iPhone 4 Could Possibly Mean Orange Scrapping Unlimited Data Too

Well it appears the upcoming release of the new iPhone 4 is having an effect on carriers within the UK as well as in the US as now AT&T is doing away with unlimited data when the iPhone 4 surfaces, so is O2 UK which we reported (here) and they aren’t the only one.

Well now according to an article over on Mobile Today, the latest carrier in the UK to consider scrapping unlimited data plans is Orange and apparently will do so from “this summer,” meaning when the iPhone 4 comes out no doubt; although apparently Orange has not commented on the matter.

After O2’s announcement, Ben Wood an analyst for CSS Insight said “No operator can afford to have 3% of their smartphone users consuming 36% of data resources. It’s going to be interesting to see how O2’s competitors react to this. Now 3 has the iPhone maybe it will choose to compete with an unlimited offer for its users.”

Apparently industry commentators had forecast that mobile operators wouldn’t be able to continue to strain “unlimited” models as strain on the networks increase. Actually I rather like my unlimited data plan and think it shouldn’t be scrapped, so what are your views on this? Do you feel unlimited data plans should go, or remains if customers still want them?


3 thoughts on “iPhone 4 Could Possibly Mean Orange Scrapping Unlimited Data Too”

  1. Pronaldo says:

    what the point to carry a phone like the iphone 4 and not to have access on the internet from it? And what the point to pay so much for a monthly contract and will have to pay more for the internet on top of your contract. Scrapping unlimited internet is a big step backwards. Lets hope Virgin Mobile get their hands on the iphone4 as they will be offering really crazy deals for that phone with unlimited internet for sure. That will force other mobile suppliers to do the same. Common Virgin Common Branson!!!

  2. bips says:

    I am a orange customer ..and think the same way like you. it has to be unlimited othere wise no point to having it. no one can offerd to pay seperatly internet now a days.Thank You

  3. god says:

    Ivwas going to switch service for the iphone4 but will not consider losing my unlimited data android for a 2gb iphone. In this age internet is used for EVERYTHING. At&T is specially challanged now

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