iPhone 4 Gyroscope Next Big Thing for Smartphones?

Well it appears that Apple little piece of technology in the new iPhone 4, the gyroscope has been tagged as the next big thing to hit other smartphones as handset makers try to emulate Apple’s new technology.

According to an article over on eweek by way of iSuppli, the new gyroscope feature revealed by Apple when they unveiled the iPhone 4 handset is expected to trigger huge growth in the gyroscope market.

Therefore, the company predicts gyroscope sales to boom from zero in 09 to around 26 million this year and up to 287.9 million by 2014 pulling in revenue of approximately $220 million.

iSuppli principle analyst Jérémie Bouchaud said, “Because of Apple’s role as a technology trendsetter, a multitude of mobile handset OEMs are expected to offer smartphones that integrate gyroscopes. This will cause shipments to rise by 157 percent in 2011 and by 60 percent in 2012 and 2013.”


One thought on “iPhone 4 Gyroscope Next Big Thing for Smartphones?”

  1. Richard Wicks says:

    What moron wrote this article?

    3 accelerometers in orthogonal configuration can report the same information that a gyroscope would. Why are only the most retarded people allowed to write on technology anyhow?

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