HTC EVO 4G Release Reminiscent of Original iPhone

Yesterday the HTC EVO 4G was released, and apparently there was such a rush to grab the first smartphone capable of running on 3G and 4G networks that Sprint’s activation system began to buckle as the company struggled to cope with the activation onslaught.

This rampage to activate the HTC EVO 4G is reminiscent of the 2007 launch of the iconic iPhone when the Big Blue experienced the same issue with activation, possibly showing that the HTC EVO 4G may well follow a similar route in popularity to the first iPhone.

According to an article over on Engadget, one corporate store clerk says Sprint’s system went down entirely and employees had to write out receipts, and apparently the clerk said that “We have sold out (and pretty fast at that), but can’t do anything at this point, not even a bill pay.”

So it would appear that the release of the HTC EVO 4G smartphone has gone pretty well, which makes one wonder if the HTC EVO 4G is finally the handset that can take on the might of the iPhone and come out the victor. However, with the expected launch of the iPhone 4G just a couple of day’s away, things could well change.


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  1. TomT says:

    It would be interesting to poll these Sprint Customers to see it they were either: Existing Sprint Customers Upgrading to the HTC 4G, 1st time buyers of a Smartphone or leaving another carrier and what smartphone did they leave behind.

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