Should I Get AT&T iPhone 4 or Sprint HTC EVO 4G?

Two phones and two networks, yes we are talking about the new Apple iPhone 4 with AT&T and the HTC EVO 4G with Sprint.

We will not bore you with all the specifications and features because you can read about them all over our site, we have wrote about both smartphones quite a lot lately and the burning question most readers are asking is – Should I Get iPhone 4 or HTC EVO 4G?

Well that depends on what you really want, the iPhone 4 will cost you $199 for the 16GB and the 32GB iPhone 4 will cost you $299, the HTC EVO 4G is also $199.99.

Then you have to consider the fact if you are already a Sprint customer, do you really want to leave Sprint in favour of AT&T? We cannot answer these questions for you as we do not have the answers but maybe all other readers that visit phonesreview.co.uk can answer this question for you.

So please readers what would you go for, the new iPhone 4 or the HTC EVO 4G? Please vote below by clicking the relevant field or post your answers in the comments area provided.

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6 thoughts on “Should I Get AT&T iPhone 4 or Sprint HTC EVO 4G?”

  1. Brian says:

    Evo's battery life blows, so I've read, and iPhone is on AT&T, which, as even my die-hard iPhan-boy friends say, is annoying.

    Both are nice other than that, though.

    1. Jesse says:

      I have had the EVO since launch 060410. The battery was weird at first. I read that you should fully charge the device before heavy use, then discharge fully before charging again for the first time. I know the batteries are not supposed to have memory but I also read about battery life probs with EVO so I thought I would take the safe rout and follow the tip. The weird thing was it seemed to take forever to get the phone to fully charge for the first time, like 6-8 hours? Yesterday I went the whole day without charging under moderate usage, playing vids and surfing, downloading apps and playing games throughout the day. After 14 hours I still had 40% battery life left. Out lives my old diamond by far. I don't see what everyones deal is the battery on mine is great

  2. richard says:

    I am a proud owner of the evo 4g. Yesterday I got 19hrs of battery life out of my evo 4g from 11am Tuesday to 6am Wednesday using my phone for watching video's taking pictures, and getting on the web often. The key is to make the proper adjusts on what is using your battery when those adjustments are made you can get 24hrs of use before charging again. In my world this is great cause the bottom line is smartphone use a lot of battery life especially something like a device like this with all it's power. I am impressed and the way I see it even if the iPhone 4 may have a better battery life that will not make me want to purchase it cause there are still so many things it does not compare to the evo 4g. Sprint vs at&t is one main factor then the fact that FLASH LITE on the evo which is not 100% Flash not yet at least is still better that anything the iPhone can do. Google/android vs apple this is what it's about clearly if you want to be locked in and not have to learn anything go with iPhone. If you want choice with the ability to customize your phone the way you want to and use your phone the way you want THEN YES HTC EVO 4G AND SPRINT IS WHO YOU WILL CHOOSE

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