Android Gains Swype as of Today

Apparently Swype, the fast way to enter text on your mobile phone will be available for Android smartphones as of today the 16th of June, although it isn’t quite clear as to which flavour of Android will be able to use the application.

According to an article by Kat Hannaford of Gizmodo by way of Techcrunch, at the moment only 6 handsets support Swype but that figure is soon to increase and we can find out when Swype updates their website with the news.

Apparently Swype now holds the Guinness Book of Records title for texting speed, and at some point today Android device owners should be able to download the application from the Swype website, but on checking it isn’t available just yet.

Swype works differently to the usual way of inputting text in as much as you “swype” your finger from one letter to the other and thus apparently is a lot faster than simply tapping out individual letters.


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