Steve Jobs at D8 Live: iPad, iPhone, HTML5, AT&T and more

Steve Jobs has said at D8 (All Things Digital conference) that the Apple iPad was developed before the Apple iPhone; the iPad project was put on hold to launch the smartphone.

The D8 interview with Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg was quite interesting indeed and many things got mentioned about HTML5 and that it is much better technology, of course we all know that he will support this considering Apple has refused Adobe Flash.

The Apple iPad tablet technology was used to develop the iPhone to bring us a new smartphone to the market; the iPad was put on the back burner until everything iPhone was in good working order. We say this was a good move for Apple because now they have a very good smartphone and of course now a great tablet PC.

Steve Jobs at the conference talks about the lost iPhone prototype and says that the person who called the police was a friend of the person who had the phone, other things was mentioned to do with Google Maps and that there were no plans at all to pull it from the iPhone and Jobs did not want to talk about adding new carriers and basically went in the defense of AT&T and its network.

There are no plans of Apple entering the search market and there was a mention of gaming being very important for the iPad and iPhone.

For an in-depth look about Steve Jobs at D8 and the entire conversation live please visit Barron’s, we here at phonesreview.co.uk will bring you all the latest news on the new iPhone and its possible launch at WWDC 2010, stick with us because this is going to be awesome.

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