iPhone 4 Comes with Double the RAM at 512MB

Obviously with the release of the new iPhone 4 almost upon us, any titbit of specs that hasn’t already been announced is good news for iPhone 4 hopefuls, and when Apple made the iPhone 4 announcements at WWDC 2010 there was no mention of the RAM specs.

Well according to an article over on Macrumors, by Arnold Kim, the iPhone 4 will come with an upgraded RAM. The first iPhone and second iPhone 3G both packed 128MB RAM while the iPhone 3GS was upgraded to 256MB RAM.

Apparently with the iPhone 4 you now get an upgraded RAM of 512MB, doubling the amount of RAM found in the iPhone 3GS and even the iPad, although this contradicts teardown images of the prototype iPhone 4.

Apparently the guys has heard that Apple last week had confirmed the 512MB RAM during a WWDC session, and have now verified that the iPhone 4 will indeed have 512MB RAM, which should help overall performance along with multitasking.


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