iPhone To Gain Google Goggles In Near Future

Google Goggles was launched on Android last month, but always expanding their reach, apparently Google Goggles is heading for the iPhone in the not too distant future a Google project manager has confirmed.

According to GadgetGirl over on gaj-it by way of an article posted on readwriteweb, the iPhone is to gain some Google Goggles goodness “soon”, but doesn’t actually give a hard date as to when the image recognition search feature will hit the iPhone.

Basically Google Goggles enables the user to snap an image of a thing and then the search engines looks for possible search results although Google Googles does seem to struggle a tad at recognising stuff at the moment such as items within a photo but they are working on it.

Google Goggles v1.1 delivers better artwork, logo and barcode recognition and also now makes searches based on photos stored in the phone’s gallery. I have to say when I’ve occasionally used Google Goggles on my Android handset it hasn’t done too well, but hopefully by the time it comes to the iPhone it will be better.