Microsoft KIN One for Free, KIN Two for $50 at Best Buy

The Microsoft KIN One and KIN Two handsets are targeted towards the teenage generation who are heavily into the social networking scene, but the problem is the pricing on the KIN phones isn’t really in the teen range, and besides for the same cash you can easily pick up a better smartphone.

However according to an article by Sean Hollister over at Engadget, Best Buy is doing something about that and putting the Microsoft KIN phones in easier range of teen folk pockets.

Apparently Best Buy is now offering the Microsoft KIN One handset for free on contracts while the Microsoft KIN Two will set you back $50 on contract, based on a 2 year agreement and no mail in rebate. The only drawback is of course you’ll still require a $30 per month data plan from Verizon Wireless.

However if Verizon were to do some tweaking with that $30 per month price maybe the Microsoft KIN handsets would take off well with the teen set, but while it costs $30 a month there are so many alternative the teen can go for.


One thought on “Microsoft KIN One for Free, KIN Two for $50 at Best Buy”

  1. Katie says:

    In my view, there's only one reason to have a firesale. And that is if the product is about to get the axe.

    I think Microsoft's Kin phone has been a complete failure in the market.

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