Android OS Upgrades to go Annually Eventually

Google’s Android operating system hasn’t really been around that long when compared to other mobile operating systems, but Google has kept up with updating the Android OS albeit some delays from the carrier side of things, but the frequency of Android OS update will change in future.

According to an article over on Pocket Now by way of Mercury News, Andy Rubin, Google’s vice president of engineering for Android has confirmed that upgrades to the Android OS will move to once a year rather than the twice a year presently enjoyed.

A result of which, should mean less fragmentation and allow Android manufacturers to keep pace. Rubin says “So we launched it, and from our internal 0.8, we got to 1.0 pretty quickly, and we went through this iteration cycle. You’ve noticed, probably, that that’s slowed down a little bit. Our product cycle is now, basically twice a year, and it will probably end up being once a year when things start settling down, because a platform that’s moving – it’s hard for developers to keep up. I want developers to basically leverage the innovation. I don’t want developers to have to predict the innovation.”

To be honest I can’t really see a problem with a single OS upgrade once a year as long as when they push such an update out it works as expected, and well with a whole year to work on any problems, issues should be a factor.

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