and reboot)
    Audio goes out when making calls. (I cannot hear myself or the person I'm talking to)
    Phone is very slow.
    Contact info and pics take forever to load.
    Music player skips like I'm playing a CD and would not force close a few times. (Take battery out again)
    It's acting like a PC running Vista. (Crappy)
    The weather app is far worse that it origionally was.
    All apps keep coming on when I don't even open them up (about 15 or 20 in a few hours) and yes… I do have Advanced Task Killer loaded and it has always done a fine job until 2.1.
    Takes forever to load Calendar, Texts, and e-mail.
    I think other than that… it's all good. Does 1/2 the stuff my Motorazr did and the Motorazr was not a smart phone but it did text, pics, music, and e-mail like it was supposed to. My wife's Eris has most if not all of the same problems.

    They have never worked properly from the beginning but until now, we were willing to deal.

  62. Megan says:

    1. Device is now slower

    2. Speaker randomly shuts off and won’t work again unless phone is shut off and on again

    3. Weather widget doesn’t work

    4. Keeps messing up my contacts

    5. Foce quits applications (never used to)

    6. Locks up

    7. Roller/Track ball will light up to alert me to something new but wont stop until phone is shut off

    8. Random tone alerts for no reason

  63. Julie says:

    -When I turn my phone sideways to type, what I'm typing doesn't show up until I flip it vertical again.
    -weather widget doesn't work.
    -phone is laggy.
    -many force-closes.
    -email won't set properly.

  64. Cecil Gabriel says:

    2.1 Problems aplenty on both my Eris phones. Dialer is very, very slow and lags on every move.
    Even tries dialing even after shutting phone off. Address book problems of all kinds.

  65. stephen says:

    Since installing the update, I have major problems with sending and receiving calls. The audio on both ends is screwed up and I have to turn off my phone and turn back on to re-place the call. Having a mute telephone call is pretty annoying.

  66. annoyed says:

    1. Phone does not switch orientation when I rotate it.
    2. Cannot create / save Speed Dial list. THS IS RIDICULOUS!!
    3. Volume is bizarre.

  67. chris says:

    Im on my 2nd eris, it’s still a piece of crap, I spend more time trying to get the thing to work than using it…..they need to replace them with a different phone, everybody that I know hates it and wants to get a iphone?

  68. Lovely says:

    im few of those sae issues….im not resetting my phone though.
    i've read that, that only works as long as turning your phone off and on.
    why lose contacts and your created profiles when it doent fix the problem?
    i was hoping to find a solution to this, but all i see is the problems.
    we need to talk to the right ppl

  69. Danica says:

    I am so unhappy with the update & now no longer want my phone.

    -all my set reminders with that are supossed to pop up on my phone no longer work

    -battery doesn’t last as long because every time I get a phone call or turn my screen on, it runs a ton of programs like voice dialer, mp3, weather, etc. I am left having to run the app killer a million times a day because for some reason it runs a ton of programs it never used to.

    -I used to never get error msgs for apps & now I do

    -my contacts are linked with Facebook. their profile pics used to come up clear when they called & now they are all blurry if they even show up at all. sometimes they don’t even show up.

    -these are just a few reasons

    Is there any way that I could uninstall this upgrade and go back to the old system? I used to love this phone & now am constantly frustrated.

    please help!

  70. Holly says:


  71. Mike says:

    I guess I got lucky on a bunch of stuff, but what I'm still getting hit by:

    1) Calls/messages work until I receive a voicemail. After that, silence. Apparently I can be heard on the other end, but I cant hear them

    2)The aforementioned weather widget works… until I tap it. Then it just blanks.

    3) I only have one mp3 on my phone and when I use ringdroid to change it to a ringtone, it messes up.

  72. corey says:

    Was better before the update..now my phone lags. my call log is really confused…it doesn't show all my past calls and it mixes up the contacts in the log with friends on facebook, like if I call someone then look at the call history it'll show that contact's number but it'll show it as someone's number whom I have added on Facebook. and when I try to call that number again from the call log it always says call is lost so I have to go find the number in my contacts again

  73. Jay says:

    This update has slowed my eris down so much! Pretty much everything in my phone has slowed down and become a headache. This includes: receiving/sending messages, updating calender events (still showing yesterday's events as "tomorrow"), loading/downloading apps, etc.

    Also there's been several calls where the person I'm talking to can't hear me.

    I really hope they fix this soon… ๐Ÿ™

  74. marie says:

    weather app didn't work. Messages are arriving a day late. People favorites no longer defaulting correctly. Finally got weather app back, sort of, it no longer is with the clock at the top of the screen. I was not prompted for upgrade, it upgraded automatically. Next time I would like to be prompted. If anyone knows where that option is, I would love to know.

  75. dmennenoh says:

    I used to love this phone until 2.1 – now it does nothing but piss me off. It sucks now. I can't hear people when they call me – it locks up – weather widget doesn't work – sometimes it takes 5 seconds when dialing for the next number to appear…camera has issues… on and on. I frickin hate this thing now. Either Verizon or HTC really f'd this phone up big time. Nice going. They should fix immediately and give us all two months of free service for being such ass'

  76. Megan says:

    1. My entire contact list is GONE I had over 400 names on file If I don't get these back I am going to lose my mind. :))) Please fix this.
    2. the phone seems to work alot faster however
    3. Facebook and Twitter is working fine right now
    For now this is it.

  77. al9109 says:

    Problems I've had with my eris since the update (many of which seems to be common problems):

    1) No vibration for text notifications.
    2)Extremely sluggish, even moreso than before. Also, it's always taken a while for the orientation to change to landscape, but now it takes even longer, and it's never gone back to portrait when I've turned my phone back. I have to exit out of the app.
    3) Google maps and the location is always wrong. I know this might not have anything to do with the phone, but I'm never actually where it says my location is. Sometimes it can be up to ten miles off target.
    4) I've been having a lot of problems with my contact favorites menu, like contacts randomly being removed when I click them or adding one contact twice.

    I haven't had any problems with Facebook or the weather apps, unlike some people. Overall the phone just seems to be running a lot slower than the older version, but the vibration problem is the only thing that really frustrates me.

  78. anthony says:

    Since upgrading to 2.1 my facebook app has been a little unreliable. Error messages pop up when trying to access ringtones. My screen lights up and lets me know when someone is calling me, but I am unable to actually answer the call. The screen becomes non-responsive. If i try to call back whoever attempted to call me, the phone gets stuck and nothing happens. This has forced me to shut down the phone and restart over and over. I like the look and feel of the update, but very unhappy with the glitches. This is the first I've ventured to upgrade outside of the old LG flip phones, and it make's me wonder if I ever should have.

  79. Lindsay says:

    I love this phone but do not love the new update. I've read a lot of peoples comments on here, and I've experienced most of those problems. Such as: texting lag, fore closing weather app, lag in general; and one I havent seen posted yet and the most annoying one, my HTC sense menu keeps going to the left and I can't keep it in the center. It's extremely annoying! Please fix!

  80. Nick says:

    Same issues as many others: contacts aren't syncing completely, lots of apps crashing regularly (especially the browser), etc. Only good thing about the upgrade is the turn-by-turn directions (which are good, but buggy… the voice chimes in only when it wants to).

  81. sasha says:

    my phone force closes out of the internet and resets my home page, the phone is slower and doesnt seem to be able to keep any app on the phone open for too long until it resets, i had the weather problem and had to manufacture reset my phone

  82. Alyssa says:

    * Phone won’t turn on anymore.

    * Won’t sync with Facebook.

    * Messaging is super slow.

    * Phone numbers come up instead of name.

    * A lot of the same problems as above.

  83. James says:

    -Very laggy, esp. with texting.

    -Alarm has stopped working properly (was late for work, i don’t use as alarm any more).

    -Weather App. flat out not working.

    -When accessing phone, screen time will take upwards of 1 minute to update to the actual time.

    -A lot of dropped calls.

    Before the update this was a solid phone, I was very happy with it. After this update I have been trying to figure out how I get rid of this phone. Could be a lemon. I will soon see.

  84. Jason says:

    Phone function freezes up. Very slow and unresponsive. When it gets that way, I shut phone off, and restart it, and it works fine…until it's been on for a while and then the same problems…

  85. megan says:

    I worte on this page earlier today that I had lost my 450 contacts. well I ended up getting all back. I had taken out my battery a few times and the 2nd time I got 300 contacts back and by the time I took it out the second time for an hour or so I got all 471 contacts back. Thank goodness.

    Butt I have to say that as I am using my phone more, the keypad for text messages is not working well at all. Its doing strange things and a bit slow. I am scared to see what else is going on with my phone.

  86. dorian says:

    Did the update…sucks…everything is gone that i loved on the older version…weather not working i hate not having the screen set ups i had before. I want to curl up and cry.

  87. Alexis says:

    Phone randomly will drop audio on calls. I try to call people and I hear dead air, even though they can hear me. On the flip side, if someone calls me, I can see the call on the screen, but if I answer, I can hear nothing. Have to reset the phone to make a call. This happens multiple times daily since the 2.1 update. UNACCEPTABLE.

  88. Ryan says:

    I updated to 2.1 and I'm having the following problems:

    1) Volume randomly going out (forcing me to reboot my phone in order to have sound again)
    2) Camera works most of the time, but randomly I will sometimes have a black screen
    3) Tons of lag when using the keyboard
    4) Lag when dialing or entering numbers to dial
    5) Battery life is much worst after the update. I did notice that syncing was turned on vs having it set to off before, but the battery still life still seems to be worst after the update.

    In general I was much happier with 1.5 and gaining Navigation isn't worth the above issues. I regret upgrading to 2.1

  89. Sue says:

    I love my Eris but the upgrade has left me frustrated with the following problems:

    1. Lost all ability to have unique ringtones for individual contacts.

    2. Now have both “google” and “phone” contacts. Don’t know which one is correct…

    3. Reduced battery life

    4. Slower response time

    Hope you can fix all this…

  90. Loved the phone, hate the upgrade. Biggest problem still after I had a service specialist at the Verizon store ‘wipe’ my phone clean is that it is sluggish when dialing numbers and there is no connection. I have to restart the phone to get it to back to speed! This is so frustrating, I’m thinking of going to an Iphone!!!

  91. Michael says:

    -Noticeably slower
    -Restarts randomly when running apps
    -Ringer/Notifications not working (No sound)
    -During calls, unable to hear other party and they can't hear me

    Shutting off phone and restarting does fix, but like others have said, doing this daily.

  92. Ann Barker says:

    This sucks! I totally loved my phone until I installed the update. It’s constantly non-responsive laggy phone updating slow speed . I’ve been trying to figure out if at all possible to uninstall…??

  93. Lucy says:

    So, we can all agree that this update was pushed out far too early, before it was ready to be integrated with the existing system & apps. We are all pretty much experiencing the same problems, all of which are unacceptable for the amount of money we paid for the phone, and the amount we pay to Verizon each month for our service…the question is, does anyone have any fixes? Has anyone talked to someone at Verizon who has the slightest clue what is going on, and won't keep telling us that simply deleting all my texts will fix everything (and no, I can't even delete them since the update, although I highly doubt that will solve anything beyond slightly faster messaging).

  94. nunie says:

    Where to begin?
    After the update, battery life has decreased, null error in facebook, lagging response when typing a text, the sound is terrible- it does not work incoming or out going calls. I reboot every few calls. Very unstable, I can not keep hanging up on calls be wise of no sound. My contacts now have the Facebook pics (dont like).
    So got another phone thinking it was the phone and this one right out the box, sound is terrible and doing the same Thing.
    I want a whole new phone. I liked my Eris til the upgrade.

