T Mobile to sell LG Sentio dLite and GS170

It has been reported just recently that T Mobile are intending to sell a trio of phones from LG Electronics namely the Sentio, dLite and the GS170.

A report has been published over at mobiledia.com confirms that the companies have made a new partnership. The carrier said that the Sentio and dLite devices which are based on LG’s Social Buzz technology offer nice and easy access to social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter and also MySpace.

The LG Sentio also comes with a 3.0 inch touchscreen with a virtual keyboard along with a 3.0 megapixel camera and fast internet access.

The LG dLite has an unusual hidden LED matrix which lights up the face and edges with colours and icons for various alerts such as caller id, time and date. The LG GS170 is a level entry clamshell design great for usability which offers intuitive user interface and a one touch speakerphone. According to T Mobile all three handsets will be available from them this summer. As soon as we know more on availability and price we will let you know.

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