HTC EVO 4G, would you swap for an iPhone 4?

Now it appears that the first smartphone capable of running on a 4G network, the Sprint HTC EVO 4G is starting to crop up with a few problems such as having a sucky battery, glass lifting and now apparently unresponsive touch screen issues.

Now according to out recent poll the HTC EVO 4G is thrashing the iPhone 4 in the most wanted smartphone stakes, but now that these issues are beginning to surface, is the HTC EVO 4G all its cracked up to be or is it all just sales hype.

On June the 24th just about everywhere will offer the new iPhone 4 which no doubt will also come with its own set of issues eventually as most smartphones seem to go through a phase of problems popping up, but once the iPhone 4 is available will the HTC EVO 4G still be as popular?

The big question is taking into consideration all the current issues with the HTC EVO 4G along with Sprint being unable to keep up with demand and running out of stock, if you were given the opportunity would you consider swapping your HTC EVO 4G for an iPhone 4?

Or if you are currently waiting to purchase the EVO 4G if it isn’t in stock by the 24th June would you then purchase an iPhone 4? Or are you completely satisfied you have the best device available with the HTC EVO 4G? Feel free to let us know your views by posting a comment in the area below.


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  1. Robert says:

    I went from an iPhone to EVO and I don’t see myself going back any time soon. I am very happy with my EVO and I am not having any of the issues that others are reporting with their EVO’s. My screen is not lifting up after 10 days, I have not had any real battery issues as my battery averages 16 – 18 hours a day on what I consider moderate use and even on what I considered a “HEAVY” use day I get 12 – 14 hours plus I have a spare battery I picked up and will have the car kit and desk top dock before all is said and done.

  2. Informed says:

    Look carefully at the video, the guy is pressing really hard on the screen, That is not how you use a capacitive touch screen. Not to mention that is ONE person.

  3. Sean B. says:

    I was in line the day the Evo came out. This phone is amazing.. yes the battery life sucks, and yes the iPhone 4 has more pixels on its screen, but come on… its a phone?! I mean not many ppl will care about the screen ratio, they will more likely care that watching a movie on a 4.3" screen is allot better than a 3.5" screen. In my opinion the Evo is far batter than the iPhone 4. Especially since Sprint takes the cake for better service and better prices than At&t. Everyone I know hates the service, they only got an iPhone because they love Apple products. But I must say they are all drooling over the EVO, and hate being stuckin a contract with At&t.

  4. Rick says:

    My evo is holding up wonderfully. No issues whatsoever. This is a fantastic device all around. Not that the iPhone is a bad device, I just thinly the evo offers more in terms of customization and core functionality. The android market is pretty strong, and rapidly growing as well. I also want nothing to do with att, as their plans are “less than good,” as well as their service. Plus, once you’ve had 4G, you won’t go back.!

  5. william says:

    HTC if all around a better phone if you like functionality. If you like ease of use only, and have used Iphone, then Iphone is the way to go, as you do have to spend some time adjusting to things. If you live in a 4g area then that is another reason to keep it. The battery issue is major, I just purchased another battery for $44. This is cheaper than what you will spend to outfite the Iphone 4 with a audio directed Navigation system ($99), or a online cloud Mobile me ($99). At 32 gb iphone will be $299 while a HTC will be $199 plus $100 for 16gb sd micro card, $150 for $32 gb micro card. Then you have to factor in $87 (including insurance) for Evo everything unlimited, vs $119 per month not unlimited AT&T. Built in and wonderfully working Voice to text for texting and everything else on phone, vs 3rd party app that for Iphone that does not work as good. Free music for almost everything you want , using Tunnee music, vs 90cent to 1.29 per song. Totally open platform for EVO allows almost everything you can do on Iphone and much much more, that either you would have to jailbrake and void your warranty for iphone, or it cant do. You can forward your voicmails on EVO to email etc. Not so with iphone. The video chat when it works…you can do over 3g or 4g supposedly across platforms..( I say supposedly cause I have not gotten it work yet, but have not had a person to call yet), vs Iphone out the box on working wifi to other Iphone 4 users. Hd out for Evo, no such for Iphone. Can onlly play apple formatted videos for Iphone, not so for Evo. You can run flasch and truly enjoy the internet on EVO, you cant not on Iphone. Its a no brainer.

  6. Joe says:

    I too have not had any problems with the evo. But, I figure it’s some kind of negative advertising by Apple. But, hey, I know two people with an Evo. I don’t know anyone with an iPhone.

  7. ddmanfire says:

    hey guys, this maybe an important comment, but anyways….

    i got an email at the beginning of the month, and it was about the iphone 4 (i thought it was 4G :P). when i saw the picture of it, at the very top, it said….
    …. 3G!!!!! i cant believe it i thought it was 4g, but nnnnooo! it was 3g. id pick the evo 4g( besides the faulty touchscreen) anyday. the iphone 4 has a touchscreen made with helicopter glass and is 30x stronger than plastic.

    Check the link…..

  8. Aaron says:

    I got this phone for my wife and she has not had any issues. As for the battery, she is getting almost an entire day. That is on the 3G. The touchscreen is just as responsive as my iPad. I am hoping to get an Evo for fathers day to replace my palm pre.

  9. Sal says:

    I've had the EVO since day one and none of the issues folks have mentioned. The grounding problem is idiotic! Seriously who uses their phone laying flat on a cloth couch!