  95. Hi all..I have had nothing but an awesome time with my Eris since the 2.1 OTA upgrade. No issues as others are experiencing. Battery management, speed of web, camera, weather updates, etc. all running excellent. I purchase my Eris in November 2009 so I can say without a doubt that the upgrade was just that…like a new, sweet smartphone! Here is my question… how many of u performed the OTA from a OEM 1.5 Android OS? I am guessing that others on so many blogs with issues may have performed some, well, u know, something that made their update perform so poorly. Think about Verizon & HTC software engineers making the update for a stock 1.5 to 2.1 OS. Please remember I am only just thinking out loud cause again my Eris is like a whole new phone & working wonderfully. So to conclude if Verizon does offer a patch or patches, what about those folks that aren't having any issues whatsoever?

  96. scot says:

    Yeah it runs slower then ever glitches when i receive phone calls vibrates when i'm on the phone and receive a text message, takes a while to type out a text message.

  97. Hi all..I have had nothing but an awesome time with my Eris since the 2.1 OTA upgrade. No issues as others are experiencing. Battery management, speed of web, camera, weather updates, etc. all running excellent. I purchase my Eris in November 2009 so I can say without a doubt that the upgrade was just that…like a new, sweet smartphone! Here is my question… how many of u performed the OTA from a OEM 1.5 Android OS? I am guessing that others on so many blogs with issues may have performed some, well, u know, something that made their update perform so poorly. Think about Verizon & HTC software engineers making the update for a stock 1.5 to 2.1 OS. Please remember I am only just thinking out loud cause again my Eris is like a whole new phone & working wonderfully. So to conclude if Verizon does offer a patch or patches, what about those folks that aren’t having any issues whatsoever?

  98. lee burns says:

    Made my phone worse. The battery life sucks even more. Most apps wont work and its operating slower than ever. Should have gotten a black berry

  99. amanda says:

    phone is soooooo slow internet slow shows phone number not name notification sound when sending texts very annoying how the crap do i stop it??? constanly missing calls phone doesnt ring force closes on apps doesnt respond well when i tap screen to type or close things used, phone is all together alot slower, used to love it now agravated i mean dont get me wrong i do like alot od what was added like navigation and screen switches etc

  100. james says:

    I never should of upgrade. i was rooted now the ota took that away. even woctsrse it scrolls by it self. acts if im using the trackball to scroll down. called verizon and put in touch with HTC stated working on an update to fix all known issues. no fix at the moment.. WTF!!!!

  101. shawna says:

    this update sucks!
    bluetooth doesnt work anymore in my car, keeps shutting on and off.
    it wont tell me how many notifications i have on my text messages, missed calls etc
    freezes on text message app.
    doesnt show the name when i have incoming calls, just the number
    EXTREMELY slow and freezes every second.
    battery dies within an hour of recharging.

  102. Tyler says:

    I am definitely having problems. I noticed it after the update immediately. First thing i noticed was the weather app like you said, and also…my droid runs much more slower than it did before. My home button rarely responds to the first touch, and my texts take forever to delete now. Please fix this!! It will be greatly appreciated.

  103. Dustin Ivy says:

    I downloaded the new update. All my contacts are gone, all my scenes are gone, everything that I did to this phone is gone. The only contacts I have are those who I am friends with on facebook that have a cell number. This is ridiculous and I have been messing with this POS for two weeks now with no luck. I can't even save contacts to my phone at this point… The phone continues to delete them randomly and ultimately doing whatever it wants to… basically it has taken over and it calling the shots.

    I used to have 2 or 3 apps running randomly when I would use my kill widget… now there are as many as 12!!! I can't even play a damn word game because my RAM is so packed with junk.

    I have lost control of this smart phone and I am just gonna take it back unless I can find some answers.

  104. mark says:

    try to make calls, or even recive calls, unable to. have to power down phone and power back up to make and recive calls…no problem with face book or text. but need the phone part to work.

  105. Brittny says:

    I am so frustrated. I lost contacts…I cannot change my text notifications or ringtones. Wtf why did I do this? I was happy with it before the update!

  106. Michele V says:

    Sounds problems – big time! Cannot make or receive phone calls
    Touch screen freezes up all the time
    Battery keeps dying
    Force closes applications a lot more
    Weather widget doesn't work
    Calendar force closes when trying to add new event
    My contacts won't update with Facebook anymore
    *Attempting* to erase messages restarts the Android system
    The update took over a large amount of memory in which my phone is so slow Report Reply
    number shows up, but the name doesn't
    slow and constantly non-responsive
    laggy phone pad
    email is severely lagging and updating slow
    speed dial number won't stay assigned
    overall slowness

    BAD upgrade. I want a new phone now. ๐Ÿ™

  107. Phlowen says:

    I like the new OS, but I have a few problems:

    Music store, Voice dialer, etc always reopen themselves and slow down my phone.

    Doesn't vibrate when I receive text messages anymore (it did for 2 weeks after the update, has since randomly stopped).

    Calendar doesn't always delete or create items like it says it does.

    Having to use Facebook for HTC, rather than the regular app to get my contacts sync'd sucks.

    I think that's it. I hope they're actually working on these and it doesn't take as long it as it took them to make this upgrade from Android cupcake(1.5) to 2.1.

  108. Kel says:

    My droid is a piece of GARBAGE. About every other call I make, it will connect with the person but never rings and I can't hear anything. And if I do manage to get through to someone, the audio stops working about a minute into it. I took it to a verizon store and they wiped out EVERYTHING to the very original setting, and it's still doing it. It makes me SO MAD!! This phone wasn't cheap!!

  109. newt says:

    My wife & I both have Eris' and since the update, we are ready to give them back. The user experience is horrible – everything is flaky from the browser to the camera. Reboot 3 – 4 times per day.

  110. HammysMom says:

    I have exhibited most of these issues, but most annoyingly:

    – I can't seem to take more than 1 photo at a time with my camera.
    – I can't send any Pix messages, nor receive most of my Pix.
    – I get the silent audio during many of my inbound and outboand calls. I have to restart the phone to make calls I can hear again.
    – Weather program was happening, but I cleared the data from the application and now it works.
    – Definite lags in performance.

  111. Amber says:

    Issues with my phone:
    1. When I cannot hear the phone ringing and cannot hear the person on the other end.
    2. When I receive calls, the other person cannot hear me.
    3. I have to "restart" my phone at least 5 times a day if i want to Talk on the phone.
    4. Text messages will not send or will take hours to send.
    5. Do not receive messages until over an hour later.
    6. Cannot use phone while it is plugged in (when i try to dial/text, it goes crazy and dials many different keys.)
    7. Half the time, i cannot use the camera on my phone. I go into the camera app and then the screen goes black.

  112. Eric says:

    LAG!!! i can't even open my phone sometimes to put in my password. Texts are almost imposable to type. i need to take my memory card out to get it to run at all. i'm reeeeaallly starting to hate this phone i want to throw it off bridge like 10 times a day please fix Verizon

  113. Kimberly says:

    I got my Eris on April 15. I was COMPLETELY happy with it. Loved it.

    Then I did the upgrade. Since then:
    1) I drop phone calls at least 5x a day
    2) My phone deletes contacts/removes phone numbers from contacts/unlinks contacts and facebook profiles regularly (sometimes they relink, come back, other times not). By regularly I mean several times a week. I will spend an hour getting everything back to normal, the next day it’s all gone again.
    3) Internet is much, much slower.
    4) Calendar Force Quits if I try to view it. It is 100% useless.
    5)Spontaneously turns ringer off.
    6) Annoying vibration sound when call is happening.
    7) (And probably the biggest thing). When I try to make a call, about
    a) 1/3 of the time, the call goes through normally.
    b)1/3 of the time, the phone acts like nothing is happening and then after 10-15 seconds, the call goes through. Frequently, at that point I am trying to redial, I hit CALL right as it finally dial and I end up ENDING the call accidentally. And the other c)1/3 of the time, it blinks off to a white or HTC screen for 1/2 second and then pretends I didn’t do anything. But when it happens, I don’t know if it is going to dial eventually like in b. So I have to wait.
    8) Twitter App & Pandora only work about 60% of the time.
    9) Photo sharing to picasa or twitter only works 10% of the time.
    10) Phone turns off and restarts at least 2x a week
    11) I rarely have more than 1 bar of service, frequently none. In places where i had 2-4 before.
    12) People OFTEN can’t hear me.

    This has made my phone ridiculously frustrating and hard to use. My sister was going to buy a Droid, but after all of this, she just got a Blackberry Storm today. I AM SO JEALOUS! I hate that I made a decision on my phone, loved it until JUST after my 30 day return period, and now hate it. Hate.

  114. jackie says:

    well first off..everything is SLOW..AND NOW I CANT TEXT AT ALL..keeps freezing and forcing it to close everytime i try to text someone. they better get this fixed..i’m not paying for the stuff that isnt working!

  115. elainetaps says:

    Since downloading the Droid Eris 2.1 update my internet pages are now showing complete information which is standard on the home page.
    My battery life is way to short now. I have to charge it constantly.

  116. UNHAPPY says:

    I am having all the same issues as mentioned on this page. Pick one, and my Eris has that problem. Like the rest, it happened after the update. I had the BEST phone ever and now I'm trying to find away to get something else. I went into Verizon today and the MANGER got on the phone and talked to the same people I did and troubleshooted the same stuff i did. Need less to say, my phone now cannot send or receive text messages, my volume is NUCKING FUTS, and they said there is nothing they can do but swap it out for the same ERIS referbished phone. NO THANKS….WE NEED AN UPDATE ON THE UPDATE!!!!!

  117. DamianG says:

    I just did a master restart on the phone, not sure how it will work out but the only pain in the azz is that i lost all my apps i down loaded. Some issues i was having was that putting people in the favorite group would only allow 2 -4 contacts and then remove them but under the contacts info it was listed as part of the group. STRANGE ….. also after i updated the phone weeks ago i noticed when taking photos before i was able to use the trackball to zoom in and out but after the update I could no longer do that,even after the reset it still can not zoom in with the trackball. That was a great feature.

  118. Ryan says:

    This update is a joke. I loved my phone till I updated. Everything lags terribly. It’s making me stress out. The battery life…even though wasn’t great from the beginning has gone from okay to terrible. It will be 100 percent charged and will be dead 4 hours later and thats with minimal use. I want it fixed soon or Verizon to give me something new for free.

  119. Gregory says:

    Very slow and non responsive. Even while typing this it was lagging a bit.
    Kicks me off the net at times. The phone freezes if I'm doing something and I get a call. Textbox messes up sometimes. Dialing takes forever.
    My girlfriend has an iPhone and she's been killin me since I got this update. :-/

  120. peter says:

    volume and sound fails at least once a day, forced to restart. also weather's app's ability to recognize my location is screwy. the update, in my opinion, had a few fun and interesting positive attributues, but mostly is buggy and annoying.

  121. Shannon K says:

    I was able to fix my weather widget by clearing the cache, but many other problems remain. Many times when I call, I have no audio and the only way to fix it is to reboot the phone, and sometimes it just does itself. When attempting to dial digits, many times it lags behind me pressing on the numbers, it can be 5-15 seconds before the numbers show up on the screen, and again the only way to fix that is by rebooting. Often times it is no longer smooth when sliding between screens or it will be stuck slightly off, showing part of another screen. When going to messages, it will take a second or two before it shows the contact names, will just show the number, not a huge deal but annoying. Also I read the battery should last longer,but it it last close to a third of what it used to. I have gotten around that by killing some of the running services under the applications menu but I used to never have to do that. I know there is some other things I'm missing but basically it is just way more buggy and general use it much less smooth than it used to be. If it is not fixed soon I would just rather have 1.5 back.

