Are Apple iPhone 4 UK Prices a Rip Off? Update

Today Apple updated its website to make the iPhone 4 pre-order page live, we have already mentioned about this a little earlier today and talked about prices.

You can pre-order the iPhone 4 16GB for £499 and the 32GB for £599 in respective to USA prices of $199 and $299, surely UK prices will be classed as a rip off and this is why we are asking you for your opinion. Maybe we did not think this morning when we said this, we do not do this often so sorry.

Ok the new iPhone does come packed with new features like front-facing camera, a 5-megapixel camera on the back with LED flash, a new design that looks awesome, but is it worth the price Apple is charging.

Reminder: O2 has not even updated its site as of yet so that you can pre-order from them, but we will keep you posted so keep coming back to us for the latest.

Please scroll down this page to the comments area and let us know the answer to this question – Are Apple iPhone 4 UK Prices a Rip Off?

UPDATE: Sorry we posted this without thinking, we have done a stupid comparison. You can by a non-commitment phone, $599 and $699


49 thoughts on “Are Apple iPhone 4 UK Prices a Rip Off? Update”

  1. Pepe says:

    Whoever wrote this article clearly doesn't have a clue what they are talking about. The US prices are with a 24-month AT&T contract, they are not sim free phones. LOL So the UK prices are not a rip off at all!!!

  2. Chris says:

    Firstly, the US prices are in Dollars, not Pounds and secondly those prices are for having an 18 or 24 month contract. They haven't released PAYG prices in the US yet.

  3. Steve Jobs says:

    The $199/$299 prices require an AT&T contract (i.e., they are subsidised) whilst the £499/£599 prices are for unlocked phones. Seems silly to compare the two prices without factoring in the cost of the 18/24-month contracts.

  4. jaaaaa says:

    The US prices are if you take a 2 year contract out at the same time. The UK prices are standalaone non contract prices. There is no comparison to be made till the networks release there prices

  5. NC3 says:

    The US prices are subsidised and linked to AT&T contracts. The UK prices £499 & £599 are sim-free outright prices – keep up!
    You need to compare with the leaked Vodafone £149 & £30/month which looks much more comparable.

  6. tony says:

    Those sterling prices are for sim free phones from apple direct. The dollar prices are for AT&T subsidized and carrier locked phones. When the UK networks pull their finger out and release prices i'm sure they'll be more reasonably priced.

  7. Shay says:

    The U.S price mentioned above for the iphone 4 is the price of a two year long contract for which the handset cost in the beginning of the contract is $199 or $299 and then the customer pays a monthly cost for each month for two years whereas the U.K price mentioned above is the price of pay as you go iphone 4 that too unlocked which seems reasonable in fact if compared it is the same as iphone 3gs.

  8. EvieDiva says:

    I dont think they are ripping us off…
    When you look at the US cost:
    US $199 for the 16Gb phone, $36 activation fee, 450min, 200MB, unlmtd txt equals $74.99 a month. (And you probably have to add tax on that too!) Over 18mths that equals $1584
    The UK cost:
    UK £499 phone (unlocked and sim free), o2 Simplicity tariff with 300min, 500MB, unlmtd txt is £35 a month. Over 18mths = £1129 UK get gd deal!
    Bearing in mind conversion rates, i think the prices Apple are selling the handset only at are very reasonable. However, i dont have that kind of money so will be awaiting o2 contract prices with bated beath! And i think you'll find, that is where we Brits will get ripped off! 🙂

  9. MrBazUK says:

    A rather misleading article.

    The US prices are NOT SIM FREE, where as those on the UK apple website are.

    USA prices of $199 and $299 (** + 2 Year Contract **)

    16GB for £499 and the 32GB for £599 (SIM FREE)

  10. David Massey says:

    Whoever wrote this didn't do their homework.

    The $199 and $299 USA prices are tied to a network contract, the £499 and £599 uk prices are contract free, so there is no comparisson.

    In the USA, even on their lowest contract price plan over 2 years you will pay over $1500 for the iphone 4 (over £1000 GBP).

    The phone may be expensive but at least we get the choice to buy it sim free, and compared to the USA price, it's a bargain!

  11. Dazzle says:

    Yes, The iPhone is £499 and £599 in UK, BUT that is for a sim free unit, the prices on the American site are for a COntract with AT&T. When each of our mobile operators release their price with a contract I am sure you will find the price subsidised!

