iPhone 4 Vodafone UK Tariffs Revealed

For all you UK iPhone 4 hopefuls who want to grab the latest smartphone from Apple on the Vodafone network, Vodafone UK iPhone 4 tariff have been revealed to the net waves although Vodafone has already pulled the pricing but some screenshot were captured.

According to an article over on the Register by Rik Myslewski, the guys over at Engadget Mobile have the screenshot up on display and includes Vodafone UK tariffs for both the white and black iPhone 4 with pricing starting at £189 for a 16GB based on a 2 year contract at £25 a month for which you get 75 minutes, 250 texts and 1GB data.

A 32 GB iPhone 4 will cost you £280 based on a 2 year contract for which you’ll again receive 75 minutes, 250 text and 1GB data. Of course the further up the scale you go monthly payment wise the more you get with top tariffs being a 16GB iPhone 4 for free on a 2 year contract at £60 a month offering 3000 minutes, unlimited text and still 1GB data.

While apparently you can also get the 32GB iPhone 4 for free at the same price of £60 per month and still receive the same as the 16GB, which basically means if you are going for the £60 a month option you may as well opt for the 32GB, unless the screens are a mistake of course.

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