iPhone 4 Pre-order Sees Japan Softbank Queue of 200

iPhone 4 pre-order fever kicked off early in Japan as word has it people in their droves queued patiently to place their pre-order for the latest device to drop from the Apple tree, the new iPhone 4.

According to an article over on PCworld, Japan’s Softbank began accepting pre-orders for the iPhone 4 as of 5pm local time on Tuesday and apparently roughly two hundred queued outside the Apple flagship store in Tokyo’s Ginza.

Furthermore it is reported that upwards of 40 were queuing at electronics retailer Bic Camera with similar numbers queuing at main Softbank stores across Tokoyo.

It also appears that in the rush to pre-order the new iPhone 4, Softbanks online store began returning error messages as people overwhelmed the website to get their orders in. Seems like the iPhone 4 is going to be yet another smash for Apple then.

The Japanese iPhone 4 commands a price tag of ¥46,080 which is roughly $504 for the 16GB iPhone 4 while the 32GB commands a price tag of ¥57,600.


2 thoughts on “iPhone 4 Pre-order Sees Japan Softbank Queue of 200”

  1. Zakuya says:

    I was in front of the main Softbank store near Shibuya today around 8:30pm and there were only ~8 persons waiting…

    Softbank let the people enter *one* at a time (in order probably to show the longest possible queue).


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