  12. Chris says:

    Are the prices a rip-off? Well yes they are. Are the prices wrong compared to the US $199 & $299? No they are not – you are comparing PAYG with a contract. The US prices are dependent on a 24month contract and activation charge.

  13. jamie says:

    no the uk prices are not a rip off because he us prices are not pay as you go they are based on a 2 year contract on at&t, so on our contracts over here we are looking at around £59 – £189 dependant on tariff

  14. Frank says:

    Not really, the US price you have quoted are subsidised ones that are available on contract. Ours will probably be pretty similar i.e. vodafone leaked prices are £189 for the 16gb model, in the US $199 ~= £134 then add taxes and it's around £175 which isn't much different. Also their cheapest iphone tariff is $60 usd, which is around £45 with taxes, where as our cheapest is £25. Over 24months this is a difference of £480!

  15. Billy says:

    Apple UK's prices are for sim-free and unlocked. The US are subsidised two-year contract prices.
    You can't compare those.

    Best wait and see what the UK contract prices will be.

  16. Ryan says:

    I love Apple and am waiting for the site to stop crashing so that I can buy an iPhone 4, but even I can't help but feel ripped off… The idea that the problems with the 3G network might not make some features on the iPhone 4 available, not to mention that FaceTime is only available to use with other iPhone 4 users on Wi-Fi… I'm glad Apple are planning to update the service to work on 3G later this year, but I can't imagine any one of my friends buying an iPhone 4, so who am I to FaceTime with?
    I think the prices are because it's unlocked, so it will work worldwide with any carrier, whereas the iPhone 4 in the U.S. is locked to AT&T. So I think theres more to it that just over charging, but I still feel it is too much.

  17. Nick D says:

    The figures you have quoted are not comparable. The US figures are with a 2 year contract. You will need to see what priced O2 etc charge before any talk of rip-off Britain…

  18. m thorpe says:

    Sorry admins – I shall rephrase so that you publish my comment:

    You're wrong…..the handset price in the UK is the PAYG handset only price. The price in US dollars is with a contract….jesus….

  19. DD says:

    “You can pre-order the iPhone 4 16GB for £499 and the 32GB for £599 in respective to USA prices of $199 and $299”

    Forgive me if I’m wrong, but aren’t those US prices for a phone on a contract? And the UK prices are for a contract-free phone?

    What are the prices for a contract-free phone in the US? I think those are much closer to the UK prices.



  20. Rogg says:

    You are surely aware that you are not comparing like with like?
    The US prices quoted are for subsidised phones tied to a two year contract whereas the quoted UK prices are sim-free unlocked phones. Hardly the same.

  21. --- says:

    You are aware that the usa prices are subject to a 24month contract with AT&T? Given that the page leaked from Vodafone shows a similar price for the new iphone on their lowest tariffs. The more you spend each month the more minutes and text you get and the lower the cost of the phone. According to speculation the handset will also be available UNLOCKED for the first time, unlike that available in the USA.

  22. iRob says:

    Yes. For the same kit we are paying over twice as much effectively. It just doesnt make sense. It may well be cheaper for me to get a friend in the US to buy one, get it unlocked and send it over..

  23. therealpommie says:

    You can not compare the prices, as the UK price above is a network free PAYG where as the US is a contract phone. Let's wait and see what the UK operators offer for contract, if the leaked Vodafone prices are to go by they will be similar to the quoted US plus VAT

  24. Jayven says:

    The $199 and $299 will be the price of the phone in the US in addition to a further contract on a mobile carrier, where as the £499 and £599 will be stand alone prices for the mobile in the United Kingdom (no contract required)

  25. Christopher says:

    You’re comparing the UK sim-free price with the US contract price subsidised by the network. You’re not comparing the same thing – your argument is flawed.

  26. Ryan says:

    No, because the US prices are not including sales tax (where as the UK prices are including VAT) and those prices are only if you sign up to a contract with AT&T.

    Maybe you should do a *little* bit of research before posting ridiculous articles?

  27. Um I don't think you've quite got the right picture here. Apple is selling the iPhone 4 unlocked in the UK for the prices you quoted, i.e. without contract or sim card. In the US this isn't available, and the iPhone 4 can only be purchased on a two year contract with AT&T, and then you have to pay $199 or $299 on top of that for the handset. UK carriers are expected to announce their own prices soon, with Vodaphone looking to sell it on contract with handset prices ranging from free to £189.

