HTC EVO 4G Battery Sucks, Tips and Tricks to Extend

Yep apparently the battery life one the first 4G enabled smartphone, the Sprint HTC EVO 4G isn’t that good, and apparently it’s the same with that other Android handset the HTC Droid Incredible, they both eat battery.

Well that’s according to Matt Burns over on Mobile Crunch, but never fear as there are apparently a few way to get around the battery sucking problem with the HTC EVO 4G, and we have those tips and tricks for your perusal today.

So here goes…Phone Settings…first get rid of HTC widgets such as FriendStream and bookmarks, and turn off widget animation. Also opt for a static background and not a live background. Switch off auto-brightness and set the screen backlight to 10 percent and keep off 4G, WiFi and GPS until you need it.

Install Advanced Task Killer as without it there isn’t a way to kill all the Sprint applications which randomly launch and thus drain your battery. Use SetCPU to tweak the CPU in several ways; however the device does have to be rooted.

Sometimes switching the default from GSM to CDMA helps but apparently not in all cases; Android governs the handset to search for GSM as default even though the device doesn’t have a GSM radio so a few cycles can be saved this way.

Try them out and see how it goes and of course feel free to drop us a comment and let us know if these steps do actually deliver better battery life on the HTC EVO 4G smartphone.


24 thoughts on “HTC EVO 4G Battery Sucks, Tips and Tricks to Extend”

  1. I am tempted to move over to this from my iphone 3g but am a bit concerned about the battery. However that gorgeous screen looks awesome and so does the rest of the phone. I think Apple really need to start upping their game as Android seems to constantly be doing.

  2. Robin says:

    I love my HTC EVO, but the battery life isn't great. I will try these tips. I bought a car charger and I may buy a spare battery. Still it isn't a big enough problem that I wouldn't recomend the phone.

  3. I tried to switch over from iPhone 3Gs, the evo is too much of a pig. HTC modified apps keep crashing, the gallery for example freaks out every time I try to look at photos. I hate the sense UI. I also can barely operate the device with one hand because it is so large.

    I decided to root the evo and install froyo on it. A little improvement in battery, but still a pig. Speed increase is noticeable with froyo. HTC needs to keep there paws out of software as vanilla android is much nicer IMHO.

    All in all, I want android to succeed, but it still lacks the polish of the iPhone.

  4. Heartmydroid says:

    Having just made the iphone switch, I find the battery life is very comparable. A car charger is essential, and if you have your phone at work with access to a computer, it wouldnt hurt to have your usb cable with you so you can charge it there too! I did the same thing with my iphone so that I was never without music or internet! I absolutely LOVE LOVE this phone, and the graphics and screen size hands down beat out the iphone. My phone battery lasts longer than my laptop battery does! I mean it is a mini computer, so you can understand why it needs to be charged so frequently! I think until Iphone finally unlocks to other networks, Android is going to win in the advancements catagory! The connection I have with my non-AT&T friends now is amazing!

  5. I’m shooting for the extended battery when its out! I been with HTC products for a while, never had a good battery life, but hey its better then lugging a laptop or notebook around!

  6. kyle Lenz says:

    I hope the will be an extended battery pack for the EVO, because i really need it. But it is an amazing phone. I understand that the Evo runs many things at once, but i think, with technology so advanced, that HTC could have made a longer lasting and better battery for the phone. I will try out the battery saving tips.

  7. Shawn n says:

    …..is it just me, or does this sound like a joke? I’m serious. When you need to turn off every feature that attracted you to the phone in the first place. You want this phone because it does so much, and yet this guy is telling you, you need to turn it all off??? Including widgets( which are the reason why ppl buy these droids over an iphone), half the features and fancy anamations and fancy wallpapers, turn off 4g and wifi and also turn your brightness down to 1/10th of what it could/should be ( how amazing does the screen look now??) I’m sorry, but this is exactly why I stuck with the iPhone. Everything remains on and I use the phone all day, heavily and my iPhone 4 is still at 50% when I go to bed. I really want widgets and such and I have to give it to the droid line, the phones are offering a lot. But obviously it’s not that straight forward.

