iPhone 4G Tethering on AT&T Gets Priced

The word was tethering on the iPhone on the AT&T network was in the works and now apparently it’s becoming a reality, but unfortunately it’s going to cost the iPhone user a few extra bucks along with an unusual catch.

According to an article over on Gizmodo by Rosa Golijan, PR Newswire have pushed out the just how much iPhone tethering is going to cost on AT&T and they cost is an extra $20 per month, but to obtain tethering, the iPhone user will also have to ditch their unlimited plan.

Word is iPhone tethering is only an option if the user goes with AT&T’s new data plan called DataPro which they begin offering as of June the 7th and said plan is limited to just 2GB data a month.

The reason the DataPro plan comes into play on the 7th June is because that’s the date when Apple is due to release iPhone OS 4 which includes the tethering option, and of course when the iPhone 4G is expected. So are you willing to dump your unlimited plan just to gain tethering?


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    1. guest says:

      This is not correct. Tethering is not logging onto your laptop with your mobile phone. Tethering is sharing your phone's data connection with another device. With my phone, tethering can be accomplished via WiFi, Bluetooth, or a USB connection. I have the HTC Incredible through Verizon. I had to "root" the phone to enable WiFi tethering but it costs me nothing extra per month and I still have my unlimited data.

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