Is iPad’s iWork Coming to iPhone 4?

Not too sure if this was some kind of slip up by Apple but apparently a screen shot posted on the American Apple website shows an option to open an attachment “in Keynote,” which happens to be part of the iWork suite that’s only on the iPad.

Stuart Miles of Pocket-lint first reported the screen shot, and there has so far been no mention of an iWork for iPhone 4, but don’t get your hopes up as since then apparently Apple has made a change to the screen shot to show iBooks rather than “in Keynote.”

So it does appear that this was simply a mistake by Apple in all their hurry and excitement to push out every bit of detail on the new iPhone 4 smartphone.

But, maybe that doesn’t mean iWork won’t be coming to iOS 4 and the iPhone 4 at a later date does it. iBooks has been confirmed as coming to the iPhone 4, so we’ll keep our views open for now on whether Apple is planning on bringing iWork to the new device at a future date.

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