  122. Sue says:

    My biggest problem (and there are a few) is that I can barely use it as a phone. It lags so much it is painful. It reboots all the time. Would like for it to go back to the original version (which I had very few problems). I have 68.9mb left on the phone. Seems like that should be enough to run the apps or at least the basic ones.

  123. Alisha says:

    Since the update, the dialing is delayed, calls don’t go through all the time, incoming or outgoing. The main screen glitches out and goes to the start up HTC screen. Everything freezes up and forces closed.

  124. Nigel says:

    Since I upgraded to 2.1 I've had many of the problems already mentioned, but I'll list the two that really get me down.

    1. Bluetooth no longer connects to my headset.
    2. Cannot assign speed dial numbers to contacts.

  125. Sheryl says:

    Love my Eris and love some of the things about the update, however it now runs so slow! Typing messages take forever and then the actual process of sending the message takes even longer and when in landscape mode, the hide keypad key does not work. Really, anything that has to do with text messages is super slow. I lost a few contacts but not enough to cause too much of an annoyance. The Weather Widget doesn't function properly, the view on the homepage works but when you tap it to go the the actual application, it crashes. Super annoying. I've also noticed that my phone doesn't always ring when someone calls even thought the volume is at its max. I love features of the update, like the turn by turn navigation with voice, but there are way too many problems they they need to fix.

  126. RMMT says:

    When I go to call someone, the phone says connected, but I do not hear ringing or anything letting me know it connected, other than the phone saying it is. It stays like that, person's picture, timer running, but no sound, no ring, no hello. Goes on like that for 1 min or so, then says call ended. Turns out, the people I am calling are actually hearing me as I yell at my phone for not making calls. Stays like this for a good while, i cant' get incoming calls either it seems. I have to shut off and take the battery out for it to make a call again.
    Plus it is SO slow with the most basic things, like going to a different screen.
    Common Verizon, I pay you too much to have this phone barley be able to make a call.

  127. reyna says:

    i loved the droid eris as well before the update. the internet never works it freezes all the time. sometimes when i am texting and i turn the phone for the wider view the light goes off and i can't see what i am texting. when opening some apps the scree sticks between the app and the home screens. i am in shock that an update could do so much damage to a phone and that verizon would sell a phone with so many problems that you are stuck with for two years.

  128. chelsea says:

    Well the list of issues for me goes on and on. The lag is a huge problem the calibration seems off i make a whole lot of typos in messages tat i never used to. The amazon mp3 thing opens wll the time no matter how many times i kill it along with the voice dialer. the battery dies twice as fast as it used and i use half as much now with all the issues. In my text messages the name doesnt always show sometimes its just the number and usually my picture isnt there if the other persons is or vice versa. I really hate the update which is sad because i really loved my phonr before hand ๐Ÿ™

  129. Mike says:

    My eris will switch back and forth between apps. at random occasionally. It randomly set up a conference call between two of my contacts. The screen no longer registers the character you type in on the horizontal mode.Several of the settings buttons no longer respond to touch screen commands. AND MORE! Hope we have some answers soon.

  130. Sabra says:

    I LOVED THE UPDATE….until I started seeing all the bugs that came with it ๐Ÿ™

    – Zoom doesn't work on my internet very well (if at all)
    – Keyboard doesn't pop up to type into anything on the internet (most of the time)
    – Internet closes often on its own free will
    – Facebook app has bugs and won't work properly
    – The phone in general seems laggy..especially when I'm trying to call someone
    – My pandora app has doubles of all my stations
    – My contacts that are synced with facebook are synced with the wrong facebook accounts/photos

  131. Ryan says:

    Horrible implementation HTC/Google/Verizon….good idea….poor execution. Below are my issues:

    1) Phone doesn't ring when calls come in (intermitent)
    2) Phone connects but person on other end cannot hear me (intermitent)
    3) Battery life is horrible (has let me down twice when using as alarm clock cause battery dies before morning)
    4) Weather app busted
    5) Significant keyboard lag when typing (text and other)
    6) App crashes

  132. Martin says:

    The update was just ok for me…i wouldnt say my issues are extreme but here they are:

    *Most of my contacts' facebook profile pic won't show up when they call anymore.

    *Sometimes my phone would only ring for like 2 seconds and then fade out.

  133. ncklpckl9irl says:

    With the update my phone no longer vibrates when getting text messages.
    Phone won't let me delete threads of messages if the thread is to large
    Facebook app doesn't work

    Other than that, I enjoy the new update, please fix these problems!

  134. Chelsea says:

    i'm having many of the same problems. i absolutely loved my droid eris until i downloaded the newest software update.. now, my phone is extremely laggy and slow, my messaging app force closes, texting is slower, i'm unable to delete entire threads of messages.. this is driving me crazy! is there any way to go back to the old software?

  135. Jay says:

    I like some of the new features, but here are two problems I am having:

    1) Call volume is way too loud even with at the lowest volume setting. It often sounds distorted because it is so loud. I have to hold the phone a few inches from my ear and everyone around my desk at work can hear it. (NOT on speakerphone)

    2) I use the phone for work email with Microsoft Exchange. The update requires me to enter a password everytime I want to use the phone. This is a good feature for security, but a major nuissance compared to the simlicity of just being able to use the phone prior to the update. I wish there was more of a time delay option so it would lock itself after a few minutes of inactivity.

  136. Tina says:

    I actually used to love my Eris, but since 2.1 I've had these issues:
    Phone almost constantly freezes, especially when calls are coming in. Usually unfreezes after they hang up. The End Call button rarely if ever works. Applications I don't use are constantly opening themselves, and draining the battery. I use ATK (advanced task killer) and it can't even kill the applications like it used to. Every time I touch the calendar it FC. Gmail continues to tell me I have mail when I've previously checked it, unless I check my mail-less inbox up to 4 times. Phone is using too much memory now, so I have to restart it every few hours because it slows down so bad. Sometimes have almost a 5 second delay between changing to the next home screen. Has gotten so hot from receiving a text message that the screen wouldn't turn on, but I could still see a blinking green light. This update caused more problems than it fixed. I wish I had the less pretty 1.5 with the sound bug over this P.o.s. any day.

  137. Brad says:

    Since the update the phone is so bad I’m wishing I had the blackberry back. Now to add to the problems listed by everyone else I have to recharge the battery now 2 times a day. I don’t even talk on it that much.

  138. Pam says:

    Loved my Eris before I downloaded this update. Now my phone is super slow, it won’t let me return a missed call, screen goes black A LOT, Bluetooth won’t sync, internet crashes all the time, can’t get keyboard to appear with internet without bringing up secondary menu & then backing out of it, names take forever to show up on my texts (just numbers show), when I select a day in the calendar, the last day I was in shows up regardless of what day I clicked on. Facebook profiles that are linked with contacts come and go. I could go on and on. I will never, NEVER download any updates again.

  139. Dave says:

    My phone did not require a password on wakeup before. Right after I installed the update, I was informed that my Exchange required the password to be set. However, I am the network administrator and know that I have not set any rules requiring a password. That is my single biggest complaint, other than everything that has already been listed. Also, when I am trying to enter my password on wakeup, about half the time, despite pressing the correct characters on the keyboard, the password field accepts no data and I can't log in. Also, the phone randomly turns off when I am trying to log in.

  140. Nicole says:

    Weather app crashes the whole phone, slow response time on everything, and terrible battery life.

    The night of install, it plugged it in to charger and even though it was plugged in for over 8 hours it didn't charge completely. Plus when I picked it up it almost burned my hand – it was SO HOT! Charge only lasted about a half an hour that day. Since then the battery life is half of what it used to be. I've been trying not to use it too much because it drains the battery — this means I'm paying for something I can't use and I depend on greatly.

  141. Paul says:

    I thought the phone was sluggish before but now it is unbearable. There are times i have to wait up to 7 seconds for the screen to change after pressing something. It is extremely annoying.

  142. Captain says:

    battery life terrible
    inadvertently capitalizes in the middle of a text
    incoming phone call photos blurry
    screens hang
    passwords entry on forums hang not allowing entry
    searches are very slow
    phone reception and transmission has become intolerable
    looses downloaded webpages in the midst of surfing
    text is slow
    incoming ringer fails
    many forced closes
    incoming call numbers may or may not appear
    Great phone, now lets fix it or offer swap and apologies

  143. Phil says:

    The 2.1 update left my phone and touch screen responsiveness VERY VERY laggy and sluggish!!!!! Default messaging app is the worst @ the slowness but also visual Vmail is just as bad and F/C most times. The whole damn phone is now so bad about being slow and freezing that it’s irritated me 2 the point of literally almost fastballing it into a brick wall. THE WORST SOFTWARE UPGRADE EVER. How do u release something like this w/o extensive preliminary test and evaluation???????

    I’m sure I’ll remember more awesome points about 2.1 on my Eris so I’m bookmarking this so I can relay more side effects later. Good luck every1.

  144. kas says:

    very very slow in all areas
    text lagging
    phone pad slow and hard to use
    push one button and goes to another place
    numbers show up instead of names, then jumps to names

  145. kellepea says:

    Ringer stops working, can't receive or make calls (no sound), contacts not syncing with Facebook, touch screen slow or unresponsive, battery life considerably shorter. VZW, fix soon please! I used to love this phone.

  146. Gia says:

    Text messages forclose at least 4 times a day I have to turn off my phone twice a day so I can make a call the camara does not like to open everything is SLOW SLOW SLOW…….screen freezes every once in a while. This really makes me mad why do we pay the money we pay for all the features this phone has when all it does if foreclose the internet and apps and wont place phone calls…..might as well go buy a track phone. FIX THE PROBLEM SOON PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

  147. Joel says:

    I have all the same issues with my Droid. All of them. What I want to know is when the patch is expected to be released. Restoring my phone to factory settings will return it to the 1.5 original software that works better, but that will mean setting up and downloading my apps all over again, and that could take many hours in itself. If the patch is coming out soon, I'd rather wait for the patch to cure all the glitches. If its going to take a while, I liked the older version more to the point its worth spending the time to reset the phone to factory settings. Verizon, please give us an estimated time of patch release!

  148. Jada says:

    As far as the ringer fading out thats. Setting NOT a glitch.they give u thee option to make the ringer fade out upon movement.check ur settings folk!

  149. Jada says:

    -Slow keypad response when making calls

    -Too many extra contacts from facebook added/changed names to facebook name instead of stored name which i did NOT want because ppl have wierd name like HerMan Baby Wannabee when their name is really Jessica Smith so i can never find them

    -Slow synching facebook pics to contacts

    -no audio on some calls until power off

    – force close apps and text a lot

    -i want the calendar and weather widget back

    -everytime i open or send a pic message i get a million “message not sent network error messages”

    -somtimes web pages randomly decide to load slow or not at all until reset

    -youtube slow (or has that always been?)

    -Sometimes will still say i have a new text or email even after ive opened or deleted em all….

    ….well thats all ive encountered so far.please please fix asap. But i will say navigation works fine (thats wat i was most looking forward to anyway)


  150. Luke says:

    So, I love my phone until this update. Now…
    1)Refuses to respond with my texting and types the words in by the time I am done with the sentence.
    2) Facebook is completely screwed up. It doesn't update as well as it use to and the pictures of people jump back to ones before the update occasionally.
    3) Volume takes a year and a half (hyperbole) to change and 95% of the time it goes to the wrong vine setting.
    4) Caused my phone in general to run much slower( apps, internet, text, etc.)
    5) Many apps force quit now when they almost never did before.
    6)When you receive text or email while doing something, the phone starts to jump and skip if you even slightly touch it.
    7)My email says I have three messages even though I have completely emptied it on my phone AND through Google.

