HTC EVO 4G Sales Figures Leak Guy Gets Fired

Well now, you know Sprint made a big splash about their first 4G enabled smartphone, the HTC EVO 4G breaking the launch day sales record and thus becoming the best selling smartphone pushing out previous title owner the Palm Pre.

And you no doubt have heard that the figures where somewhat screwed up forcing Sprint to do some hasty backtracking and admit that HTC EVO 4G sales where actually in line with sales of the Palm Pre launch day figures and thus a bit of embarrassment to Sprint.

Well according to an article over on Engadget by Vladislav Savov, and by way of Mobile Crunch, an employee of Sprint used the inventory system to work out how many HTC EVO 4G units actually sold on launch day which apparently he posted online.

Apparently the figure posted was 65,500 which is somewhat less than the figures Sprint announced a day later which led to some embarrassment and the need for Sprint to do their correction thing which has also resulted in Sprint firing the guy who leaked the HTC EVO 4G numbers.


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  1. Dawson Davis says:

    AMEN, i love my EVO, and you can actually make a call on it, unlike the iphone in Chicago, home of dropped calls. I can always tell which of my neighbors has at&t service. They are the ones standing on the street talking on their cell phones. Evo and Sprint ROCK.

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