Nokia E72 on 3 Mobile UK £15 per month

A great deal is available for all you Nokia fans that are looking to get hold of the Nokia E72 in Black, as it is available on 3 Mobile UK from an amazing £15 per month which includes free Spotify premium on all tariffs for two months.

A recent article from simbasics.co.uk gives more details on the offer which is available for the Nokia E72 Nokia’s equivalent of a BlackBerry some would say. The device comes with a 5 megapixel camera, GPS with Nokia Maps and Wi-Fi, a full QWERTY keyboard and PUSH email and Office programmes.

The deal for just £15 per month will get you obviously the Nokia E72 with free unlimited internet and also 100 minutes or texts. Increase that £15 to £20 and you also get unlimited texts as well as unlimited internet.

Remember that 3 Mobile has a dedicated 3G network so internet on the Nokia E72 will be performing better than on any other network and also all 3 mobile tariffs offer unlimited 3 to 3 calls, unlimited Skype to Skype calls including a free PAYG SIM for your friend plus much more.

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