    This update is honestly making me want a different phone. It is horrible. It almost makes me want an IPhone….. which is pretty bad.

  151. Kevin says:

    My biggest problems:

    1. Can’t save speed dial.

    2. Weather widget won’t update anymore.

    3. Web pages zoomed out too far.

    Why can’t we get some answers?

  152. butch says:

    All of the problems listed above since taking update. No sound on calls, browser crashes, phone won't ring or vibrate on incoming calls, camera/camcorder won't work, etc. A reboot will usually fix it for a couple days at most, but then it acts up again. I had the Verizon store so the factory reset a week ago and it seemed fine for a couple days, then yesterday it started all over again and I had to reboot twice.

    I took it into Verizon this morning and all they could do is ship me a new Eris…..that I'm sure will just have the same issues.

  153. Dino says:

    This is actually my 2nd Eris (first one died completely after adding the 2.1 upgrade). Verizon wanted to ship me a "certified LIKE new" phone but I said, "I don't think so! That just means the "LIKE new" phone was previously BROKEN! Verizon ended up sending me a new Eris but I had to install the new software update.

    I am now having problems with lag times on all android and HTC widgets….
    Phone will automatically switch over to another page instead of homepage when I finish a call….
    Phone will sometimes freeze when trying to enter new app or widget page….
    Battery seems to drain faster (which is really annoying since it had a short battery life to begin with)….
    Contacts seem to disappear and reappear then disappear again….

    I am going to be contacting Verizon and raising a bit more hell! They either need to upgrade this phone to another HTC or allow me to break my contract! I think it's total BS for Verizon if they do nothing to satisfy their loyal customers!

  154. Mike H says:

    A phone is useless if you can’t make phone calls! Since the update It takes at least 1-2 minutes to make a call. I loved my Eris until the update, phone is slow and battery life is horrible. Please fix ASAP i want my phone back!

  155. BillyBob says:

    All of aforementioned problems are indeed true. The customer service reps via Verizon *611 play dumb. The phone is essentially useless upon this download. Sluggish, missed calls/texts after no ring/beep, inability to use apps including camera even to view pics, alarms that do not go off, slow, sluggish email, shortened battery life…and the problematic list continues! Verizon address this or switch companies!

  156. Ashley says:

    Go to
    Settings/applications/manage applications/weather provider/clear data

    Then go to
    Settings/accounts and sync/weather/sync now

    I got the advice from another site and now at least my weather works again.

    I held off on updating my phone for a couple days until my brother told me how great the 2.1 update was. He said it made his phone so much faster, and overall better. So I went for it..now I sure wish i hadn't.
    My phone is so incredibly slow now.
    My messages, and switching screens, and apps, and internet are all so laggy.
    My contacts' pictures keep disappearing, they don't stay linked to facebook.
    Also I HATE the camera now. I used to love it, but I noticed a difference as soon as it updated. Much lower quality pictures.
    I have the task killer app which I'm sure helps a little to save battery life, but it's still unbelievable how fast my battery depletes.
    I have not, however, had any sound problems. My calls seem to be normal. Except it does annoy me that my contacts numbers will show up, but their name and pic won't for like 5 seconds or so now.

    I sure hope they come up with a solution to this joke of an update quick.

  157. Kylin Howard says:

    The update for my Droid Eris has done nothing but give me problems. It shuts down for no reason, I have problems txting, there are many delays when trying to pull different pages up. It will randomly call people. It's horrible

  158. Benjamin says:

    Have the same problem with the sound going out. Every morning it seems my alarm doesn't go off, texts seem to resend themselves (?) and have trouble dialing phone numbers because it moves very slowly. I loved the phone before the update, but I agree, nothing but a headache since then.

  159. josh says:

    my text messages force close somtimes and somtimes i cant send or receive phone calls i did a hard reset and i still have the problems

  160. matt says:

    I was so psyched to have gps on my phone..but all the stuff the update broke isn't worth it. I've completely given up trying to synch contacts with facebook, it just doesn't work anymore. The camera sucks now, I swear it doesn't focus before snapping the pic. Laggy phone response, apps list won't stay sorted as list, and on and on. Come on Verizon update the update already!

  161. Amanda says:

    1.) Often can't make outgoing phone calls
    2.) Camera application fails, and the auto color balance is sub-par. The manual color balance over-compensates.
    3.) Messages forces quits occasionally.
    4.) Dial pad often freezes and is unresponsive.
    5.) Must restart phone often to reset faulty applications!!

    Verrryyy annoying!

  162. mcc says:

    My droid eris is extremely frustrating now.
    -very slow in all applications
    -call list won't updated for almost 30 seconds so if I'm trying to call the person back the name takes for ever to show up, or while my finger is moving down to touch a name the order changes and I end up calling the wrong person
    -opening the wrong text conversation
    -calling the wrong person
    -showing numbers, not names
    -not ringing
    -unresponsive touch screen
    -the screen will permanently go black during phone calls so when i need to use the key pad for voicemail or help-lines I am SOL

  163. lnr says:

    This update is absolutely horrid – my phone has no sound, everything crashes, and the phone is so unbearably slow that its worth turning on the desktop. WTF. $500 later…. thanks verizon. Oh, and it erased all of my phone contacts forever, but thoughtfully imported hundreds on contacts from facebook who i'll never call. It was really useful when my car broke down, and since the sound doesn't work, I couldn't even call anyone.

  164. Tim says:

    Here are my very annoying problems since the update. When I make a call, once I hang up and try to make another call, the phone freezes. When I am on the phone and pull the phone away from my ear, the screen continues to stay in the call mode(blank). I have to push the red end button on the phone itself and then the screen comes up but of course it then ends the call. This means if I need to go to speaker mode that I cannot. On my contacts information, it shows that I can send a text message to a home phone. I do not know how to delete that. When I open the default internet browser, it will force close as I try to type something in. On some phone calls, I see that I am receiving a call, but there is no ring tone. Love my phone but this update sucks

  165. rachel says:

    my phone was not syncing my contacts with my google acct, so i lost ~3dz new contacts! it was truly awful and both the folks @ verizon and htc were completely unable to help or even recognized there was any problem. apparently they think an update means wiping the hard drive…

    i've also noticed that the phone is slow, sluggish, i have to slow my typing to allow the phone to catch up. basically it worked better prior to the update.

    if only i could go back in time and just avoid this update. ๐Ÿ™

  166. Help says:

    I have never been more frustrated with any software 'update' in my life. My camera no longer works. Weather app won't work. Alarm is so buggy that I'm gonna have to buy a new alarm clock. Severe problems overall–verizon, what have you done?!??? I want my old phone back!!

  167. Christine says:

    Customer ringtones are not working after installing the update. The default ringtone is what plays even if the contact is set for a different ringtone. Am I missing something???

  168. Ben says:

    The problems I am having with my phone include:

    1. Contacts not always syncing with facebook

    2. Text messaging force closing alot

    3. Notifications ringtone not allowing me to set it as anything I want, will only stay as the default.

    4. Battery life is terrible now.

    5. Lags alot, slower, typing awful.

    6. Touch sensitivity awful, I have to use my thumbs to touch the screen…any other fingers won’t interact at all with the screen.

    I hope they fix all the problems…or just give me the old software because that worked better than the 2.1

  169. meg0917 says:

    I'm having many of the same problems. I have all sorts of missed calls because I never hear it ringing and there doesn't seem to be any clues to when this will happen. Sometimes I don't get alerts for texts or emails either. I press call and I wait forever, the calls seems to not go through so I press call again, then both go through! Then it shows I'm calling that person and I have them on hold, so frustrating. Sometimes the contacts don't link up with their numbers either, so it can be a guessing game to see if I recognize the number. I feel paranoid now, constantly checking it and restarting it.
    I'm not the most savvy tech person, so I was happy when I first got this phone, it was easy to learn and still really awesome. I hate it now because it is so unreliable. I wish I could go back to something simple and cheap now. grrr!

  170. Crystal says:

    I did a factory reset which did cure many of the ills I had immediately after the OTA update. My biggest issue is that the sound just stops working- that's all sound, speaker and the ear piece. I hate having to restart my phone almost every day because of these issues. Sometimes, though, HTC Sense reboots when I push something like mail or messages… not pleased with the bugs that came along with this update. The keyboard and keypad also lag much more than they did before (and they lagged then!)

    I used to love my Eris but now I wish i'd gotten a Moto Droid….

  171. Ashley says:

    Won’t link to my Facebook, didn’t vibrate when I receive a text message, process.something constantly force closes, phone lags, deleting texts restarts phone or takes 10+ minutes then freezes, apps force close a lot more

  172. Kay says:

    – I lost all my contacts because they were not synched to google (never to return)

    – Phone will not answer incoming or make outgoing calls, camera screen is blank/black (What I have discovered is that if I power my phone off and on every 4-6 hours these problems descrease and also keeps the battery working properly. Without the shut down the battery will begin to completely diminish after 4 hours. Definitely not a permeanant fix, but at least makes the phone semi-usable for the time being.)

    – Just recently the weather widget won't work anymore

    – Text messaging is much much slower and I seem to hit the wrong buttons all the time, which never happened before. I don't know if it changed or it's just "off".

    There are more issues and ones that I'm sure I don't even know about yet. Basically VERY unhappy with the upgrade.

    1. Kris says:

      I have also noticed that I have a lot more spelling errors than I ever did before the upgrade. I don't understand that. The keyboard also seems to lag when I type sometimes as well.

  173. Linda says:

    Same problem as all the rest. My eris is much slower, phone has be charged 2 to 3 times a day, (when not using, standby mode), was promised by Verizon employee that this update would correct the voice dialer through headset and it does not. Customer service was of no help with problem, except purchase another phone. Have been a loyal customer for over 15 years. This hurts.

  174. Jasen says:

    After updating my wife’s Eris when making calls it sometimes doesn’t connect properly or freezes. Sometimes it will connect but will have no sound. Bluetooth will not always connect or freeze phone. Its slower for internet use. Also when typing it gets very slow or has intermittent freezes.

  175. Supreme7891 says:

    Since the update, I was having the dead incoming/outgoing call issue, loss of touch tones/ring/notification sounds on my Droid Eris. The only solution was to power off my phone and turn it back on. Verizon sent me 2 replacement units, both of which experienced the same problems. My solution was to go into a Verizon store and get a new unit with 1.5 on it. Since then, I have had no problems, but now I have to wait until the supposed patch that the techs are working on to come out before I can update to 2.1

  176. Lori says:

    i loved my eris and the update was fine too, until about a week ago. ive only had the phone for a few days less then a month. i just emailed verizon that if i cant reupgrade my phone to the increadible i am going with at&t for the iphone. id hate to switch, but i refuse to pay for another phone!!!! i heard this new increadible really is increadible!! after having a blackberry for a year id had it with that and now im having this problem! grrrrrrr!!!! i hope that i can switch to the newer phone!

  177. Shannun says:

    My Droid Eris force closes about once an hour. I dont feel as if I am getting the services I am paying for, I can not browse the internet because my phone freezes up!
    I sometimes(about twice a day for hours at a time) cant even type out a text message because my phone will freeze on one word I have wriiten and will jump back to the beggining of the first word I have typed… I am totally dissatisfied. It was a great phone for one day.

  178. alex says:

    when i text to any of my friends they wont get it a sign would pop up saying SMS error :message not sent and it would do that when I text to all my friends or family in my phone book. Im not sure how to fix it and that sign would pop up saying message not sent every time i try to text. PLEASE HELP!!

  179. Jim says:

    I cannot install the facebook app now (2.1 installed a couple apps over 5 mb each that I do not use)… my default music program no longer works (opens then just closes)… nixes use of Google voice.

