Samsung Galaxy S 16GB £35 at Vodafone pre order now

The Android based high end Samsung Galaxy S is available right now for pre order on Vodafone’s website in the UK. The wireless carrier has claimed that the handset will start to ship from June 15th.

A recent article by Ionut Arghire over at softpedia.com via vodafone gives more information in relation to the price which is said to be free on pay monthly plans which start from just £35 per month.

The model you can look forward to from Vodafone is the 16GB model, and with this you will be able to sink yourself into an array of applications over 30,000 of them you will also have the ability to shoot full HD video and photos with the 5 megapixel camera.

If the internet is your thing then you will not be disappointed as apparently the Samsung Galaxy S will definitely impress with its speed. Another that will be sure to impress you will be the 4 inch screen which brings your video clips and web pages to life. The Galaxy S has a 1GHz processor inside which according to Vodafone is the quickest you can get on a phone.


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  1. Keith says:

    Just got my new upgrade mobile today, the Galaxy S, nice phone plenty of spec and beautiful colour screen very viviid. One problem is found and that is concerning Bluetooth. When transferring date from my old phone the BT on the galaxy only remains on visible for 120 seconds and then switches off ? I can not find a way of getting control of the time which will enable me to turn it off when I want to. Any ideas.?

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