iPhone 4 vs. HTC EVO 4G Battle Postponed until 24 June

Well Personally I was hoping that Steve Jobs would release the iPhone 4 today mainly because I wanted to see if the launch of the iPhone 4 would have any affect on the HTC EVO 4G popularity, such a disappointment.

Still all it means is a wait until the 24th of June when the new iPhone 4 becomes available, but that also gives the HTC EVO 4G extra time to solidify its popularity amongst the mobile public.

So I guess the HTC EVO 4G will still command in the popularity stakes for at least a while longer, unless all the news about the new iPhone has made many want to rush out and purchase the device which I have to say is exceedingly tempting.

So, now’s the time for all you iPhone 4 fans out there to turn things around in our iPhone 4 G verses the HTC EVO 4G popularity poll, and I challenge all such iPhone faithful to cast their vote (here)


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