iPhone 4 Will be with Walmart as of Launch Day Too

Making sure that prospective buyers can obtain the latest smartphone device from Apple on its 24th of June launch day, the iPhone 4 will apparently be available from 1500 Walmart stores as well.

According to an article over on i4u, this will be the first time that Walmart has offered a new iPhone on its launch day and the much hyped iPhone 4 will therefore be available in 1500 Walmart stores across the US on the 24th of June 2010.

Apparently according to an email i4u received from Walmart’s PR they are trying to connect the iPhone 4 with Farther’s Day deals, although as the iPhone 4 launch day is a little later than Father’s day I’m not too sure how a connection is made.

Anyway no doubt with the new iPhone 4 now also being available as of launch day from Walmart as well it should alleviate too many rather long queues forming outside Apple stores, or will it, maybe the demand for the new iPhone 4 will outstrip demand for the iPhone 3GS and we’ll see scenes of huge queues forming before launch day.


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  1. New Data Cap restrictions might seriously affect sales

    Is there really any point in buying a new i Phone so long as the restrictions on download remain in place?

    There is an alternative to restricting download Data Caps:

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