    No screen/glass/touch issues and also battery is fine for me and lasts all day. Sounds like Apple/Engadget trying to spread lies about the phone because they know this beats the new iphone hands down!

  10. jeremy says:

    I too was an iphone usr til the htc evo came out..and im pretty impressed with the htc. The only issue im running into is getting used to the android os vs the easy to use OSX…but the quality and functionality on the htc has been flawlwss! Just cant wait till 4g coverage is availabe in my area!!

  11. Richard says:

    There is no doubt in my mind about the HTC evo 4g being the best smartphone on the market. Whatever issues are existing is exactly that case individual issues. I selected this platform for a reason Google/android vs Apple and on this platform the Evo is the best service to have. I judge software 1st, carrier 2nd, then hardware exactly in that order and based on exactly that I know I have the best Business/Entertainment device on the market. Let iPhone 4 come out they still Will never add up as long as they remain on at&t plus it will never add up software wise either there is a future with Google that will never exist with Apple….I am a proud OWNER of the HTC EVO

  12. Green Warrior says:

    I have seen and experienced the world of HTC EVO. As soon as supply becomes available, i will definitely stick with the HTC. Was hoping Sprint would have forseen the popularity for this phone and been able to produce a larger quantity.

  13. Ggdz says:

    Considering AT&T's monthly plan is outrageously expensive compare to Sprint? No thanks. I can get unlimited everything on Sprint's plan for 1/2 the price of AT&T and that's enough to keep me from going anywhere.

  14. Bruce says:

    The Evo is a God's gift to mankind. In my opinion they have outclassed Apple's iPhone even when they are on a stand alone 3G radio. With 4G the Evo is in a class of its own, don't waste your time comparing it with the iPhone 4, its pointless.

  15. wase says:

    3 EVO's in our house and not a single problem…no screen lift, no light leak, and who gives a rats ass about the grounding "problem"?

    I agree, Iphone fan boyz are freaking out that their beloved Ibone is no longer the best, most cutting edge tool out there, and they are desperately looking for ways to dis the EVO and Android.
    After 3 boring years with Iphones, I find that I cant put the damn EVO down for more than a few minutes at a time, as there are so many things you can do with this phone that you cant do with an Iphone..and, did I mention NO ATT!!

    Phone Review, stop kissing up to Iphone in all your articles, and just admit that Android will soon be number 1 in the smart phone arena..those of us who have them already know that is the truth!

  16. Troy says:

    I don't have a smartphone and have been shopping for one. I've looked at most of them and still think the iPhone is the best all around phone. I don't think ATT is the best carrier. Imagine what iPhone might be like on a better network. I read that Droid, EVO etc do well at carriers other than ATT where people are buying iPhone. If iPhone becomes available at other carriers I think it will do serious damage to sales of the lesser phones. What I really don't like about the other phones is the cheapness of construction. Most of them are plastic. I will likely go with iPhone after studying the options.

  17. Geddy says:

    Whao, Apple's iPhone has met more than its match with the Evo. That explains why Apple sued HTC early on this year. HTC riposted with their own counter lawsuit against Apple for infringing on five of their own patents. Nevertheless, even Steve Jobs new hat he had a formidable rival in the horizon. I'm sorry to say but Apple has lost this round with their iPhone 4. The Evo is in a class by itself, comparing it to the iPhone is a waste of time. The Evo rules the smartphone world and will continue to do so for at least another year. Apple is going to have to do much better if it doesn't wish to be put on the TKO list.

  18. Sadik Kaid says:

    look:: those guys who said they will never go back to iphones and they are not ready to swap the Evo for Iphones are working with the Evo industry. whether that, or these kids they do not have enough money to buy a phone and try it for a certain amount of time until they get a grip on its usage.
    how can you compare the I phone to the Evo G4 that is like comparing a sony laptop to an old IBM desktop with window 95.

    look Evo users this is the deal. do you really want a true advice on what is the best phone you hear it from me. i used both devices intelligently. iphone is the best phone with the worst network. Evo is the worst phone with the best network. that is the fact. when you are talking about Iphone before anything else check the battery life, leaving that, check the choice of languages it has almost every language. of course it is smart phone that is why they call it smartphone it has to be smart speaks different languages. Now let us talk about the videos. how long it takes Evo to play one you tube video. 2 minutes at least and guess what it does not work properly. most of the formats do not work with Evo. only very few. Now see browsing on the net just the difference in reliability. you can feel the iphone, solid, and dependable. you move it around with confidence. unlike the Evo. you do not know where to hold it as soon as you touch it you wind up calling someone or opening an app or something happen.

    bluetooth usage. very treble I am talking on it and suddenly it goes off and on every minute. the sound quality is very poor. the mic sound is very poor. the reception is very poor i am in places where i always used to receive coverage, yet with Evo never get any. the phone power off suddenly and comes back in an average of like 5 times a day. sometimes when you start an app it powers off.
    the headphone is not working with the phone very simple try it and you will see it. so if you are trying to buy Evo but you are confused please read this first do not believe those kids who write without trying the device first.

  19. I'm an Apple Mac lover. I typing this on my Macbook. I just bought an Imac. And this week, I got an Ipad. Months ago, I had an Iphone . . . one day.

    I turned it back in.

    It simply UNDER-performs the HTC Evo. I've had my HTC Evo ever since and love it. Plus, I've had to deal with AT&T customer service and let met tell you . . . those folks are absolutely and positively horrible!

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