Have you pre-ordered your iPhone 4 Yet?

Well have you? I have to say I would be quite surprised if you have managed to pre-order the latest device falling from the Apple tree considering the problems the Apple online store seems to be having coping with people hitting up the website.

I did manage to get someway through the pre-order process on the US Apple Online Store earlier, but as I’m not in the US I didn’t go as far as completely pre-ordering, but on checking back I found the website was down yet again, and on checking with the UK and Germany online stores they too are in the same position.

Now either Apple has had something drastic go wrong that the online store has gone offline across the board or the sites are being inundated with the traffic from eager iPhone 4 hopefuls.

So our question is; have you pre-ordered your iPhone 4 yet? Or are you becoming increasingly frustrated at not being able to do so? If so feel free to rate your displeasure in our comments area below or if you have been successful with your pre-order we’d like to know about it.


7 thoughts on “Have you pre-ordered your iPhone 4 Yet?”

  1. Nick says:

    Hi all..

    Well, I stayed up till 12AM EST to try and pre-order online. No luck. Tried to keep my eyes open as long as possible, but the last time I saw the clock at that point was about 12:35AM EST. I was frantically refreshing the page of course trying to look for that beautiful shinny “Pre-order Now!!” button to appear, but no luck.

    Woke up in a cold sweat at 3:25AM EST like, “What I miss!”… Went back to my refreshing brigade and noticed on AT&T’s website, it now stated that you could pre-order the iPhone 4. Victory, right? Not really. When I went to the upgrade page for the iPhone, only previous models were there. Epic failure. But hold on, now the Apple Store stated that it was “Busy Updating the Store.” Surely this meant at 12AM PST (or 4AM EST), the Apple Store would spring to life and allow me to pre-order my shinny new iPhone 4…

    Sure enough, as predicted, at 4:01AM EST, the Apple Store was back open for business. Please note, all the time I was sitting there pressing F5 (refresh) on the AT&T page unsuccessfully trying to get the iPhone 4 to show up. So I click on the Pre-Order button for the iPhone 4 on the Apple Store site and it asks me if I am adding a line or am a new customer. I say upgrading phone, so it asks me for my number, zip and last four of SS#. As I input this information, my palms start to sweat, it is 4:02AM EST and I am almost there! So I click Continue and it brings me to a page that says Retrieving your information or something like that. Finally it brings me to the next page, which shows some information about my current billing plan. I click next and boom, “Your Session Has Expired”!! WTH!!!! No way, I was only on this page for about two minutes (or less), how could my page expire?

    No time to fret, must forge forward. I continue to open a new browser window just in case the expired session was cached and now I cannot even get beyond the page that says its retrieving my information. I work at this unsuccessfully, opening new browser windows, different browsers, trying a Macbook Pro, trying the iPhone 3G S browser, refreshing the AT&T page from 4AM through 5:15AM EST, again, unsuccessfully. Now I must get ready for work, so I run to the bathroom and take a 4.5 minute shower and run back to one of the many computers I now have running and try the Apple Store once again to be thrown an “Opps, something is wrong with the page you are viewing” error message. No way!!!

    But there’s hope, a proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. I try the AT&T site once more to be presented with one new option, the Black iPhone 4, 32GB version. I hop on that baby, add it to my cart and complete the order, grandfathering my current unlimited data plan into that package (not giving that up!). They charged me the $18 activation fee, which I was told via text, would be waived after calling *639#, but I was not going to let this stop me, I could always call up and complain about the fee and have it waived at a later date. I entered in my credit information and the rest now resides in the future. It still stated that deliveries will be on a first come, first serve basis beginning on the 24th and will be handled by FedEx next day service. I am hoping I made it into the first batch. I am sure there were millions of others trying to do the same thing I did.

    I just checked the Apple Store now (8:30AM EST), and it says it’s “Busy Updating the Store” again. The silver lining is that if you go to the AT&T site, they have both the Black 16GB and the 32GB available (as of now). I even tried calling AT&T to fix that $18 fee I got hit with and first they tell you they are experiencing higher than normal call volume. Once you try to get to the Customer Service Department, you are told that, “We are sorry, this department has closed due to an emergency, please try your call again later.” What’s the emergency? Their server’s are on overload? LOL..

    Well, that’s my haranguing. I hope you enjoyed it. Good luck to you all, especially those that actually made it to the end of this long drawn out story. LOL..

    Take care,

  2. Sue Burke says:

    I just got confirmation that my Iphone 4 is reserved for pickup. The pre-order process stopped me at the end and said that it wasn’t complete but then it allowed me to reserve a time at the store on June 24th. I then received an email confirmation which included details of pre-ordered phone. I think I’m good to go.

  3. Nika says:

    Nick…a night full of events I see lol…but you did it!! I waited until midnight then googled to find out that they start pre-ordering 8am business hours… (not sure which time zone). Well i waited until 8 and have been frustrated ever since..tried it all and not getting much of anywhere :(. Well good luck on that 18$ fee…let me know if u get it waived… and how 😉 Thanks! -Nika

  4. Ian says:

    I just walked into an Apple store during my lunch break & asked about how to pre-order, & he took me to one of the many screens they had in store & asked me to login with my App store id, picked the one I wanted as long as it was Black.
    Chose the 16gig, sim free + pick up @ store & clicked confirm, got an email confirmation straight away on my iphone.
    No problems what so ever… 🙂


  5. Jdubb says:

    I reserved my iPhone 4 with no problem yesturday! I just called the 1-800 apple # and got right through to a rep! And gave my info and that’s it. I pick it up at the apple store on the 24th. :()

  6. Adam says:

    I went into AT&T and Pre-Ordered An IPhone 4 , You know it wasnt worth the 2 hour long A$$ line it was so retarted i wanted to walk out but then i waited it out and was one of the 600,000 who got the first shippement of the new iphone hopefully they didnt fuck it up:/

  7. victor says:

    I called my ATT premier service hotline and my order status "Your order has been placed and will be shipped shortly"…. 🙂 Ordered 12:54am PST without one problem on AT&T homepage. Got my confirmation Email too right away at 1:08 am PST

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