Palm Not Dead, Confirms New WebOS and Devices on Way

With the acquisition of Palm by HP one at first presumed that HP would take advantage of Palm’s know how when it comes to smartphone that sport webOS such as the Palm Pre and Palm Pixi, but it was reported that Mark Hurd the CEO of HP wasn’t interested in the smartphone arena.

Thus one could presume that Palm and webOS was well and truly dead in the water. However, according to an article over on Engadget by Sean Hollister, by way of Pre Central Forums, Palm’s Developer Team has stated that new devices along with a new version of webOS are on their way.

Of course, there’s no mention on just what type of mobile phone or smartphone these new devices may be nor is their any detail as to what can be expected with the new version of webOS, nor is there any inkling on just when we are likely to see them.

What this does though is let everyone know that just because HP no hold the reigns of Palm it doesn’t mean that Palm smartphones won’t be hitting the mobile space in future.

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