iPhone 4 not 4G Announced and Official: WWDC 2010

At last the moment you have all been waiting for, Steve Jobs as last announced the new Apple smartphone and it is NOT called the iPhone 4G or the HD, it is officially the iPhone 4.

Many thought of so many names and now you can rest easy because it is simply known as iPhone 4, you can clearly see the design of the whole phone has changed and Jobs does mention the changes from the old Leica camera.

It has the squared edges with a steel band, the steel band is the whole antenna system that also gives good structure to the iPhone, it has a new high resolution display 960 x 640 for 4X overall pixel count increase, he calls it Retina Display and rated at 326ppi.

We will keep these articles short and sweet so we can get them in much quicker so you do not miss out, trust us when we say we will give you the full specifications, what it can do and of course its release date. Keep coming back.

Source – Engadget

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