iPhone 4 Specs: Apple Requests FCC to Keep Them Secret

Well it’s not too long now before Apple new baby, the iPhone 4 breaks cover and becomes available so all you iPhone fans can get your adoring mitts on the device. However, for some reason, despite the vast majority of iPhone 4 specs being leaked when the iPhone 4 prototype was splashed all over the net, it appears Apple still wants things kept secret.

According to an article over on Intomobile by Will Park, by way of the guys over at Patentlyapple, Apple has made a formal request in the form of an official letter to the FCC asking they keep iPhone 4 specifications on its internal hardware confidential for a minimum of another 45 days.

According to the letter from Robert Steinfeld, Apple EMA and wireless compliance manager, “Although Apple has begun to market the device publicly, these documents reveal technical and design information that has not yet been publicly disclosed in such marketing and that is protected by Apple as confidential and proprietary secrets.”

With the formal letter, Apple is looking to keep out of the public eye such things as external and internal hardware, test set-up, and user manual images, for the 45 day period, along with schematics, and any bills for mobile radios such as Bluetooth and WiFi being kept under confidentiality permanently.

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