Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus O2 UK Launch Date and Pricing

Although the last we heard O2 and Carphone Warehouse is no longer purchasing the Palm Pre as reported previously and can be read (here) And the fact that Sprint’s CFO has stated that basically the Palm pre was a failure as reported (here) O2 UK is getting the Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus.

According to an article over on engadget the UK launch date for the Palm Pre Plus and sister handset the Palm Pixi Plus on the O2 UK network is the 28th of May and O2 has even supplied them with pricing details.

To be honest you’ll need to be a webOS aficionado to opt to grab one from O2 UK as there’s nothing under the £25 a month point but if you want a more reasonable calling allowance you’d have to hit the £30 a month or higher mark.

Basically for you 25 quid a month you’ll get 100 minutes, unlimited texts and data/WiFi, and the Palm Pre Plus will cost £99 while the Palm Pixi Plus will cost £49. To get the Palm Pixi Plus for free you need the £30 per month option while for a free Palm Pre Plus you’ll need to fork over £35 a month.

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