iPhone 4 FaceTime Videocalling Ban From Roads Called For?

As you are probably aware, the new iPhone 4 supports FaceTime video calling enabling the user to make video calls, well apparently this new feature is causing a bit of a stink with New York State Assemblyman Felix Ortiz, who apparently wants a ban placed on using FaceTime video calling while on the roads.

Considering the amount of accidents on the roads caused through people using their mobile device, on the surface, Ortiz’s ban call seems to be a good move. However, according to an article over on Gizmodo by Adam Frucci, Ortiz’s iPhone 4 FaceTime ban call is somewhat pointless.

According to the source article over on NYMag, in an email to Intel, Ortiz wrote… “Any object which distracts a driver’s attention while they are driving should be banned regardless of whether it is a cell phone or a new aspect of technology, including video calling.”

But as Gizmodo’s Frucci points out, had Ortiz done a bit of research he’d have found that the iPhone 4 FaceTime feature is WiFI only and thus making a video call when in a vehicle almost near impossible unless you happen to have a WiFi hotspot in your car.

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