iPhone 4 Pre-orders Hit by AT&T Security Issue

It appears that AT&T needs to look long and hard at their security measures as after the security fiasco over the Apple iPad that’s been hitting the net, apparently another AT&T security issue has come up with customers placing a pre-order for the new iPhone 4.

According to Marc Flores over at Intomobile, by way of an article posted by Gizmodo, users have been reporting that when they log into AT&T’s system to validate their iPhone 4 pre-order by entering their username and password, they are faced with other peoples account information.

Apparently all the information is on display including phone numbers of family and friends, account number, addresses, bills, usage and just about everything associated with a persons AT&T account, which mounts to a major security flaw somewhere along the line.

Word is that the security issue is linked to an AT&T server update that somehow went wrong this weekend, and apparently thanks to Gizmodo reporting the problem, AT&T took down their account online system completely although the Big Blue hasn’t yet issued any statement.

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