HTC EVO 4G White Release Date Exclusive at Best Buy

For all you 4G network fans out there who would like to grab a new white version of the HTC EVO 4G smartphone the bright white HTC EVO 4G has been confirmed to be an exclusive to Best Buy with an official launch date of the 11th of July.

According to a Darren Murph article over on Engadget, Sprint apparently won’t have access to the white HTC EVO 4G until the 8th of August, while other retailers are looking to gain the device sometime in September.

Furthermore you can even pre-order your white HTC EVO 4G as if right now, and even better is the HTC EVO 4G White won’t cost you any more than the original version, so will still command a price tag of $199.99 based on a 2 year agreement.

So what does the HTC EVO 4G look like in white? Well apparently during Google I/O the white backed version was bandied around on stage, so if you check out the video below you can get a glimpse of what the handset looks like in its new white jacket…enjoy.


6 thoughts on “HTC EVO 4G White Release Date Exclusive at Best Buy”

  1. Paul Thompson says:

    it's ok to have a great phone but i've visited and have spoken to every phone shop in Cardiff & Slough and no one has heard of this phone. where can i get one in the uk, please help

  2. harry says:

    its only in america at the moment because the uk's network speeds arent 4g, like in the US. this mean we can expect a 'dumbed down version' in the future, which wont have the 4g capability

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