O2 iPhone 4 Pre Order Time Hopefully Today

Everyone is waiting for O2 to refresh its website page for the Apple iPhone 4, at the moment it only says coming Thursday 24 June and register now.

Hopefully today it should get its update where you can pre-order your new iPhone 4, the register now option is to only to give you updates and not for pre-ordering. Obviously we will keep you updated and as soon as it the pre-order option with O2 goes live we will let you know.

We have had so many emails asking when O2 will update its page and we are guessing today but then we could be wrong, we are not normally wrong but sometimes things never happen the way we want them.

We will keep you posted, please let us know if O2 pre-order page does go live today will you be signing up, love to know how many of our readers will be pre-ordering. Please visit our poll page where you can vote for the company you will purchase the iPhone 4 from.


29 thoughts on “O2 iPhone 4 Pre Order Time Hopefully Today”

  1. Scott watson says:

    Just got off the phone with 02 and they said they will NOT be doing preorders! We have to wait until 24june and hope for the best

  2. Chris says:

    Just phone and they said you have to wait untill the 24th 🙁 is this just a standard answer o2 staff are giving untill they get given the nod

  3. Jason says:

    Just been told by O2 customer services that they won’t be taking preorders for iPhone 4. It’s going to be first come first served next Thursday

  4. kash says:

    Yes i am also waiting till they update their page with the pre-order for the iphone 4

    As stated on apples website an iphone 4 16gb is £499 and a iphone 4 32gb is £599…..quite expensive but worth it if u early upgrade as an existing 02 customer…well lets hope its up today 🙂

  5. Pablo says:

    im a business customer with O2 and they advised me last night that they wont be offering a Pre Order option to any customers as they have no product code on the system for the iPhone 4. They said it will be available on the 24th June. Now, whether this is true or just the usual blurb they dish out is yet to be seen but i wont be happy if i have to join the mass rush on the 24th only to be told its out of stock

  6. iPhoneGeek says:

    I have phoned o2 this morning about this. The customer service advisor I spoke to said that o2 would NOT be doing pre-orders for the new iPhone…

  7. Joanne says:

    just got off the phone from O2 Carphone Warehouse AND the girl who I was talking to JUST got an email from manager, whilst on the phone to me, saying they MIGHT offering pre-order TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Bex says:

    IS the price quoted for the iphone the price of just the phone if your buying it off the shelf or will thta be the standard price to pay aswell as your monthly contract ?

  9. Groove says:

    “As stated on apples website an iphone 4 16gb is £499 and a iphone 4 32gb is £599” ?????

    Where is this info from ? Surely that is without contract pricing ?

  10. deggy92 says:

    im with o2 and my contracts up so i was waiting for today to preorder my iphone 4 with o2, vodaphone, or whoever seemed to be offering the best deal. Ive got a friend who works at vodaphone here in manchester (ive been asking him for info in the hope of a staff discount) and he informaed me that they had an email today from head office saying not to put any of the iphone "preorder now" stuff up in the windows and in shops because they have cocked up and still need to confirm pricing etc. there was a leaked price list for vodaphone on the net if u care to look and the prices for pay monthly are pretty reasonable. £89 for the 16gb handset, £179 for the 32gb, 600mins, 1gb data usage, £35 a month over 24 months or £40 over 18 months. you can get the handset for free if your willing to pay £45/£50 a month.
    my guess is that there will be preorders but they all still need to confirm prices etc. but if its left till later in the week, whats the point in preordering??

  11. Natasha says:

    i went into an o2 shop on saturday and he said he'd heard they maybe offering pre ordering from 17th because they might be getting the actual phones in that day but not to quote him on it. i think they will allow pre orders but the staff just haven't had news on a date yet.

  12. Kevin Saxon says:

    What you are witnessing is a failure in the normal information cascade that large corporations use to inform their staff. You know how it goes. CEO makes decision, filters through upper managers to lower management and then to staff who talk to customers.
    No-one at O2 is telling their staff anything. This leads the staff to make assumptions based on what they do know, and these then get reported as fact.
    Bloody irritating, but inevitable given the way Apple do business with mobile companies.

  13. Dizzy says:

    I've just spoken to o2 and the advisor I spoke to said I was to watch the o2 website, as the likelihood is there will be a pre-order facility, this is what happened with the 3gs.

    I also asked if I will be having to camp out overnight outside an o2 shop…..he said hopefully not!

  14. GVA says:

    Does anyone know what tariffs are on offer with O2? right now i am on the existing customer iPhone rolling tarrif of £30 for 900 minutes unlimited txt. Would happily sign a 18 month contract to continue this tariff

  15. Stu says:

    An excellent o2 customer service advisor told me that if you upgrade to an iPhone 4 from a 3GS phone that you need to be careful as iPhone 4 tarrifs won't have unlimited data usage it will be 500MB a month. Also he warned me that picture messages won't be included in the 500 texts per month. He suggested I emailed photo's not send them as MMS if I did upgrade. Anyone else heard this? As I use my 3GS a lot when I don't have wi-fi my monthly usage via 3G is sometimes 1GB a month, so I'd be paying a hell of a lot more if I upgraded to the iPhone 4.

  16. CCP says:

    I just spoke to an O2 customer service person who said that Apple had made a deal that there would be no announcements by any agents on pre-ordering until at least 48 hours after the Apple website made their pre-order go live.
    Guess that makes tomorrow doesn't it for O2 pre-order to go live?

  17. Matt says:

    @Stu. O2 will honour the unlimited data for the remainder of your contract if you don’t upgrade. If you do, you’ll be on the new 500MB cap. Orange still offer ‘unlimited’ although has a fair usage of 750MB and Vodafone will apparently have a 1GB per month cap so might be worth switching, unless you have many months left on your existing contract.

  18. ben says:

    i went in to the o2 shop yesterday and they told me i would be able to upgrade that day online or on the phone. this is clearly not the case… to be honest, i think i might switch to vodafone because they leaked contracts looked quite good and o2 will only match them or be worse.. and im getting sick of o2's bullsh**.

  19. ben says:

    well i went into the o2 shop yesterday to see if i could preorder there rather than online. they told me to go online or ring up and i would definitely be able to preorder that day, just they couldnt do it in the shop.. well i can safely say they lied and i think il be switching to vodafone because those leaked contracts look pretty good and im getting a bit sick of o2’s bullsh**.

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