Microsoft KIN Phones Prices Slash Coming Due to Poor Sales?

Apparently the social networking wiz phones the Microsoft KIN One and KIN Two may not be selling as well as first expected, and the word is sources have indicated that Verizon is gearing up to slash the prices on both smartphones.

According to an article over on Electronista by way of a BGR report, although only a month out of the gate, Verizon is considering dropping the price of the Microsoft KIN Two down from $100 to $50 on contract while the Microsoft KIN One would drop from $50 to free.

However apparently once the price cuts take place which is due today, Verizon will not change the smartphone level plans required on both the KIN One and KIN Two; although as yet Verizon has not confirmed the price cuts.

Well lets face it, who didn’t see this coming? I mean the Microsoft KIN phones are targeted towards the social networking teens and well having a steep asking price simply puts the handsets out of a teens pocket range and besides for what Verizon was asking there are better handsets around.

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