Windows Phone 7 Marketplace Takes Tip From Apple

Microsoft seems to be taking a tip from rival Apple when it comes to what is allowed in their applications store, the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace and thus has announced a new set of policies.

According to a Peter Bright article over on Arstechnica, it will cost developers $99 a year for membership which is the same as Apple’s App Store whereby developers can submit unlimited paid apps and 5 free apps which more free apps costing the developer $19.99 to submit.

But here’s the big tip Microsoft has taken from Apple, remember the cleansing of the App Store of all porn and adult related apps? Well Microsoft is also disallowing any porn or adult related content on the Marketplace.

Microsoft’s new policies has a few “irksome” requirements such as apps are allowed to offer premium music services but if so must also offer sales through the Marketplace. As it stands the new rule are more competitive but if developers wish to submit more than 5 free apps they will have to foot the bill.

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