Windows Phone 7 will benefit business users as well

The new Windows Phone 7 operating system coming soon from Microsoft is expected to come with a range of features which will enhance the experience of not just personal customers but also business users.

A recent article by Ionut Arghire over at softpedia.com explains in more detail that as we already know Microsoft Windows Mobile operating system has been one of the main platforms to be used by various companies around the world and it seems that Microsoft has every intention of continuing with that tradition.

The Redmond based giant has explained that the upcoming platform will be able to fulfil the needs of both customers with busy personal lives but also those with busy business lives. Having all the correct and necessary features in the device.

More than 90% of the users that Windows Phone 7 is aimed at actually use there devices for business purposes and 61% of them use their handsets for both business and personal use. The upcoming operating system has some great tools including PowerPoint, OneNote, Word, Excel and SharePoint of course there is email, and contacts which will increase productivity.

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