  180. Brett says:

    I began getting pretty good battery life with 1.6. I had the display brightness set to a reasonable level, I had the e-mail only checking every hour, GPS and wireless turned off, and I used a task killer around 2 to 3 times a day. Ever since I installed 2.1, I've been doing the same thing but only get around 1/2 day. My awake time stays about the same. My phone locks up more than usual and, overall, I'm really disappointed. I think I would have preferred to mod it and install the 2.1 rom. The official rom sucks.

  181. Ray says:

    My Verizon/yahoo email account keeps sending me month old emails. I have deleted the emails from my account using my phone and my computer and they still keep coming. I am sick of this!

  182. Joanna says:

    Major problems that I'm having since update: (copied almost exactly from Jonathan's post):
    1)phone ringer doesn't work sometimes when volume up
    2)) make calls and person on other end can't hear me
    3) make calls and I can't here other person or ringing
    4) calender notifications can not be dismissed when alarm goes off
    5) phone is slower and I have less memory available even after uninstalling most apps (and using task killer)

  183. C.C. says:

    Primary problem that I've had is with Google maps. It will load, but when I try to run an actual search (I.E. address) it will force a close. I've tried installing updates, but it will just fail saying there is signature error. Other Problems have been with a slow response from the telephone, have to wait minutes before screens refresh so that I can dial, or phone stays dark when I take it from my ear for keypad touches.

  184. Wolf says:

    Updated mine too and now I have issues. The phone freezes up randomly and says it needs to Force Close HTC Sense… Never had issues with the 1.5…..In the middle of watching a video on the SD Card today and the phone froze. Had to wait about 15 minutes for it to correct itself and click the Force Close button.

  185. Anna says:

    texting is soooo slow! it literally takes over a minute to open up a conversation & probably five more minutes to send. also, the screen is very inresponsive and overall just very frusterating! i love this phone and don't want to switch but verizon is taking a really long time to fix these things!

  186. mr awesome says:

    Replacement phone will not fix the issue. Thanks verizon for wasting my time. I've had three and the same problems with all three… imagine that… VERIZON pushed the update, ergo it is VERIZON that is responsible for the service not somehow magically HTC or google… They pushed the update over their networks, I cant see how they can just shove you off to HTC saying its their fault. I will be returning my phone and moving to sprint.

  187. Cal says:

    I used to love this phone…until I ran the 2.1 update. I am appalled by the lack of responsibility that both HTC and Verizon have shown. At this point I've gone into Verizon twice and am on my second Eris. Brand new Eris today…I've restarted it 4 times already due to applications freezing, delayed # dialing. I've been told that I can do an early upgrade to my phone at Verizon if I'd like to PAY FOR A WHOLE NEW PHONE!!!! What?! I'm pretty sure I paid for a pretty expensive one about 6 months ago and now am regretting the second that I did that. Someone from either Verizon or HTC needs to address this situation publicly before I lose it…

  188. Jessica says:

    I loved my phone until I got the update. I lost contacts when I updated, the phone is SIGNIFICANTLY slower (especially when texting and the touch screen), the internet force closes. Today my advance task killer won't open but that' probably that app.

  189. Star says:

    1: Facebook always has a page rendering
    2: EXTREMELY slow when calling
    3: When I call my mom for example it will say it is calling her with her picture and everything but it will be calling another phone number
    4: I run out of memory so much faster
    5: When I rotate the phone to text it will keep scrolling down so I cannot use the rotate feature
    6: battery life is horrible
    7: When my phone rings for text messages I go to turn it off and it keeps ringing until I reply back
    8: force closes all my text messages if I rotate the phone while it is loading (not that I can text anyway while it is rotated)
    9: force closes alot more for everything

  190. JSG says:

    Just about every time I try to make a call the phone will connect but then I cannot hear nor can I be heard. I have to reboot the phone to make a call, and then the problem will often repeat for the next call. Also happens when receiving calls.

    Battery life has become horrible.

  191. Sal says:

    having all of the same problems. so sick of this phone, ridiculously slow, never works right. constantly get a youtube notification saying there is a sign in error, go to enter password says its incorrect, tried hundreds of times, force quit it – nothing. my sisters phone does the same thing. mail notification doesnt change after having deleted emails, texting is so slow, weather app wouldnt work and would restart the phone – finally fixed that though… loved the phone ever since the update, stuck with it for 2 yrs though. please let there be another BETTER update soon.

  192. Laura says:

    unresponsive key pad, very slow on keyboard and slow response on 'back' button
    Receiving calls I can hear the caller but they can not hear me if I go to speaker they can hear faint sounds
    battery does not last as long
    task killer makes the battery life issue worse

    I loved this phone before the update, and even encouraged several friends to switch to Verizon and the droid not thrilled about the current mess hopefully it will be fixed soon!

  193. shanda says:

    2.1 update on Droid Eris was disapointing. I no longer get notified when receiving a text message, can't download music from imusic and cant fetch the weather from the weather widget and now the signal breaks up unlike before. UGH!

  194. Emma says:

    really dislike the message successfully sent notification. i only care to know if it did not send successfully. also, the weather widget never works anymore, and my speed dial set-up is not working. applications force close a lot more often and facebook rarely works like it should.
    i am most upset with the speed dial malfunction because i used that the most often.

  195. Tony says:

    Loved this phone now I hate it! Let's create an online forum where all Eris owners turn in phones and demand a new one. Vzw broke a perfectly great phone.

  196. Randy says:

    I loved my Eris before the 2.1 update, now I can barely stand it.

    The main problem that I have is with the phone features. This phone barely works as a phone anymore!

    First, the speed dial feature no longer works. At all. When I setup and save a speed dial number, it is never really saved. The feature is totally broken. I miss speed dial.. I used it alot. How could such a simple feature be broken and not patched yet?

    The main problem I am having is that the phone does not want to make phone calls. I select the contact I want to call and nothing happens. For about a minute or so. Sometimes 2 minutes. Then all of a sudden it connects. Sometimes the wrong person's picture appears while dialing. Sometimes I try a second time to connect and the first attempt will suddenly connect and disconnect my first conversation. The phone's ability to function as a phone has become totally random. I just hope I never need to make a call in an emergency!

    I am also not being notified of incoming calls occasionally. The phone is on, the ringer is set to max, and yet, there is a missed call? I suspect the phone is so damn slow it can't even find the time to tell me I'm getting a call.

    I am really hating this phone and Verizon now. Fix the damn thing Verizon! And next time test your upgrades before sending them out to the masses.

  197. Jessica says:

    *battery life is awful, even worse than before..
    *phone is extremely slow in general
    *calls don't go through, when they do phone redials same person when I'm on the phone and puts first call on hold… can't hear them/they can't hear me, phone freezes, have to power off & back on….
    *can't get to keypad during calls
    *laggy keyboard for websites, text, email.. & key recognition is terrible
    *no gmail notifications, have to manually refresh to see messages
    *phone randomly doesn't work, then makes call 5 mins later in my pocket
    *miss calls, doesn't ring/no notifications for text either half the time
    *alarm doesn't always work
    *all apps force close much much more
    *less memory even after deleted most apps and use task killer regularly
    *browser force closes EVERY time & sometimes goes back to a window set from earlier that day — totally random & always opens zoomed way out, even after I changed the setting
    *won't allow me to answer calls; freezes up
    *try to delete texts- phone freezes, have to power down
    *freezes up at random, have to take battery out to fix
    *apps start randomly and constantly, even though I use ATK religiously.. kills battery & slows phone down

    Overall what used to be a decent phone is now unreliable and unacceptable. I have already gotten one replacement, but to no avail, new phone has same issues… I will give Verizon one more chance to make things right, then I'm taking my 5 lines to at&t.

  198. Cdaddy says:

    In the 15+ years I’ve had cell phones, the ERIS is THE BIGGEST PIECE OF CRAP I’ve ever owned. The update made things worse. Reaction to input is slow, apps force close, press a contact shortcut – it calls someone else – not to mention the battery life is deplorable. I have to carry a spare with me.

  199. jane says:

    I have four of these phones (bought them all for my family after they all fell in love with mine.) We all loved it until the update.


    1: When you make a phone call, you cannot hear the other person on the line. We have to call numerous times to finally get audio.

    2: When my phone rings, i keep trying to push the call button or drag down to answer but it doesn’t take. The phone call ends before I can finally answer it.

    3: Lag in a lot of the features, clicking apps, typing…..

    4: Apps force close, especially the calendar.

    Hope they fix it. Loved the phone before the update. I really wanted the Iphon but wanted to stay with Verizon. Now I’m wondering about my choice. Emailed Verizon with the issues and haven’t heard from them yet.

  200. LRA says:

    Well, my phone was working fine until I updated it. Now the SD card is blank/unsupported, and all my music and pictures are gone. Lovely. How is this supposed to be fixed?

  201. Talya says:

    1. Browser closes a LOT now. I have to tap the app two or three times to actually get a window to stay up.

    2. Lots of pregnant pauses, especially when making a call.

    3. There is at least a 5 second delay with any text entry before it registers that I have in fact typed on the keypad. Most times the screen will not change until I hit enter.

    4. That 'message sent successfully' message is absolutely annoying. Before- if something did not send- it would just sit in your Messages with a little red '!' next to it. That was great. I text enough that I really don't need a confirmation after EVERY SINGLE MESSAGE.

    5. I unselected my YouTube account (since it is different from my Google account) from the AutoSync, but it STILL tries to sync with my YouTube account several times a day EVERY day, even though it remains unselected in my settings.

    6. New Voicemails indicator WILL NOT disappear now. I used to be able to clear it from the notifications, same as I can do with unread text messages. Now it will not go away unless I actually check my voicemail.

  202. Talya says:

    Ooh- forgot another one- The phone will randomly lose contact with the SD card now. The phone will be lying FLAT- not moving at all, and a notification will pop up saying there is no SD card or the card has been removed.

  203. jess says:

    1. My battery life sucks
    2. The sound on my phone constantly dies. I have to turn my phone on and off several times a day.
    3. Touch screen responsiveness is horrible. it often takes a good 30+ seconds for it to respond.
    4. My weather and clock often say I'm somewhere I'm not (like the country of Mali) and the wrong time.

  204. I have noticed most of the same issues that others have. My chief complaints are as follows:
    1.) Very laggy keyboard, it will stick on itself long enough that it puts the long press special character into a text field. Incredibly annoying.
    2.) Touch is not as sensitive, especially interfacing with widgets, or just laggy, like on my sportstap, when I am trying to cycle through my fav teams, I hit an arrow, and it will literally be a 2-3 second delay before cycling, never used to do that.
    3.) On occasion, the phone will behave as is I am giving it left to right swipe touch input. The phone will travel from center home to far left home on its own. then I try to move back to center and it jumps right back to far left. This also affects text fields. I begin typing for a text msg or internet search and the cursor will begin jumping to the far left, or beginning of my current line. This doesn't happen universally, but having a phone that throws tantrums is just not cool.

    1. kelli says:

      i have the same problem with the phone having a life of its own and jumping to the left. It started as a minor problem occuring only once in a while and now it happens constantly!

  205. Jessica says:

    I miss my old Eris ):
    Problems with it now ;
    – Doesn't vibrate when I get texts .
    – When someone calls , it only shows the number , not the name .
    – Key pad lags .
    – When trying to delete message , my phone restarts .
    – Won't send mms messages .
    – Sometimes my camera won't work .
    – Sometimes when I call someone I can't hear them.