  28. Mr KC says:

    damn right were being ripped off…… its probably makes sense to go on holiday there for a couple of nights and buy a iphone from there……. youll probably end up spending about 600-700 pounds… not bad for a holiday in the states AND a new iphone….

  29. AD Chiu says:

    The US prices from Apple comes with a AT&T carrier price plan. However, from the UK Apple Store, the iPhone 4 only comes as SIM-free. That's why there's a major difference in prices.

    Looking at the leaked prices from vodafone, it makes sense as they price the 16GB model as £189 on contract and the 32GB model as £280.

  30. Richard says:

    You're not comparing like for like!

    In the US, the $199 and $299 prices are for _contracts_ with AT&T. The _unlocked_ prices are $599 and $699. The £499 and £599 prices you quote for the UK are also for _unlocked_ phones.

    Take the 16GB _unlocked_ version which is $599. Convert to pounds = £406.17. Add VAT = £477.25.

    Therefore the difference in price between the UK and US version is £21.75 or 5% more.

  31. Why is the price differential between the US and the UK such a big deal, the prices on Apple Uk are unlocked and sim-free, go into any high street mobile phone store and ask about sim-free versions. The prices are similar (HTC Desire was £375 at last check).

    The US prices are subsidised by the fact you have to take the AT&T 2 year contract in addition to this initial $199/$299 payment. The Vodafone leaked prices suggest that the most the UK would be paying is £280 on a 24 Month, £25pcm contract. Which in all probability works out a lot cheaper than the US contract prices, which I have heard are considerably less generous than the UK contracts.

  32. Holly says:

    The new iphone 4 prices for the UK are absolutely ridiculous, I realise VAT and exchange rates need to be taken into consideration but it seems they are almost three times the US prices, it just doesn't make sense!

  33. ML says:

    As always. The consumer in the UK gets slated, over charged, when new technology is released, and not just with mobile phones either. It's just a pitty those desperate to get their hands on the new phones, or other items of technology etc just hold off purchasing for a couple of weeks, or even a month in the hope that a lack of sales prompts sellers to reduce their prices to shfit stock. Holding off immediate purchase is also a good opportunity to read some consumer or tech reviews to ensure the item really is what you want, and also allows an opportunity for bugs and faults to surface before you hand over you hard earned money. Take the HTC Evo for example. This has only been out a week or so and already there have been reprots of issues with screens lifting.

  34. dan says:

    HAHA who the hell has written this artcile

    yet your facts right befor making a comparison!

    you are comparing the price of a contract fee phone in the UK with a phone on contract in the US!

    God this must be a windup someone can not be THAT stupid??

  35. guest says:

    wtf man , 599$ 16gb or 699$ 32gb and you get it unlocked in usa .. here in uk is 499£ 16gb and 599£ 32 gb unlocked , so is not a big difference ..

  36. iphone4... says:

    you are all in for a shock with the pay monthly options, £299 and £399 on 2 year contracts, £25pm starter packages… just watch the orange and vodafone leaks were just testers… (they are watching us, well not them there are a few companies paid to report back the comments of the leaks, i know cause i work for one, no names please) by the end of the 2 years they will have £900 – £1000 of mrs p' s hard earned cash… oh and everyone who is looking for the service providers to advertise the iphone 4 costs this week can forget it… apple have at least a week agreed so they can sell it first… come on you know it make sense…

  37. Stuart says:

    I think you're all kidding yourselves. Forget the fact that the prices dont reflect each other as far as contracts go.

    Are you all saying that paying £600 for a 32GB phone is a far or just price?

    You're all barking mad!!!!!! a 64GB Ipad costs as much and everyone thinks they are overpriced!!!!!

    Add to the fact that apple runs a concentration camp in china and probably knocks em all out for less than $100 a piece (i would imagine) put it all together and what have you got?

    Another company cashing in on cheap labour, clever marketing and an obsession with world domination.

    And yet here we all are – buying the damed things!

    Whats the world coming to

  38. Olu says:

    I do strongly believe that Apple's pricing strategy is very wrong. They ought to be thinking of quickly dominating the market by charging prices that are affordable.

    A starting price of $199 for a Sim Free handset could easily make Apple the market leader across world.

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