Orange Sun Visor watch World cup without the glare

Here is something which will be rather useful for those football fans out there that want to follow the World Cup on their mobile devices wherever you are.

An article by Simon Thomas at 3G.co.uk reports on the rather unusual mobile phone accessory which is the Orange Phone Visor which has been produced so you can enjoy watching the World Cup without having to struggle to see what you are watching.

If the weather is on our side then I’m sure there will be many of you taking a trip top the beach to enjoy the sunshine with a nice barbeque and a few beers now with the Orange Visor you’ll be able to watch the matches and still get a tan.

There is a simple template and also the instructions which are on the website here in order for you to download and produce your very own visor, you will need some card though. You can also purchase if you haven’t already a mobile TV subscription which will cost you £5 per month but then you wont miss any games which are on ITV.

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