    I hate restarting my phone every single time I need to call someone , or I want to take a picture .
    Fix this issue already /:

  206. guest says:

    ditto to all the problems above. I was having a few problems before the upgrade, but nothing compared to now. I hate it. I want just a plain phone and forget all this being connected! Not worth the hassle. I'd rather have a plain phone and buy the Netbook for using online (Facebook, internet, etc.).

  207. reannadal says:

    when calling someone it wont ring and you cant hear the person on the other line but they can here you.. vibrate stopped working.. alarm doesnt go off.. SUPER SLOW! calls people at random.

  208. Laura says:

    Since update phone has gotten sooo slow and force closes almost everything at least once a day just freezes up while doing anything this is so frustrating PLEASE fix soon

  209. kelly says:

    The dl totally messed my phone,, (which I loved and relied on so much)! It freezes when trying to make a call. I have to restart the phone let it load then call. Not a good situation if in an emergency. I dont get over 70% of my calls. I have all the other glitches and problems mentioned above, but the most frustratng is not being able to use my phone to make or receive calls. I think the thing that is most upsetting to me, is that I purchased this phone (wanting the latest and greatest) and within 5 mos they quit making the phone. The UPDATE was for the INCREDIBLE. The processors in these phones cannot handle the update, period. I am unsure of the "FIX". but really does anyone care? Droid Eris users will not have their phone they had when they purchased them. It will never be the same, and that was a dirty trick to play on your customers. IMHO

  210. Ginat says:

    I loved my Droid until it got the upgrade, and now I just want to throw the damn thing out the window. The biggest problem is that the phone loses sound almost every day!! I cannot hear the people on the other end of the phone, my phone will not ring, i cant use speakerphone, and all my contacts lost their ringtones. i have to shut down and restart the phone every time.it also laggish when i type!! i have absolutely had it with this piece of junk!!

  211. Lynn says:

    Fine until update – after update lost everything – on phone for over an hour with Verizon support to "fix" issues. After talking me through factory reset – some things came back. Took phone in, ordered me a new phone (still under warranty) because they were concerned that I lost sound when connecting a call. This morning I made a call on the 'new' phone (refurbished) and NO sound when call connected – SAME problem. No warning that the sound is 'gone' – very frustrating because the call goes through, but I can't hear anything. Phone powered off and on by itself this time and the sound returned. I now will have to check the ringer volume to see if I have sound before placing each call. I am tired of the Verizon guys telling me that 99% of those who updated have had no problems – maybe they should read these comments!

  212. Alex says:

    Problems I have:

    1. When I'm calling a contact, there is no sound from the speaker or ear piece.
    2. Applications close unexpectedly.
    3. Unresponsive touch screen.
    4. Slow to launch applications, and internet lags
    5. Camera does not launch properly
    6. No ring tone or vibration is heard or made when I receive an incoming call.
    7. Bluetooth connectivity drops in and out while in a call

  213. jen says:

    Since the update my phone is so slow, weather doesnt work, deleting text takes forever, sending them takes forever, force closes alot, freezes up, screen doesnt come on half the time now, loved the phone before the update now i hate it

  214. Brandon says:

    I love my Droid both before and after the update. However I do have some pretty serious issues.

    1. My BIGGEST issues. The actual phone application makes it almost impossible to use the eris as a PHONE. Sometimes if I am making calls right in a row I have to wait several minutes for the phone to "Catch up" (i.e. log the previous call, end the call) before I am able to successfully make another phone call. And even then, i will hit the contact, it will highlight it in green and then nothing will happen for several minutes. Sometimes, after I have made a call and need to call someone back I will go to my call log, click the person at the top of the list (but the last call I made has not been logged there yet) and it will call the number I just hung up with (the one that, after being logged would be at the top of the call log).

    2. The browser seems to need a test page or something to open links. I will click a link outside of the internet, in an e-mail or Facebook or something it will go to browser as if it's going to open, shows a white page then kicks me back to the app. Then I click it again and it goes! WEIRD.


  215. Bartman says:

    Since 2.1 update the phone lags randomly and intermittently. Can't answer incoming calls and screen goes black during calls(sleeps) can't bring up dial pad. Messages and visual voicemail is sometimes hours behind the messages realtime. Several other bugs but mostly slow touch response and lagging…killing apps and reboot helps.

  216. shannon fisher says:

    Terrible. Needed to make an emergency call and phone will not make calls randomly throughout the day. Nor am I able to answer phone calls randomly throughout the day. My texts repeat themselves and take about 10 minutes just to send a one word text. The battery dies within 5 hrs and this is a.brand new phone…

    MySpace does not work anymore. Internet death engine boxes will not let me type.in what I want to search for.

    My text measeges will not delete even if i let my phone sit for 20 minutes trying to delete. I now have about 5-6,000 texts if not more in my inbox slowing down my phone.

    I set ringtones for contacts that do not play when they call.

    When contacts call I see only their number not their.name and Facebook default pic.

    This phone is a piece of shit….. if its not fixed soon I am demanding a different phone.

  217. Slam84PSU says:

    This update has made me so frustrated. Three trips to Verizon, a factory reset, and updating my roaming signal and I'm still having major drop in service issues and signifigant battery drain. Heard the other day that there may be another update to address this issues….anxiously waiting!

  218. jeff says:

    same here, I bought the phone and a month later I got the upgrade. now it's having audio problems and force closes. It was fine before the upgrade. I still love it but hope they fix it soon. I pull the battery out once a day and it seems to help but of course sometimes the problem happens before I do that and I miss a call or a text/email.

  219. Patrick Southerland says:

    Mine doesnt call out sometimes unless i restart it; the number pad is slow; overall it is slower and it forces closes more; the internet always restarts at google after each use; the speed dial page turned into a folder that when touched sends you to the phone book instead; sometimes the photo app doesnt work at all and the battery life is worse than before

  220. samantha says:

    The update ruined the phone. no joke. i use to love my phone.

    SLOW internet.
    Battery keeps dying 3 hrs later after whole night of charging.
    Apps delay.
    Phone calls delay.

    URRRGG i really want my phone how it was before!!!!!!
    When are they going to fix this problem???

  221. Megan says:

    My phone does the following:
    Force closes all the time with anything, especially messages
    Lags completely and freezes.
    Automatically moves all the way to the last home screen on the left.

    Half the time, I can barely even use my phone. It's really frustrating.

  222. Jon says:

    Great phone until the update. What a shame! Phone is now unresponsive and extremely slow.
    Sometimes have to touch the screen 2-3X to get it to react. Then it remembers all those touches and executes them. Locks up more often. Battery life on this phone is weak. Something you dont see in the commercial. Sure you can talk and surf the net at the same time, as long as you dont need your phone all day. Since the update one word describes the phone – SLOW! Good luck dealing with Verizon or Asurion! I group them both with cablevision ๐Ÿ˜‰ Verizon told me they are not having any issue with the Droid Eris. Ok!

  223. Rachel in Arizona says:

    My two biggest problems since installing the update:

    1. Audio failure on calls (usually I can't hear them, but they can hear me). This is frequent, and the only way to fix it is to reboot the phone.

    2. Extremely slow response on touch screen, to the point that I go to make a call, it seems to fail, and I do it again and end up on the same call twice.

    All of my other problems seemed to be fixed by tweaking settings in various apps.

    1. Rachel in Arizona says:

      Update to my original post: I called Verizon that day and they reset my phone to factory settings, thinking perhaps the problems were being caused by a rogue app, or a disagreement between the new software and the old software. I was very careful about what apps I installed after that, and it worked well for about 3 days. I thought my problem had been solved!

      Then the same audio problem started up again. Then the same touch screen problems. Then yesterday it stopped holding a charge for more than 5 hours even when I barely used it. I just called Verizon and they are sending me a replacement and having me send this one back to them. I asked if I could get a Motorola Droid instead because my husband has had no problems with his, and they said they can't do that, they can only replace the phone with the same type of phone. I asked, "What if the new Eris has the same problems as the old Eris?" and they said then it's on a case-by-case basis.

      So, we'll see how the new one does. Maybe the new one will have no problems. It's supposed to arrive this Friday, so I'll reply to this post in a couple of weeks and let everyone know how it goes.

      1. Rachel in Arizona says:

        Update since receiving the replacement phone:

        The replacement phone was a refurbished phone, and they sent it to me without a battery or a back panel. I was told to put my battery and back panel on the replacement phone after wiping my personal information from the old one and moving the microSD card over to the new one. I called to activate it, and synced it with Google, and then started loading apps.

        Important: I had to send back the defective one within 10 days or they would have charged me 500 dollars. I did so, and received a text from Verizon saying they got it. The packaging that the replacement one came in had a FedEx label to put on the outside of the box to ship it back for free. All I had to do was affix the label, and drop it at a FedEx box. I actually did it at OfficeMax and got a receipt to prove that I had dropped it off so they couldn't lose it in the mail and blame it on me.

      2. Rachel in Arizona says:

        Anyway, approximately 3 weeks later, I can say that it's a vast improvement. It's still a little slow on occasion (especially when I haven't used it in hours and I wake it up using the WaveSecure pattern password), but I have not had any of the audio problems or failure of the touch screen to respond to my touch. The battery (same battery, remember) now holds a charge just fine (for a smartphone, anyway).

        My theory is that when the update was pushed out, it was buggy. Either the update is now better (I do believe there has been a patch since then), or installing it fresh on a completely wiped phone doesn't cause the same problems as I had by installing it over the existing version.

        Anyway, I am back to liking the Eris again, for now. If anything else comes up, I'll post another reply. But for now, it's actually doing fine! ๐Ÿ™‚

  224. Very Angry customer says:

    there were no problems till the update. it is nearly impossible to make or answer phone calls now without having to restart the phone several times. when people call it doesnt ring but rather just vibrates and when i pick up there is no sound coming. and when i try to dial out no dial tone but the other party is still recieving my call and i cant hear them. veryyy laggy on the dialing as well. and the weather application is out of its mind.

  225. Ambz says:

    I LOOVED my phone until i downloaded that new version!! Everything is forced closed, my phone hardly calls people when I want it to. MY CAMERA IS ALL MESSED UP! It takes weird pics now instead of the great ones it was taking before!! constant freezing, VERY VERY VEEERRRRY SLOW!!! I hate it!

  226. Jon says:

    Great phone before the update. After the update the phone is just slow!
    I am basically having every issue mentioned above. Was on the phone with Verizon the other day and they denied having any issues with the phone. I told them to go read the forums.

  227. kriwstin says:

    my speaker randomly stopped working whenever my phone turns back on it sends multiple random text messages and it is REALLY slow plleaaseee fix

  228. Killroy77 says:

    I have found the only time the speakers will stop working is when a call comes in while I'm in the middle of texting, or typing an email. So, with no sound when calling or being called, I would go as far as calling this a serious mobile phone defect, suitable for a class action suite. Worked great before the update…I wonder if I root the phone with a custom 2.1 if this will solve my sound issues or not.

  229. Dee says:

    1) Phone lags during even the most simplest usage…very sluggish
    2) When receiving a phone call, ringtone starts after a couple rings (sometimes ringtone doesn't even sound)
    3) Contact names and pictures don't always show when receiving a call….just the phone NUMBER shows!
    4) Default weather app doesn't work at all!
    5) Default calendar app doesn't work at all!
    6) Sometimes while texting, the lock screen pops up
    7) The time pauses while idle until you unlock and go to the home screen (I can tell because if I haven't touched my phone in an hour, the time shown on the screen is an hour behind)
    8) Force closes multiple apps (usually while texting)
    9) Phone shuts off and restarts randomly

  230. if i miss a call, then try to return that same call i missed, I can't hear any audio. I have to turn my phone off then back on in order to restore audio so I can hear the person on the other end. Extremely annoying and very frustrating.

