iPhone 4 Pre-order is One Per Household

Well folks, today is the day you can shove in your pre-order for the latest mobile baby out of the Apple tree, the iPhone 4 and you‘ll get your shiny new iPhone 4 as of the 24th of this month, but don’t expect to be pre-ordering more than one.

According to an article over on Intomobile by Marin Perez, according to the AT&T pre-order guidelines, buyers are limited to just one iPhone 4 per person and thios applies to new and upgrading customers and that the Big Blue will allow just one iPhone 4 per household.

Which of course means if you where looking at maybe pre-ordering one for yourself and one for your partner than you are right out of luck. Furthermore, as reported (here) you will only be able to pre-order your iPhone 4 in black as the white version won’t be available until later.

Apparently AT&T is also actively encouraging people to have their iPhone 4 handset shipped to their home or where they work so they can activate the device without the Big Blue’s help and of course avoid standing in long queues.


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