iPhone 4 Pre-Order Ready: Apple Site Down, Wonder Why?

The Apple site is down and will be back soon, is what you will see when you visit and this is down to one thing ‘iPhone 4 Pre-order’ is about to hit the Store.

Everyone has been sitting back wondering when Apple and of course other stores like O2 will update its websites and normally we are right when we give a date, and today June 15 seems to be the day it will happen for you.

Apple is busy updating the store for you and will be back shortly and when this happens we always say “Wonder Why”, well it is a little obvious that they will have the iPhone 4 pre-order page up for you today and soon as it goes live we will let you know.

Please let us know if you will be ordering the smartphone direct form Apple or will you choose one of the many stores that will be selling it.


14 thoughts on “iPhone 4 Pre-Order Ready: Apple Site Down, Wonder Why?”

  1. B-rad says:

    Definitely ordering the phone direct from Apple. I've heard horror stories about people buying elsewhere or from AT&T or wherever. Trust me… buy direct from Apple in case something goes wrong down the road!

  2. Mark says:

    They started taking orders at 4am Eastern (1am PST). Site started going screwing around 6am EST, and around 6:30amEST the "We are updating our site" appeared. This is not Apple getting ready… its "Already at 6am when most of the US and other launch countries are sleeping… Apple store could not handle the volume"

  3. Ang says:

    man i wish I was awake at 4am than..I tried at 12 midnight but it wasn't up yet. I'm assuming because around 6am is when most people were waking up and were all trying to preorder and or reserve at the same time. guess i'll just keep trying!

  4. Kelshe says:

    Typical Apple/AT&T BS. First they don't have the white phone available. Second, the site can't verify your account with AT&T. Then you go to AT&T where you can pre-order the phone with the coveted AT&T assurance that they will not guarantee they can provide you the phone in a timely manner. You go back to Apple for the same website issues-They can't provide service to their customers. So you call myapple and they hang up on you telling you how they value your business but are too busy to handle your order. None of this impacts Apple because they will sell millions of phones and AT&T will continue to reap unfair profits because of their monopoly. So neither company is in a position to have to offer the customer top quality service because in reality, no other phone manufacture has provided a product that even comes close to the Iphone. So innovation allows Apple to screw over their customers and they are making AT&T defacto rich. But I remember the days when Apple was near out of business. It is too bad that Microsoft is a bug infested, security risk, software company who has lost the drive for innovation and creative products. Apple gets away with treating the customers like crap because they have no competition. SO I'll go back to their slow and ineffective website and try to order my 4G. And will probably have to drive to an Apple store because the technology company is incapable of using technology to take my order. But like all things, they run in cycles and Apple will one day wish they had treated their loyal customers like gold and not forced them into relationships with service providers like AT&T.

  5. bettina says:

    I got all the way to check-out. Twice. And I got an error message. Twice. I've been trying for 5 hours and can't get anywhere near the check-out anymore.

  6. att-sucks says:

    Total horror when trying to uses both apple's website and AT&T. Apple's site gave timeout like a million times and one point I was lucky enough to get to the part where they verify information with AT&T. Guess what? Got another error that they can't verify at this time. "Please try again later". Classis case of a shitty company like AT&T getting all the benefit just because Apple chose them over other fine providers like Verizon and Sprint. I was so happy with my Verizon service and everything was well till iPhone came and changed the game. Now I am stuck with AT&T…and oh….still trying to pre-order online. Game on….I am sure some whiz kid somewhere is seeing this as an opportunity and we get competing products and services that put customers first….till then hail iPhone and (unwillingly) AT&T

  7. Suzie says:

    The Apple stores are unable to process orders in person as well. Waited all night, when they opened they took my name and number and said if thier computers get back up today they will let me order it over the phone rather than returning to the store. Left Apple store and went to the AT&T store. No luck there either. I would say shut down the web orders and at least handle the customers who camped out to pre-order this morning. Was really bummed out. Only good thing was the weather we waited in was not awful.

  8. Sal says:

    C'mon Apple you bootleg company!!! you can make the greatest products but you can't handle high volumes of hits??? whats powering your servers ??? HAMSTERS?

  9. Mike says:

    Still wont process my account, which pisses me off to no end. Like some previous comments, a company that specializes in technology cant even use technology to sell things. How ironic. So I sit, and wait, and keep checking to see if its going to work. Or am i going to have to be on a long waiting list at the ATT store because my preorder wouldnt go through… great.

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