Google AdMob Acquisition Finally Over: Officially Acquired

Google have at last officially acquired AdMob, they state that many new advances will come; the search advertising will stay with the central way many business connect with consumers on mobile devices.

When it comes to mobile websites and apps Google Blog states that in addition to the search, which is a fantastic way for people to access all the information is through mobile websites through its browser and of course mobile apps via Android Marketplace, Apple’s App Store and much more.

Well now display and text ads via mobile makes it so much easier for developers and publishers to make much more money via mobile websites and apps, new features will be announced such as “click-to-call” ad formats for developers who run AdSense in their mobile apps.

For more information please visit the Official Google Blog, if you would like to comment on the above news about Google officially acquiring AdMob please do so in the comments are provided below.

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