  231. Jimmy says:

    My phone drops calls a lot now, in places that it didn't before , also freezes up like it did before, has a lot of force closes, and will not work when plug into a/c. sd card doesn't work with some apps that it should work with. I like the phone but starting to get tired of it.

  232. Daniel says:

    Just got off the phone with Amber who is a Verizon tech support supervisor who will do nothing but give us the same useless phone with the 2.1 update. When i ask who is responible for the update, she blames HTC. They are taking advantage of the fact that so many companies are involved (google, HTC, verizon). I feel that we bought the phone from verizon and pay them money so THEY are responsible. If anyone knows of a class action lawsuit please call email me at mail@hawaiicarlist.com. This is a nightmare for us and we have already lost out on alot of business and pissed off our own customers due to this issue. I am so angry at their lack of willingness to make this right that i will do anything to make sure they pay the price.

    1. Rachel in Arizona says:

      Daniel, I will say that they sent me the same phone with the 2.1 update, and it's working fine so far. I think having a clean install solves most of the issues. Hope this helps you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  233. james says:

    Force closes on almost every application. I am on my third phone in two months I just switched to a blackberry until my upgrade, I was very pleased until the update. I have cleared the phone of all apps except for weather bug and it doesn't work 90% of the time. Sad to say I am done with the droid

  234. jessica says:

    JessMy phone its EXTREMELY slow now. When I press a contact to make a call you have to wait about a minute until it actually starts dialling. The vibration is completly gone. (even un setting it says the vibration is turned on, but it still doesnรขโ‚ฌโ„ขt work) I have to continuously retry sending pictures because they never send right away. My internet always crashes and my phone will drop my call After a couple mins. Before the update none of these problems where in effect. It sucks! I will I could go back and cancel my update.

  235. Moon says:

    Since the update, two of our phones are now having issues charging, either from wall charger or car charger. I had to keep one phone on an angle to get it to charge today. I couldnt get my phone to charge in the car at all the other day. A 3rd phone we have turns off all the time for no reason and two of them make random calls (butt dialing), even when locked! And yesterday, at least a month after update, I get an email FOR the update. Go figure. I hear 2.2 is coming out. Perhaps we should all do a factory reset, but won't the 2.1 download again when you go to dial *228? I just read a Droid 2 is coming out. Not sure if it's a Motorola or Eris. I wish the Droid X had the physical slide out keyboard. This on screen keyboard is for the birds! And yes, I, too, have found that since the update the keyboard screws up a lot more and I lost the ability to assign sounds for different things. Would like to go back to original software. Maybe I should have kept my Motorola Droid.

  236. Dani says:

    Was so in love with my phone when I got it. Then I got the update. Now I hate it. If I have it on vibrate or silent, I have to restart the phone before I can receive phone calls and hear the person on the other end or before they can hear me. Which is irritating when I'm at work and have to have it turned down and go on lunch. It also does this weird thing when I'm texting where i'll try and text but my cursor will move to the beginning of the text and mess up the other words. Also sometimes when I unlock it it'll stay on the home page for a few seconds then will zoom all the way left to the end page. Also ALOT of my apps wont work anymore. Including my weather app. I'm hoping verizon gets these problems fixed soon otherwise I'm gonna have to pay full retail price for a new phone cause I'm sick of putting up with the problems.

  237. Elizabeth says:

    I haven't had major functional problems yet on my droid but I really preferred the layout of the phone BEFORE the update. Also, my contacts have been erased and I have been having issues updating or adding new ones.

  238. Rachel in Arizona says:

    Out of curiosity, did anyone purchase a Droid Eris that was already running 2.1 when they bought it? It's not available for sale on their website anymore, I see.

    Verizon is sending me a replacement Eris (I asked for a Motorola but they won't replace an Eris with anything but an Eris for now) that will theoretically already have 2.1 on it, and I wonder if that will make a difference. Has anyone else had a replacement, and how has it been going for those who have?

  239. Kelsey says:

    I'm having many problems as well. I loved my new phone until downloading the new update. My phone processes everything on a delay it is very annoying having to wait for everything when before it was so quick. Everything from text messages, games, face book, phone calls. And I don't even want to talk about the problem with deleting bulk text messages. It doesn't work it just freezes the entire phone up. I've tried different ways leaving it plugged in over night to try and not interrupt the process. But nothing works. I've been able to delete messages under 20 but nothing over 100. I'm sure there are a few others but i cannot think of any at the moment. Its very annoying and I would really appreciate help with the problem.

  240. Colleen says:

    I want to stomp on my Eris now that the update screwed it all up!

    1. key recognition EXTREMELY slow
    2. getting kicked off internet and sent back to home screen for no reason
    3. incorrect FB friend identifying with phone contact after calling or receiving a call. The same person, who is not a phone contact, keeps usurping the real contact and I have to manually key in the number of the person I want to call instead of selecting the contact.
    4. inbound call ringer sometimes works, other times doesn't, despite ringer volume
    5. deleting txt threads, or single txt msgs for that matter, is next to impossible. phone mostly force closes or just sits there frozen.
    6. the inability to turn off the "message successfully sent" notification irks me.
    7. SLOW SLOW SLOW internet access…talk about "dial up"…that is if it doesn't force close on ya! and the screen…zoomed out so far that you can't make out anything…shame shame!

  241. macca says:

    the phone's overall performance is very slow, each action is delayed, primarily making and receiving calls. i couldn't answer a call that came in today because it would unlock when i slid down the screen… it often takes about 1/2 a minute to dial or find a contact, then make a call. the phone also gets very warm even after a short phone call. it tried to push a new update a couple days ago but i don't think anything ever happened – no changes.

  242. Ashley says:

    Key pad is VERY slow now…lags and is very annoying! I loved my phone before the update and now I wish I wouldn't have done the update. Hopefully they fix it soon!

  243. Laura says:

    I did the factory reset to get the clock/weather widget back. Very disappointed with the update. I, too, wish I could uninstall. Loved my phone prior to this update. The most annoying/frustrating thing is that profile pics from facebook will not sync now. I have wasted HOURS today trying to fix this, one hour of which was at a verizon store. Still not fixed!!

  244. page says:

    since update:
    web browser closes for no reason.
    when texting or just if i have my home page on, it scrolls to the left on it's own.
    when text messaging it force closes or freezes.
    just to turn off phone it freezes.
    phone takes about 10 years to turn back on.

  245. rob says:

    Since the 2.1 update and then also resetting my Eris,

    no sound when using phone sometimes
    apps frequently crash
    slower keypad response
    camera crashes entire phone 75 percent of the time
    slow call and answer response

    I used to think that my HTC Eris blows the iPhones away,
    now I am very unhappy and was a fool to brag on this phone
    and Verizon needs to act to fix this asap.

  246. kyle says:

    I also had problems;
    1. Slower, a lot slower.
    2. Random scrolling, so if i'm going through my contacts, it will scroll without me even touching the screen.
    3. Impossible to go into landscape mode while txting because the keyboard keeps shutting by itself.
    4. Applications force closing.
    I did go to Verizon and did a factory reset, once i got all my contacts back and what not, the same problems were still there, so that eliminated the possibility of apps causing any problems. Also, after the reset i was having problems with 3g, as in i didn't have 3g service where i normally would, so then i called verizon and was on the phone for a couple hours and was informed of the massive amounts of problems other people were having since this update. I couldn't deal with it anymore though, because it would take 5 minutes to send a txt message because of not only how slow the phone is, but because of also how my txt bar would constantly jump around. So, i went back to the verizon store, and did another reset, while i was setting up my phone again after the reset, the random scrolling commenced, i then was given a new phone, eris still of course, and was told to deal. Apparently there is a string of updates coming for all Android phones tomorrow, starting with the Droid, by Motorola. Eris update; sometime this month of course.

  247. Kim says:

    alot slower.
    alarm won’t dismiss, just goes to snooze but will eventually dismiss on its own.
    when texting, the screen will flash then go back to keypad

  248. candyce says:

    Hate it…replaced 3 times already, replaced battery 3 times, yesterday replaced charger…still doesn't hold a charge for more than 4-5 hours….that means when I leave for class at 9:30 a.m.,by 2:30 in the afternoon, my phone is DEAD. VERIZON STINKS….all they do is replace the phone and battery and charger….then they tell you to call customer service and they send you a new replacement phone, battery and charger. VERIZON, do you hear me now???? YOU STINK..BTW, these replacements all started in April…that's 4 months already….

  249. Shane says:

    My eris…….upon receiving a long text message the bottom of the message is cut off and replaced with a portion of another message previously text by the sender…Does anyone have an issue with this? If so has it been, or can it be corrected?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated…

  250. OMG! What did you people do to my phone? Every app force closes. My messages (text) errors out constantly, so when I begin texting, no text shows while I type. My weather no longer functions. My location is always in Europe (I live in Washington State). My screen slides to the left over and over and over again.

    I am going to TRY to restore to factory default and HOPE it goes back to the awesome way it was before you software a**holes “fixed” it.

    Who do you work for? Microsoft?

  251. rosette says:

    the battery life is not good at all. It just doesn’t last long at all. I’m constantly charging it. Although I’ve been pretty satisfied with the functionality, until recently I’m experiencing people not hearing me when they call me. or even when I’m calling. They still can’t hear me. But I can hear them. Please help on this issue. Checked the mute setting, but it has never been turned on. It’s very annoying and I feel helpless.

  252. Patrick says:

    i don't get any texts anymore…i really have to have them forwarded to my AIM so i can read them and reply…worst phone choice i've ever made

  253. Scooby says:

    Does anybody know if this is strictly an ERIS thing? Or is this common among all Droid phones? I'm thinking about switching over to AT&T for the iPhone.

    1. Shane says:

      I would really like to hear a reply to this one. Does the problem stem from the hardware not meeting the requirements for software, or does the software suck on all devices?

      Has anybody had luck with complaining to VZW to get out of their contract or upgrade early?

      1. Rachel in Arizona says:

        My husband has 2.1 on his Motorola Droid and has had no problems at all. I had problems with the update on the Eris until they sent me a replacement, and so far 3 weeks in, it's fine. I think it was something buggy with installing the update over the existing software on Eris specifically. But when I got the replacement it wasn't 2.1 over 1.5. It was just a fresh clean 2.1 install, and I think that's the difference.

        I tried to get Verizon to give me a Motorola Droid instead of the Eris replacement and they said no. I didn't try to get out of the contract… I think you'd probably end up paying because they offered you the option of the replacement phone. All of these companies are obnoxious that way.

  254. Stacy says:

    My battery life is bad since the update… Yesterday while I was at work (not using my cell except for probably 3 texts) died 3 times throughout the day, had to keep charging it.. which is ridiculous.. dialing and texting has really delayed input, message notification doesn't go away, a lot more force closes… ๐Ÿ™

  255. SKN says:

    HATE my Droid Eris and Verizon. Drops calls constantly, can't get signal, slow, sluggish, lags, unreliable, doesn't keep names, resets sounds profile, keys often do not function, phone does not respond with lag, the list goes on and on. I'm a four month customer with Verizon and they won't do a thing except keep sending you another Eris (or lesser model).

  256. Rachel in Arizona says:

    How many people have had a replacement Eris sent and kept having the same problems? Because so far, my replacement is working fine, but I'm reading that for some people it's not.