  8. jasongeras says:

    i bought this phone i am very unhappy with it my battery gets at most 4-5 hrs i leave at 9 my phone needs a charge at 2 until they invent a great battery the phone has no use

    1. mauricio says:

      i just got this phone and im very happy with it for me the battery life is great i talk on the phone whle im work at least 6 hours before the battery dies

  9. Saya says:

    Whats up with the fonts issue? How come I can not read my Farsi and Arabic email? All I get a series of little boxes that do not make any sense.

  10. Alvord12 says:

    All that money and you simply can’t use the phone to its full potential! Pathetic. For all the negative reviews that Nokia gets, at least it can produce phones which can last a day WITH heavy duty use, unlike the EVO which conks off in 5 Hours!!

  11. Jeff Gerling says:

    I found that the best solution to the battery life issue is to just carry around a portable generator. I know it's a small sacrafice, but it's worth it. In fact, today I had my Evo plugged into the car charger most of the day and within an hour of unplugging it, it died. No worries though because I have had the phone for about a week and am still within the 30 day return window. Don't get me wrong, but I don't see the point of having this awesome phone that requires either a long extension chord or a portable generator if you really want to take it with you. I mean this thing is already huge, so why not add a couple more ounces and give it a battery that will last? On another note, mine seems to crash about three times a day, and I only have Advanced Task Killer and Easy Tether installed. And I haven't read any comments about those being suspect. The only thing I can guess is that maybe I have a faulty phone? Anyway, it's going back and I will wait another year for something better to come out.

    1. todd ward says:

      sprint warns against installing advance task hiller as it crashes phone and lags it for long periods not to mention it eats the batter even more

  12. Rick says:

    I'm using the System Panel app to monitor CPU, memory and Battery Life – awesome tool. It teaches you more about the various apps that you install and have running on your EVO.

  13. Nagol says:

    That's because Android is an overrated OS that battery hogs your battery. Who cares what your software can do in a phone when the software itself drains the battery.

  14. David says:

    I agree with Shawn. I just bought the phone and I have to turn everything off that first attracted me to the phone in the first place. Installed App Killer, turn off: 4G, Wifi, Internet, clock, music, mail, just to get 2 1/2 hour charge. I'm reactivating my Blackberry. I kill apps and they come back. Ridiculous!

  15. Mark in FTLA says:

    Im so happy first of all that I found this site, because Ive been trying to make a decision about keeping my EVO, and I have been experiencing everything that has happened to everyone else. Its an awesome phone, it does so much, but cant keep the battery charged at all. I added all of the task killers and etc etc, and that seem to make things worse. I uninstalled them all off, and now I feel like I cant even work with my phone , in fear that my battery will run out. Honestly that is too much work , just to have a phone. They need to work on a better battery for this phone. In the meantime yes Im switching to IPHONE, and now with Att and Verizon having them. I know just have to decide which company to go with.
    Buyer beware, EVO good phone but not worth all the headache.

  16. When I got my EVO phone. In the beginning I noticed my phone battery drained out from 4 to 6 hours. I ordered 3500 mah extended battery from GorillaGadgets.com company for $40 include battery cover case and cover case for HTC EVO. . I got the extended battery and put it on my evo phone then download from apps for Battery left. They read eachother and tells you the accurate battery. I unplugged my charger at 8am and use it all day and finsih at night. You can call to Nancy from Gorilla Gadget and she will explain to you clearly what to do with extented battery. It is excellent extended battery and I love my EVO and BEST than IPHONE! Good Luck!

  17. My Evo really has replaced my iPod and now I just carry one device for two huge purposes. I used my iPod for music and movies, thanks to Pandora and the Sling adapter from DISH Network, I no longer need an iPod. I actually have and work at DISH and the Sling adapter allows me to watch live and recorded TV on my phone everywhere I have 3G coverage or WiFi. With the Evo TV everywhere is so much better, especially with Sprint's 4G network. Together with the Sling adapter, my Evo is the perfect device and the only one I always have with me.

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