Farmville iPhone App Announced by Zinga at WWDC 2010

Well apparently for all you Farmville fanatics who own an iPhone you’ll soon be able to tend your farms while on the go as apparently Zynga has announced the Farmville app for iPhone at WWDC 2010.

According to an article over on Providing News, Zynga also announced that the “first exclusive item” for the iPhone Farmville application will be a snow leopard (sweet, how fitting.)

Furthermore, push notifications will be one of the features in one of the favourite apps on Facebook, so that iPhone toting Farmville farms don’t have to worry about their crops biting the dust.

So maybe this new Farmville iPhone app will make some hardcore Farmville players go out and purchase an iPhone just so they can keep on top of their farms? Apparently the Farmville app for iPhone will be available by the end of June.

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