Apple vs. Google vs. Microsoft: Who Builds Better Platform?

When it comes to Apple vs. Google vs. Microsoft we would love to know who you think builds the better platform from the three giants. Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO was on stage with Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg at the D8 conference and revealed quite a lot.

Well Steve Jobs had a little say about the platform wars between Apple, Microsoft and Google, in a nutshell as not to bore you to death Jobs basically said they never thought they would see themselves in a platform war with Microsoft and was only merely concerned on building a much better product.

There is competition with Google and this is why Google is no longer the default search engine for iPhone, Google in the end decided they wanted to compete with us, it has got more serious. Steve Jobs did say that they have no plans to enter the search business because we just do not care about it as other people do it well.

There was a little chat about Google’s cloud-based OS aka Chrome OS, Jobs replied with “Chrome is not really baked yet.” Apparently ChromeOS was based on the work they did at Apple, the Webkit, names like RIM, Nokia, Android and Palm use WebKit offering, Jobs said that they have created a real competitor to IE.

So with the little amount of information given above we would like you to vote below, use our poll system and click the name you think comes out on top.

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