  257. Mark in El Paso says:

    I loved my Droid Eris until I downloaded the 2.1 update. The following are all things that were not a problem until I downloaded the update:

    1) VERY slow call and answer response
    2) Generally slow in almost everything
    3) Phone notifies me when I send a text message (very annoying…i know that I sent the message)
    4) Internet trys to open then goes back to Home screen, internet opens the second time, every time
    5) cannot set bookmarks to list by "Most Often Used" as a default
    6) Incoming calls sometimes don't ring at all

    This is my first smart phone and though I still like it, I am beginning to regret not getting the IPhone instead. If fixes are not made available, I will switch to IPhone and AT&T once my Verizon contract is up. Most IPhone owners seem to LOVE them, and I'm hearing about more and more Droid owners being disappointed.

  258. lafr says:

    I feel so much better, I went nuts after I upgraded and lost contacts, pictures , no power , slow as molasses, making random calls, I really thought the phone was possessed!

  259. Yessenia says:

    1. My calls won’t go out…it takes forever to dial out and when it doesn’t work, it tells me “call lost.”
    2. I don’t get phone calls…all I get are notifications of voicemails, but my phone never rings once! Soooo frustrating…When a phone call does come through, it only rings once and it goes silent!!!!!!
    3. I don’t know what it’s called but in the weather widget where it says your current location…the location never changes! It used to change to whatever city you were in when you travel…I go to Colorado and it says I’m still in Texas….WTF?!!
    4. The weather widget used to update automatically…Now I have to go in and refresh it manually….ugh!!
    5. My txt messaging forces close all the time!!
    6. When I flip my phone sideways, it won't let me type…only when it's right side up…this problem comes and goes…
    7. And yes it runs slower…NOT MY FAVORITE PHONE ANYMORE!!!!

  260. J. C. says:

    Pretty much stinks now.
    Liked it a lot before, dislike it now.
    Won't recommend it as is.
    Hope there is a fix
    Would like to uninstall 2.1 if possible.

    Anything new or cool that was supposed to be added, is far outweighed by:
    periodic unresponsive buttons,
    random actions and scrolling
    bad reception now that was not the case before (especially in critical areas like my couch)
    force close of apps more often
    Have to shake my phone often to get it oriented.

    NOT HAPPY!!!

    Did they test this version???

  261. In Memphis Hell says:

    Up graded in late July, early August. Since then, I have been unable to receive phone calls. I have had family call 3 or 4 times and have it just drop, no direct to voice mail or anything.
    The Voice Dialer app always runs, even when I have not activated it.
    MP3 Store app always runs, even when I have not activated it. – and I do have ATK.
    Phone is SLOW. Takes several minutes for it to realize I am trying to make a call.
    Keyboard/QWERTY board has lag between what I type and it showing up on the screen.
    When I use ATK, my home screen returns to the black screen with "HTC" logo and then has to completely reboot my scenes. which takes a few minutes.

    Is it possible to erase the apps that come factory included?? MP3 store has to go!

  262. Debbie says:

    -Lost many of my contacts
    -Contacts are in my phone, but won't show up under People or when dialing.
    -Ringer doesn't ring despite volume settings and troubleshooting.
    -Extremely slow lag times, internet VERY slow.
    -Re-calibrated the touch keypad, but it's still not accurate.
    -Weather app not working.
    -Applications force close often.
    -More messages not being sent due to "general failure"

  263. Alix says:

    Problems with typing.
    Cursor jumping around.
    Message app freezes frequently.
    Most apps force close.
    Won't let me answer some phone calls.
    Menu slides all the way to the left and won't return to home screen for several minutes.
    Lagging constantly in all areas of use.

    I'm pissed considering how much I paid for this thing…

  264. Michelle says:

    I use to LOVE this phone. Things seemed fine at first with this update, but then realized my battery & phone over heats, battery no longer holds its charge for more than twenty mins before it wants to die. Messaging app is slow as molasses and the cursor is constantly moving without me touching anything, it always seems to want to scroll back to the beginning of the text. So now I am forever battling just to type a simple message). Constantly receiving SMS errors and have Force Close when screen freezes. When on main screen, the screens constantly want to scroll to the furthest screen to the left…. I can't send pics to anyone nor does the phone seem to want to download pics sent to me. My phone is "moody" and shuts down when I am in the middle of a conversation. I am so fed up. Verizon, please fix!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  265. Mack says:

    After i updated my phone runs much slower than before and my messages dont let me reply unless i go back to the home page and re open the message app please fix soon =(

  266. Jessica H says:

    OH MY FREGGIN GOD. This phone blows. I always thought it was slow…tap on something and wait a solid 4 seconds before it loads….but ever since I agreed to this stupid upgrade now my texting has slowed down TREMENDOUSLY. Not only does the side keyboard sometimes decide not to work when I tap the letters, but I have to wait about 10-15 seconds before the text actually goes through!! HATE THIS PHONE. If this doesn't get fixed soon I will throw it against a wall and resort back to my early 2000's flip phone…no joke.

  267. Jeff says:

    My wife and I have experience all of the same problems mentioned throughout this thread. I have called tech support and have gone into the retail store seeking resolution. The last call was tonight, where I pushed the issue and wanted new phones. I got routed to a supervisor [after 40 minutes] and he basically told me it was not Verizon's problem. He offered me a 'factory refurbished' Eris for 69.99. The frustration is beyond explanation. I paid for a product that I am not getting. How is this not Verizon's problem? I didn't buy the phones from HTC, I bought them from Verizon. Leaver VW at the first opprotunity.

  268. Jessica says:

    so I have had the Eris for a few months. I absolutely loved it at first, until (like everyone else) the update. It's really slow when i open my text messages and then when it does finally show them it is super slow when I text someone. Also it is SOOOOOO slow when i try to dial a number and and after i get the number dialed and push send it takes 30 seconds to even try to call that number. I am very disappointed.

  269. jjj says:

    dialer is slow–lag between choosing contact, dial, hangup. sometimes end up calling twice or thinking the call hasnt gone through and, when i hit "call" again, accidentally hang up on the call just as it finally begins to connect. frustrating!

  270. scott says:

    My phone is constantly locking up…..When I go to the home button then phone button on the touchscreen…the keypad disappears and the green highlightd area goes all the way to the last contact on my list and just stays there…I cant scroll up with the touchscreen or the ball…it just goes back to the bottom by itself….I also have the very slow reaction to any button that I touch on the screen…sometimes it does not respond to any touches on the screen…then 5 minutes later it will work fine…WTF..this phone is junk

  271. Brett says:

    Problems I have had with this phone include:

    – Lagging and slowness
    – Short battery life. Having to recharge the phone atleast twice a day, even though I make sure to "kill" apps that I am not using.
    – Sometimes the screen goes black and will not come back on at random times.
    – During a call, screen will not reappear after lowering the phone from my ear to look at it.
    – Some force closing

  272. dak says:

    On my 4th Eris, complained early on after upgrade so they sent me a refurb, and then another, and I finally decided to use the BestBuy insurance I have on the phone and after 4 weeks I was given the same phone back with the tech note of "PDA replaced"…still has the same problems it had before. Phone is basically useless to me. removed all my occupational applications ($200 worth) and transferred them to an ipod touch. Apparently there may be a chance of getting the phone "junked" as a lemon through BB and upgrade to the Incredible, which is cool but I still like the form factor of the Eris. Just wish this stupid thing worked, its been a long time and a lot of trouble along the way.

  273. JTom says:

    – No sound when placing calls…
    – Re-boots by itself…
    – ringtones reset at random…
    – frequent lock ups…

    I'll bet Apple is LOVING this crap – I will NEVER buy another ERIS anything.

  274. Morgan says:

    I'm having a few issues with my droid eris since the 2.1 update.
    1) My phone randomly clicks on things when I don't even touch it
    2)My applications keep force closing
    3)My internet quit working and keeps force closing, and i've turned my phone off, and even took the battery out to see if that was the problem, but still hasn't worked for about a week now
    4)Text messages will not erase no matter what I do, and when I do erase them, they pop back up when a person texts me

  275. Kenneth Kuo says:

    It was fine until a few days ago,

    1.) the touch screen sometimes forces my phone to automatically scroll left.
    2.) Today whenever I send text messages my phone lags and creates an error message.
    3.) my Batteries drain a lot of energy.
    4.) The screen also freezes when I text.

    I really like the phone until these things happened.

  276. cek10 says:

    I am having a lot of the same issues as mentioned previously. Some to a lesser extent. My main issue is that I cannot take pictures and send them in a text anymore. It says converting to SMS then decreases the size of the file then dissappears. VERY annoying!! If the factory reset works to get rid of the 2.1 upgrade and all i need to do is make sure my contacts are saved in google, then maybe thats the answer. I had no problems before the upgrade…..

  277. Alyson says:

    1.Freezes randomly
    2.Freezes so often makes it difficult to call or text (what's the point in having a phone if you can't call or text??)
    3.Constantly force closes
    4.Restarts when I attempt to erase messages.
    5.Battery life is awful.

    Not happy with this phone!cccc

  278. @GBowdish says:

    I am having all the same problems as everyone else on this thread. The most frustrating is the fact that the phone will not stay on the home screen but instead locks on to the far left screen and will not let you go anywhere else. I rarely can use the phone to make phone calls or text and to even think that I could use any of the apps is a complete joke.

    This is so far beyond serious as the phone worked well long enough for me to restructure my work around it. Now it is effecting my livelihood.

    Customer service at the various Verizon stores I have been to has been atrocious and thoroughly unhelpful. When they realize the severity of my disgust with Verizon, they call the corporate number and never get through. And Verizon is supposed to be a communication company.

    My coarse of action so far is to stop paying my bill. Maybe this will get someone to talk to me that can help. It would not matter if my service is stopped as the phone is barely usable as it is.

    It is obvious upon seeing how many people are disgusted with the Verizon HTC Droid Eris that it should be recalled. It is also clear that Verizon is not going to address the issues with the phone or communicate with the legions of disgusted and irate customers without legal action. So it is time to look for an attorney and start thinking about class action against Verizon. Seeing the amount of potential clients who have been screwed by their purchase of the Verizon HTC Droid Eris, I would think any attorney would jump at the chance to take this on.

    I am tired of watching my friends play on their I Phones while I pay $120 a month for a useless paperweight. Verizon is a truly awful company and everyone on this thread should demand at the very least to be released from their contract.

  279. Guest says:

    My phone was perfect before the update. every time i try to connect to the internet it says it can not connect to the internet because the app failed to launch.this has been happing for some very long time and was hoping for a fix.Also my pictures,weather,applications app and many others refuse to work. my phones max usage ability is now a paper weight.

  280. Guest says:

    I must say that verizon is starting to get lazy and I mean VERY lazy. Just a thought from me personally but I think we should send them a message. I say we get these so called "good phones" and roast marshmallows using their phones on a nice verizon fire pit – oh and make sure to bring a camera so they get a piece of the action. Don't want them to miss out do we. Im tired of their bad service,lag,non stop malfunctions and formost their inability to give a hoot. verizon your makeing people pay good hard earned money on a pos phone. I hope you run out of customers because then you can join comcast and their bad internet connection. Im sure youd get along.

  281. Tonya says:

    Since installing the latest update, I can't use the 7 key on the phone pad. Sometimes it will finally work but when texting it can take forever to type one word. It doesn't matter what key pad you use is seems as if some of the keys "stick" so to speak. Make it very frustrating to say the least. Phone is way slow compared to how it was and there are more force closes than before.

  282. Pissed says:

    This is the worst phone I have ever had. I am so frustrated with it and I wish Verizon would give me my money back. Over the past year this phone has caused me so much grief. I would do the simple fix of getting a new phone, but when I am outside of my renewal period these phones cost way too much for me to do anything about it. It drives me insane and these people are such criminal bastards. 10 more months until I never have to deal with it again.

  283. Miguel says:

    I would got the new sync app at htc and once u get it , it will sync. Only problem I have is the lag time and also the clock keeos coming on for no reason.

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