iPhone 4 Shortage Not Likely at 3 Million Units a Month

With the iPhone 4 release day approaching obviously one concern is whether Apple will have enough
iPhone 4 units to keep up with the huge demand that is expected, but the word is Apple has already taken steps to make sure that doesn’t happen.

According to an article over on Intomobile by Marc Flores, a report over on Apple Insider, Robert Lai, the chairman of Asia Optical which ships VGA camera lenses like the one found in the iPhone 4 front-facing camera, says they have been shipping as many as three million a month to Apple.

So taking this into consideration, the word is that Apple is expecting to ship roughly 9 million iPhone 4 handsets during their 4th fiscal quarter ending September, or roughly 3 million iPhone 4 units a month.

So if the camera lens shipments are anything to go by there shouldn’t be a problem with the iPhone 4 stock running dry on release day should there.

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