“iPhone Age” Printers Coming from HP

No that doesn’t quite mean HP is working on a tiny portable printer so you can plug it direct into your iPhone either, although it would be nice, but apparently these new HP printers do have something to do with smartphones.

According to Michael Bettiol of the Boy Genius Report, and by way of an article over on The New York Times, the “iPhone age” HP printers come with something that is quite unique to a printer, and that is its own email address.

So what’s the big idea behind that email address? Well rather than have users download a special app to their smartphone so they can print off files, now they will simply email the relevant file straight to the printer, very unique indeed.

Apparently the email a printer idea is a good one because Android giant Google has partnered HP to enable the easy printing of Calendar and Google Docs. The new “iPhone age” HP printers are expected to come with touch screen panels and have a price range of between $99 to $400.

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