iPhone 4 Pre-order, Did You Succeed?

Well as there was somewhat of a fiasco yesterday with the ability to pre-order the latest device falling from the Apple tree, namely the much sort after iPhone 4, we are wondering if everyone managed to get their order in.

No doubt most if not all experience some kind of issue with the pre-ordering of the iPhone 4 especially with the Apple Online Store keep going down, and the same happening with the new Apple Store App if you tried going about it via that route.

Obviously the issue was sorted and a good quantity of iPhone 4 hopefuls managed to place their launch day order as both Apple and AT&T pre-orders sold out as reported (here). But with all things on such a big scale there will be those who get disappointed, and no doubt there are many.

If you didn’t manage to get your pre-order in before they sold out you’ll now have to wait until July 2nd to get your iPhone 4. So we’d like to know if you succeeded or not, has your pre-order been done or where you one of the people pulling their hair out over not being able to succeed and thus have to wait until the next ship date after launch day?


2 thoughts on “iPhone 4 Pre-order, Did You Succeed?”

  1. Started ordering at 9 o’clock yesterday and finally get order through before 9.30. Finally the site crashed for 15 mins then when it returned was virtually useless. I’m amazed they managed 600,000 orders.

    I also called the Apple store whilst trying to order online but they were not allowed to take pre-orders over the phones which wouldn’t have helped things.

    Still it’s all great PR for Apple.

  2. ghawk says:

    "give me a break"! Why the hype?
    I opt to wait and download the FREE iOS 4 to my 10 month old 3GS. Use it, before deciding if I really want the new iPhone 4.

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